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Soma/Agni ficcage (Prompt #20)

Title: Jump, jump! Sugar lump!
Author: kira
Characters: Soma/Agni
Rating: OT
Words: 1276
Prompt: No Humor In My Tone
Summary: Soma likes to jump on beds, especially one bed in particular…
Author’s note: Based on Casper-san’s Citrus table…

For Sensei, who told me Soma likes to jump on beds…

Soma opened the door to Ciel’s bedroom, and poking his head inside, he said, “Agni? Are you in there?” After getting no response, he crept inside, carefully shutting the door behind him. There, in the center of the room, was the object of his desire, his darling friend Ciel’s large featherbed. He hurried over to it, and kicking his shoes off, the seventeen year old crawled on top of it. It was just as soft as he remembered from the other morning when he helped Agni make the bed. Giggling manically, he got to his feet and bounced on his toes.

“Jump, jump! Sugar lump!”

The bed flexed under his feet and it wasn’t long before the bouncing turned to jumping and the jumping to falling backward onto the bed in mid jump. The whole experience had him giddy with excitement and acting more like a seven year old than a young man on the cusp of adulthood. He knew he should stop soon, before Agni came back and found him, but each time he declared it to be his last jump, Soma always went for one more. He quickly climbed to his feet, after falling backwards onto the bed, bouncing a few times to get a bit more height. He was now facing the wall behind the bed, having twirled around as he jumped, when the door opened.

Agni, who had returned home, had gone upstairs looking for him when Soma failed to greet him upon his return. Thinking the prince had taken a nap to alleviate his boredom, the elder Bengali had gone to check on him. That was when he heard the laughter coming from Ciel’s room. Shaking his head as he tried to reel in his annoyance, Agni opened the door. “Prince Soma Asman Kadar, what the blazes are you doing?!” he cried as he rushed over to the ruined bed. “Stop that before you get hurt!”

While the voice was definitely Agni’s, the words seemed more like Ciel’s and startled, Soma tried turning towards him mid-jump. He landed badly; tumbling into Agni’s outstretched arms. “Owww!” He swore softly in Bengali.


“I hurt my foot, Agni.”

“You are lucky that is all you have hurt!”

“Really, Agni…” Soma pouted.

“My prince, Master Ciel will be here in an hour and you had better put his bed right,” Agni said in a tone that brooked no argument. It hurt to shout at his beloved and treat him like a naughty child, but he needed reining in and the elder Bengali felt it was better coming from him than Sebastian.

“But I am injured, Agni…” the seventeen year old whined.

“Well, my prince, you have no one to blame but yourself for that.” Agni folded his arms across his chest.


“And do not think you can command me to do it for you. There are times when it is in your best interest not to obey you.” The barest hint of a smile softened the elder Bengali’s stern expression. “This is one of them. Now go to it, my prince.”

Grinning mischievously, Soma made a show of limping around the bed, while smoothing the bedclothes. “How is that?”

“You forgot to tuck in the sheets.”

The seventeen year old groaned, but he went back and did it.

“Thank you, my prince.”

“You’re welcome, now Agni…?”


“Can you help me go downstairs?”

“Of course, my prince. Shall I carry you?”

Soma laughed. “That sounds like fun, Agni.”

“You must behave yourself, my prince; Master Ciel will be here in an hour.”

The prince shrugged. “Ooh… Do you think my dear friend Ciel likes to jump on his bed?” At look on the elder Bengali’s face, he said, “A pity… perhaps I could suggest it…? No?”

“Prince Soma Asman Kadar, are you determined to try my patience today like a naughty child?”

“No… Come, Agni! I think they’re here!”


“I thought they would never leave,” Soma said. He heaved a heavy sigh, and lacing his fingers together, he brought his arms up over his head, stretching. “Let’s go have some fun!”

“But I thought you liked Master Ciel, besides, they only spent the night.”

“I do, but I want to have some fun with you, Agni. The kind of fun that when I hinted about it to my darling little Ciel this morning, he did not seem very interested.”

“But he is a bit young, no?”

“No, he is the perfect age for it!”

“Really?” Agni frowned.

“Now come!” Soma headed upstairs. He paused, and looking down at his bewildered manservant, said, “Hurry, Agni!” He disappeared up the stairs.

The elder Bengali shook his head and hurried after him. Reaching the top, he turned and headed towards the upper floor’s bedrooms. When he got close enough, he could hear the telltale sounds of someone jumping on the bed. Prince Soma! What am I going to do with you?

The prince was jumping up and down on the bed, laughing as he did so. He could not wait for his beloved to find him.

