August 15th, 2019


Stolen from enemytoslep...

While checking out my flist, I found this fun challenge over at enemytosleep's. It's a 30 day anime challenge. I'm going to do 3 days at a time like she did & hopefully keep this short & sweet. XD

Here's the challenge image for those of you who also want to play along:

30 day anime challenge

10) Best anime villain: The Shichinintai (the Band of Seven). Once they showed up, they became a FAVORITE of mine, that I wrote TONS of ficcage for them, as well as spawning an AU.

11) Favorite sports anime: Yuuri!!! On Ice and Free! :D I may have seen Free! first, but Yuuri!!! On Ice really captured my heart. I don't know it's cuz, I really can't swim, but at least I can skate, or what, but I LOVE it! :D

12) Favorite slice-of-life anime: Antique Bakery. It's a short & sweet series, both Manga & anime, about 4 guys who work in a bakery. One is definitely gay, & it's always awesome to see representation. As for the others... ;P It also spawned a live action movie that was pretty good too! :D