February 6th, 2020


Shamelessly stolen from Kat

▪️First job: baby sitting
▪Dream job: art teacher
▪️Favorite foot attire:
▪Favorite candy: I don't really like candy, so I don't have one. XD
▪️Favorite ice cream: chocolate chip cookie dough, vanilla, or party cake
▪️What are you currently doing: filling out this meme & doing laundry
▪️Favorite pizza: cheese
▪️Favorite movie: The original & prequel Star Wars trilogies, The Wrath of Khan, original Beauty & the Beast
▪️Favorite TV Show: Hogan's Heroes, Supernatural, Ancient Aliens, You live in What?
▪️Favorite day of the week: Saturday
▪️Favorite flower: hydrangeas & lilacs
▪️Tattoos: none
▪️Piercings: 3 in my left ear & 2 in the right
▪️Like to cook: not really
▪️Favorite color: blue & pink
▪️Gold or silver: silver
▪️Do you like vegetables: not really
▪️Do you wear glasses: only for reading & close work
▪️Favorite season: winter
▪️Dream travel destination: Japan