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Cross-posted from Hentai contest

Title: Rebirth
Fandom: Kuroshitsuji
Author: kira
Chars/Pairs: Agni, Soma
Genres: general
Warnings: none
Word Count: 500
Summary: Agni, about to face the consequences of his ways, gets an unexpected reprieve…
Author’s note: Agni had another name before he met Soma which was never stated anywhere. I have therefore chosen to call him “Chanda Das.” Das is a typical Bengali surname common amongst the Brahmin caste, which he belonged to. Chanda was chosen because it means "fierce, hot, passionate" in Sanskrit which I thought suited him. That said, his father’s name actually is “Arshad” (Heavenly). One of the interesting things about the name Agni is its association with “Soma.” Agni is the Hindu god of fire and Soma is also a god as well as plant and a drink made from the plant. Agni is said to drink vast amounts of Soma.

They found him in a seedy brothel, drunk and having sex with a dark-skinned boy, while a naked woman sat off to the side, pleasuring herself as she watched. He had put up a fight when they tried to arrest him as it had taken ten men to subdue him. Now, battered and half-starved, Chanda Das, son of the priest, Arshad, found himself sentenced to die by hanging. It was scheduled for two days hence at sundown. In that time, Chanda made peace with himself, having long forsaken his gods.

When the door to his cell opened, Chanda calmly looked up. Ready to die, he held his hands out for his jailors to bind with the same thick rope that would soon be placed around his neck. Roughly pulled to his feet, he followed them out to the gallows amid the cheers of the people. Searching the crowds for a sign of his family, Chanda was far from disappointed not to see them here.

Climbing the steps, he looked up to see the sky bathed in red as the sun set on the remainder of his life. He hoped he would have an easy death, the rope snapping his neck as the floor fell away from him. Having mocked the gods for so long, Chanda doubted they would show him any mercy and for the first time he felt afraid.

“Hey you!” a voiced called out as the heavy rope was draped around his neck. Chanda looked up to see the crowds parting. A boy, he recognized as the king’s youngest son, approached the gallows.

“You!” the prince called out. “I heard you can fight like a beast with a strength that rivals Lord Hanuman’s! I want you to be my sparring partner!”

“Prince Soma, this man is sentenced to die.”

“Why?” He strode onto the gallows.

“My prince, his crimes are too numerous to list.”

Chanda stared in disbelief as the prince argued with his captor for several minutes, before approaching him. Raising his ram deo, he brought the curved blade down on the back of Chanda’s neck, cutting the noose along with his hair

“The you, who lived before, have been reincarnated with a new life and a new name.” The prince smiled as he introduced himself, cutting through Chanda’s bindings. “Let’s go, Agni!” he said.

Chanda stood rooted to the spot. He was sure he could see the light of the gods shining through the prince and he felt blessed. “Agni…?”

“It is your new name, and you will be my servant. Now come!”

Nodding, Agni followed the prince. His fall from grace had been hard, but his redemption was sweet. Soma was a good master, treating him as a mixture of best friend, older brother, bodyguard, and lately lover. Not that Agni minded. If the consequences of his actions meant that he was to spend his time warming Soma’s bed during the cold English nights, then so be it as long as the prince was happy…


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