August 2nd, 2019


Stolen from enemytosleep...

While checking out my flist, I found this fun challenge over at enemytosleep's. It's a 30 day anime challenge. I'm going to do 3 days at a time like she did & hopefully keep this short & sweet. XD

Here's the challenge image for those of you who also want to play along:

30 day anime challenge

day 4) Favorite male character: I have more than one. XD Some of my faves in no particular order are; Prussia, Germany, Iyaly, Spain, Romano, Chibitalia, Holy Roman Empire, Roma, Germania, Sesshomaru, Jakotsu, Bankotsu, Soma, Agni, Nuriko, Touya, Yuki/Yue, Shugure, Aya, Ritsu, Victor, Yuuri

day 5) Favorite female character: Hungary, Akito, Sakura

day 6) Anime you're ashamed you enjoyed: Pokemon when it first came out.