“Prince Soma Asman Kadar! What did I tell you about jumping on Master Ciel’s bed?!” Agni cried as he entered the room. He mentally breathed a sigh of relief over his mistake about his beloved’s intentions towards the young earl. Coming to stand in front of his master, Agni gave him the same unamused, stern look as before.

“Oh, Agni, do not give me that look! You should try it, it is fun!” Soma laughed.

“You are ruining the bed!”

“You were going to change the bedding anyway.” Soma bounced to a halt.

Agni sighed.

“So why not have a bit of fun before you do?” the seventeen year old impishly asked.


“Because is not an answer, Agni. Just take off your shoes and come here.” Soma smiled mischievously at him. “Do not make me command you…”

“Fine, if it will get you to stop this nonsense…” Agni took off his shoes and go onto the bed.

“Now jump!” Soma bounced on his toes.

“I don’t know, my prince.”

“Give me your hands.”

Agni held them out and Soma took them.

“Now bounce…” the seventeen year old said. “That’s it!” Grinning, he let go of Agni’s hands. Jumping ever so carefully, Soma made his way to the edge of the bed. “Keep jumping, Agni!” he said as he got off the bed. “Higher!”

“I do not know about this,” the elder Bengali said as he bounced on his toes. “What if the bed breaks?”

“It will not… or at least it should not…”

“Prince Soma!”

“Relax and enjoy yourself. Or just give it one really good jump and then we are finished. You know, if you jump at the end here,” Soma said, standing at the foot of the bed, “you can fall backwards onto your arse.”

Agni snorted with amusement. “Really?” He bounced half-heartedly.

“Yes! It is a lot of fun! You feel like you are flying like a bird!”

The elder Bengali thought it over, before he jumped upwards, and kicking his feet out, he landed none-to-gracefully onto his bottom. He quickly toppled over backwards, laughing.

Soma, seizing the moment, pounced. “See? I told you it was fun!”

“You were right, my prince.”

“You know, what else is fun?” the seventeen year old asked, his voice taking on a husky tone.


“This…” Soma kissed him. Breaking it, he added, “So are other things to do in bed…”

“But not here. Your room is just down the hall.”

Sitting up, Soma said, “Then what are we waiting for?”

“This…” Agni gently pulled him down, kissing him…


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Jul. 16th, 2010 09:34 pm (UTC)
I love this! So playful and sweet. I love Soma teaching Agni to loosen up and let go. Yay for bed bouncing!! :)
Jul. 16th, 2010 10:17 pm (UTC)
YAY! Thank you for suggesting it, Sensei! *giggles* I think Agni sometimes forgets it's okay to have to have a lil fun. XD

Bed Bouncing is the best, eh? ;p
Jul. 16th, 2010 10:20 pm (UTC)
Well, Agni's past was all about excess, and now that he's got his second life he so wants to do right by his Prince and savior. But he looks good bouncing on a bed, I bet!
Jul. 16th, 2010 10:22 pm (UTC)
That's true, so it's probably why he was so upset with him in the first place for making a mess of Ciel's room. At least he got to enjoy himself. I bet there will be more bed bouncing in both their futures. ;p

Definitely... Agni looks good doing whatever.. ;p
Jul. 29th, 2010 02:30 am (UTC)
“Prince Soma Asman Kadar, what the blazes are you doing?!” The full name is never good.

“See?!” If you hadn't of scared him...

“Prince Soma Asman Kadar, are you determined to try my patience today like a naughty child?” But that could be fun.

“Really?” Agni frowned. Poor Agni

"He mentally breathed a sigh of relief over his mistake about his beloved’s intentions towards the young earl." Aw, Agni, he tests you so. *pats*

“It will not… or at least it should not…” XD

It's very nice, Kira. :)
Jul. 29th, 2010 02:37 am (UTC)
Nope. ;p

Yeah... it's partially his fault.

Kat, you're EBIL!!! but we loves ya anyway! ;p

I know... I think kira tortures him as much as Soma. ;p

*laughs* Yup... ;p


Thanks, kat! Your review made laugh out loud. XD The strange looks were worth it!
Jul. 29th, 2010 02:40 am (UTC)


I contend that it IS why you love me. ;)

Perhaps. XD



You're welcome! Yay! LOL.
Jul. 29th, 2010 02:44 am (UTC)
Aaah... you knwo me too well! ;p

yeah...? XD

Jul. 29th, 2010 02:50 am (UTC)
Jul. 29th, 2010 02:57 am (UTC)
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