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April 27th, 2019

Sakura Matsuri fest

I went to the Sakura Matsuri festival this morning. It was held, like in previous years I ahd gone, at the Brooklyn Botanical gardens. This year wasn't as good as last year. The weather was a bit windy & cold, but at least the sun was shining, so not too bad. Part of the gardens are under construction, so everything was moved around & it felt like there was a ton more people. The food, which is generally very good was crappy this year. And thanks to my food allergies, there wasn't much for me to eat. I wound up eating a plum rice ball & a hotdog. I really wanted the veggie sushi, but I'm allergic to mushrooms. T.T That also prevented me from getting the ramen bowl, although I could make one that I can eat right now if I really want to... And instead of Cali-rolls, the only other sushi choice was spicy tuna. Seriously, mushroom sushi? I thought they'd at least be kappa rolls (cucumber) that I could eat, but nope. XD The only highlight was getting to hear a song played on a koto; we missed the songs with samisen, although we did catch the end of it as we arrived as they were finishing playing. XD The koto was pretty & the song made me think of rain. :D Then we walked around the conservatory, skipping the bonsai as that was CROWDED. The line to get in to see the tea house & walk around the Japanese garden was insane. We also got there just after opening too. *shrugs* It's not like I never seen it... Will we go next year? Maybe.I think I will bring my kimono if we go & I will have a year to practice getting dressed, tying my obi, & finding my tabi socks, which I've shoved somewhere & now can't find. T.T


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