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Title: A stolen kiss
Author: kira
Rating: OT
Words: 500
Characters: Soma, Agni
Summary: A stolen first kiss and the promise of much more to come…
Warnings: none
Author’s notes: A veena is an Indian stringed instrument, similar in appearance to a sitar, but smaller, and it’s used when playing folk music, unlike a sitar which is played when one wants to play classical music.

Soma sat on the floor of the peacock pavilion, his veena balanced on his knee while he sang a popular folksong. Agni sat across from him, harmonizing, and beating out a gentle rhythm on a pair drums. They laughed when a peacock flew up to roost on a window ledge, adding it mournful cry to their song.

“Silly thing!” Soma chortled. He laid his veena to the side, and placing his hands on his knees, he laughed himself silly. When the peacock called out again, Soma leaned forward and hung onto to Agni with one hand.

Agni’s chuckles soon gave way to laughter as he held onto Soma. Without even being aware of it happening, he had wrapped his arms around the prince, holding him close in an awkward embrace. They remained like that for several minutes as they calmed down, before awkwardly pulling back. When Soma tilted his head to the side, a puzzled frown creasing his brow, Agni kissed him.

Breaking it, Soma sat up. “Agni…?”

“I’m so sorry, my prince, I should never have done that.”

“No…” Soma looked away and back. “But…” he said and with a mischievous glint in his eye, he leaned forward, kissing him. “There. Now I have done something I shouldn’t have done.” Now my heart is fluttering, Agni… I think want to kiss you again, it felt so good…

Agni sighed. “Yes…” You have no idea how much I long to do more than kiss you, my prince, my Soma…

They lapsed into silence, each alone with their thoughts. Soma felt confused at to whether or not he really liked it. Agni sat there, silently berating himself, as he watched the play of emotion flit across the prince’s face. Just when the silence became so awkward it was unbearable, Soma broke it.

“Agni…” he said softly.

“Yes, my prince?”

“Kiss me again…”


“I said… no, forget it.” Soma turned his face to the side and as he reached for his veena, he felt a warm hand cup his cheek. He leaned into the touch.

Ever so gently, Agni guided Soma’s face forward, and leaning in, he kissed him. It was a chaste kiss, short and sweet, and when Soma leaned in to kiss him, Agni deepened it. Feeling himself growing hard with desire, Agni abruptly broke the kiss before things got out of hand. This is no boy from the brothels, you fool! Push your luck and you could wind up dead!


“As much as I want to, I cannot.”

“Oh… I liked how you made me feel so special, Agni…”

“I did…?”

Soma nodded. “I want you to always make me feel that way…”

“If that is what my prince desires, then so shall it be.”

“I do…” Soma said breathlessly. Closing his eyes, he leaned in for another kiss.

“Please, my prince, before I want more than just your kisses.”


“Yes…And when you want more than just a kiss …”

“You’ll give it to me?”

Tags: ficcage, kuroshitsuji
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