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June 19th, 2019

Stolen from enemytosleep...

If you want to play, let's do it. How is works is you reply here and I'll give you 3 subjects I don't think you know or care much about. Then you talk about those subjects in your journal. It's interesting to see who knows what about what.

Here's what she gave me: reticulated pythons, electrolytes, and internal combustion engines.

Reticulated pythons: Big snakes with an interesting pattern on them. People keep them as pets. As cool as snakes are; I wouldn't want one as a pet. Not because I'm afraid of them, or dread the idea of keeping "pinkies" in the freezer for them to eat, but because I'm not sure I could take care of them properly. XD Nor do I really have room for a snake. So I will admire "yours" & ask to hold it, instead. :D

Electrolytes: These are the stuff you sweat out during exercise & need to drink TONS of gatorade to replace. You can also lose them when you have a bad fever & a sick stomach, so more gatorade or pedialite. Having them out of whack, isn't good for you as it causes all sorts of problems.

Internal combustion engines: What my car & most cars have. When gas is ignited in the engine (small amounts or you'd blow yourself up o.0) the resulting "explosion" pushes on a piston, which in turn moves a crank, which gets the engine going, which transfer energy to the wheel shaft, which makes them go. Add in your transmission to put you in the right gear, & your car'll go! :D In older cars, bad spark plugs can hinder things & make your engine not run smoothly. Oh & before I forget, you'll need some oil to lube those pistons. Motorcycles also have a smaller version of an ICE & lawnmowers that you need to gas up. They are noisy, unlike an electric motor, which is much quieter.

WOW! I know stuff! :D


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