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August 14th, 2018

Feather Baby

This has been a crazy past two days. My lil 'keet Chicken Nuggets (aka Ban) woke up on Sunday and just lay flat out on his perches. Occasionally, he'd move over to one of his toys & use it to pull himself upright. My normal vet only accepts drop-offs fro boarding on Sundays, so I spent the day anxious, I'd look over to find the poor thing dead. XD He's nearly 11, which is very old for a 'keet. (Sadly, they're very inbred to get all the fancy colors & probably come from bird mills, so not good healthy stock to begin with.)

Anyways... I felt basically helpless on Sunday, thinking no vet clinics were open. I tried to take him yesterday, but my vet had a scheduled surgery day, so he couldn't see him. They did give me 2 other places to take him. Then I remembered a nearby clinic that I had taken Jaki to. She unfortunately was full of tumors & had to be put down. Given how bad Chicken Nuggets was, I thought he would be put down too, but the vet, who really couldn't do much, as he was afraid the stress of any normal diagnostics would kill my baby, suggested sugar water. If it didn't help, then we could talk about putting Chicken Nuggets down.

Well, the sugar water (1/2 water/ 1/2 sugar) helped! Instead of finding he had passed on this morning, I woke up to him feeling a bit more feisty (he's getting harder to catch in the lil travel/hospital cage he's in & it's really small!) and now he's eating! The poor thing felt sooo awful that he stopped eating on Sunday. I'm just waiting for a call back from the vet to find out how much longer I need to keep giving him the sugar water. XD I know tomorrow, I can pop him back in his cage & I seriously, don't think I need to remove any perches, since he's perching just fine on his seed dish in the lil cage. :D I think I should go look for the perches that came with the lil cage & stick one in there & see how he does. :D

Anyways, please say a prayer for him that he's on the mend & that he'll be around for his 11th bday (in November) and more! :D Thanks!

Ban This is a baby pic of Ban, he's now a lot more yellow than he is white. XD

*cries* As I type this, he's gone from perky to blah again. *is worried*

EDIT: He's now eating and drinking!! *dances* Tomorrow, I'll take him out of his hospital cage & put him back in his regular cage!!


I posted earlier about my poor parakeet being sick & not one person on my flist responded. I know it's only a bird, but he's my baby. The fact that no one seemed to care is even more upsetting than having a sick pet. Maybe this the push I need to leave here for good. I don't know...
Not that anyone cares, but my baby is a lot better than he was on Sunday. I nearly lost him, and spent the day anxiously looking after him, before being able to go the vet, along with another anxious day of caring for him, & it would have been nice to hear from someone that everything's going to be alright... but all I got was DEAD SILENCE. Thanks, flist!



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