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Happy (LATE) bday, COM! Sorry I missed it yesterday! I hoep your day was specila! *huggles*


To my Dad & all the dads out there...

Happy Fathers' Day!! :D




Triple Crown Winner!!

I just watched Justify lead the way out of the gate to a Triple Crown victory!! The other horses never stood a chance!! He joins Seattle Slew as the second undefeated horse to win!


Signal boost

Katleept & her partner Drew are having a bit of difficulties due to some health issues and they could really use your help. And to quote Kat, "Any help is greatly appreciated and greatly needed. Thank you, all, for all you do!! And even if you can't help yourself, maybe you can share these links with someone who can?" Any lil bit helps, whether it's a signal boost, or a few dollars. Kind words and well wishes to let them know they're not alone, anything.

Anyways, here's the links to their GoFundMe pages:

https://www.gofundme.com/help-naomi-with-medical-costs (Kat)

https://www.gofundme.com/naomi-amp-drew039s-medical-bills?utm_source=internal&utm_medium=email&utm_content=campaign_link_t&utm_campaign=welcome (Drew)

And because Katleept loves them, here's a fluffy kitten as a thank you.

fluffy kitten

Meme of DOOM!

I stole this from Kat...

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Happy Bday, Brownie!!

Happy bday & many, many, many more to come! I hope your day's a special one!! *huggles*


To all the Moms out there...

Happy Mothers' Day!! <3

Thanks for all that you do for us!! :D


Con report

I came home yesterday, but I was feeling so wiped that I didn't even turn my compy on. XD It was more of a bust than a hit. The one panel I really wanted to see was on during out travel time. Even if we go up EARLY & went, I probably woudl have been too exhausted to enjoy it & never would have gotten my chores done before I left. XD

The room was okay, but I'm sorry, one bed & a pull out sofa instead a a room with 2 beds, like we made our reservation for. Not only that, they were snotty about it & refused to upgrade us. The previous year when they did that, they gave us a huge room with a king bed & apologized.

I still can't believe they not only gave me my badge, but my sister's. She had stayed in the room to unpack some stuff & take a quick nap. I had gotten dressed up in my one outfit before going down for my badge. I walked the dealers' room, picked up some candy & manga. I should have known I was going to end up sick later, when I saw this red bean mochi that I LOVE & passed it by. XD I would up getting bad stomach cramps, a sick tummy, & terrible heartburn that made me want to die. The only good thing, when my sister went down to get me some milk, they gave her a pint for nothing. You would think that would be the worst thing to eat when feeling like that, but it actually helped. XD Anyways... I went back downstairs with my sister to the dealer's room & we found a friend of hers there & bought dragon plushies. Then we went back to our room & watch Zootopia, which was really cute, ordered in a pizza from domino's & basically vegged. XD Later that night after I showered I felt ill & we decided to leave in the morning.

So we got up, had a muffin & tea/coffee for breakfast & checked out. On the way home, my sister took me to the King of Prussia mall, which is HUGE. It took us 20 minutes to find Torrid, where I spent way too much on 2 pairs of leggings, but they are well made & they do fit a lot nicer than what Target used to have. (Now their leggings are cut so small, someone who's a size XS would need an XL, seriously? XD)I have my Star Wars ones on now. :D

We drove home, hit traffic (welcome to NY), & I basically vegged out last night after doing a load of laundry & unpacking. (I still need to find my phone charger as I tossed in a bag before I left, tossed it back at the hotel & never saw it in my suitcase. I'm thinking it's either in the bag I carried my boots in, or it's in the bag with my pillow, blanket, & wigs were in. And yes, I do like my pillow from home along with a small travel blanket.)

From one to the other...

This past weekend was the Sakura Matsuri festival at the Brooklyn botanic gardens. I had a lot fun wandering around and getting my pic taken. I wore all black and was kinda steampunky/neo-Victorian with a touch of Black Friday & peeps kept wanting to take my pic & get a pic taken with me. Thanks to that & a trip on the train & subway, I've been battling the cold from hell. Yesterday was my sister's bday & honestly, I could have slept through dinner & probably should have stayed home (we went out for Japanese), cuz I wasn't even finished with my soup when they were shoving a bento box in my face (not literally, but still...). The chicken teriyaki which normally is really good, was made of rubber & basically inedible. It was so bad, I spat out a mouthful & dumped it in the uneaten portion of my soup. YUCK!! XD

I'm still sick, but heading out to Zenkaikon this weekend with my sister. It hopefully will be fun. XD I'm leaving tomorrow & taking my steampunky outfits & wearing them with a bigger top hat & different boots. I wondering if it'll be as big a hit this weekend as it was last weekend.

See you all when I get back! <3

Happy Bday, Katleept!

Happy bday, my friend, & many, many, many more to come! Hope your day's a special one! *huggles*



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