July 25th, 2019


Bye!! *waves*

I'm heading out to Hazard Con over in PA this weekend. It's a small con, so it should be fun!:D I'll be steampunking it this year, instead of wearing one of my usual cosplays. Friday will be more Gothic Lolita (I'm wearing all black with a purple corset belt. *needs to borrow Robert Baratheon's "breastplate stretcher" for my corset* [I really just need longer ties. XD]) Saturday, I'll be more in cosplay as I'm going for a steampunk Princess Leia. Sadly, my goggle experiment failed miserably. I used silver nail polish instead of paint as I couldn't find any on a pair of cheap swim goggles. Sadly the nail polish peeled & flecked off on the rubbery parts, so I chucked them out. XD I found ones at amazon for next time. What I like about my Leia cosplay as I can easily make it a fancy-arsed unicorn, by swapping out the white corset belt for my purple one & ditching the hip bag. I bought a white vinyl remnant at Joanne's & a skirt pattern I had, had a hip bag you could make. Now that I know how to make it, it'll take me 5 minutes instead of 15. ;P It actually was so simple, I couldn't figure it out at first & needed to look at the pattern guide. XD No pix yet, but I will take some & post them with my con report when I get back. :D

For now, enjoy a lil Star Wars...