January 5th, 2020


Cross-posted from 12 days of ficmas & Madrona

Title: Listening To The Silence After It Snows
Participant: kira
Fandom: original
Characters/Pairings: Soaring Eagle, his dog Honey, an unnamed character, and mention of Black Dog
Disclaimer: I own it!
Summary/Teaser: Soaring Eagle and his dog listen to the sound of silence after a snowfall…
Rating: PG for language
Notes: This is not betaed, so any mistakes therein are my own. This was written for Madrona Project and features our Elves, who are descended from hippies and new-agers and live off the land in a life style similar to how Native Americans once lived. Please also note that Black Dog belongs to Kat, I’m just borrowing him as a background character as he generally leads the hunting parties.

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