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Cross-posted from Fanfic Bakeoff

Title: The Curry-gasm
Fandom: Kuroshitsuji
Author: kira
Words: 300
Rating: OT
Summary: Soma has a dream…
Warning: implied “naughtiness”
Author's Note: This bit of nonsense was inspired by a scene in the OVA that I call the “curry-gasm,” which is actually Soma complaining that Agni’s curry is too HOT, but good.
FYI: Chapati is a type of unleavened bread from India, which is eaten with curry.

Soma lay on the sofa in the front parlor, peacefully dreaming. When Ciel became deeply engrossed in the latest Sherlock Holmes book, the prince began muttering in his sleep.

“Yes… yes… yes…”

What the blazes?! Ciel thought irritably. He stared the sleeping Bengali, silently willing him to be quiet. A few minutes later, he had his nose back in the book.

“Bo-chan, would you like some more tea?”

Ciel silently waved his butler away.

Soma rolled onto his back, moaning loudly.

Master and butler exchanged glances.

“I have no idea what’s wrong with the idiot,” Ciel replied to Sebastian’s unspoken question. “He’s been doing that every so often for a while now, but it’s never been that loud before.”

The prince let out another moan followed by a “yes, yes, yes!!” He mumbled something unintelligible in Bengali as he rolled onto his side.

“Shall I go get Mister Agni? He’s in the kitchen making something he called ‘chapati’”

Ciel was about to say something when Soma called out in his sleep, “Agni! Give it to me now!! YES!!”

“Sebastian! Go get the other idiot!”

“Yes, my lord,” the demon butler replied, his eyes shining brightly with amusement. A few minutes later he returned with the elder Bengali.

“Master Ciel?”

Soma moaned about Agni again.

“Do something about him!”

“Yes.” Agni went over to the prince, waking him.

Soma sat up and stretched. “Agni, I had the best dream…” He sighed.


“You were in it! So were you, Little Ciel!” Soma smiled. “I dreamed you made me that curry I like again! It was so delic- OUCH! What was that for?” Rubbing his head, Soma picked up the book that landed in his lap.

“Disturbing the peace. Let’s go, Sebastian.”

“Yes, my lord.”

They left, leaving the puzzled Bengalis behind…


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