February 8th, 2020



Today I went on a photo safari with Dad & we went in search of some red foxes that live at a local ('bout a 1/2 hour away) golf course. It was freaking cold this morning when we left & there was a bit of wind too. Ever hopeful of finding them, we walked the golf course, sticking mostly to the golf cart "road." And as luck would have it, we stumbled upon one. OMG! He or she was sooo CUTE!! but terribly shy & wary of people like good lil foxes should be. He briefly posed for a pic, before high-tailing it into the woodsy brush. You know the old saying "clever as a fox"? Well, they really are that smart! The cheeky lil booger ran through the brush & came out a bit farther away. We hurried after him, following him to a woodsy "island" where he disappeared. Eventually Dad spotted him & the "chase" was on. XD We followed him through the golf course, before losing him. As we were walking back, Dad spotted him again & the chase was on! We did wind up back where we started, so that was good & I spotted what I think might be a den opening in a nearby sand trap. Tons of paw prints were all over the various sand traps. We saw some other photographers walking around, but decided to leave. We came back later this afternoon & traced our steps. On a side note, in the morning we saw a red tailed hawk fly over to land in a nearby tree, which Dad took pix of. We also saw a pair of them at the far end of the golf course near where we first saw a fox. Anyways, on the way back, we followed one fox, who ended up near the "den" he met up with a fellow fox. I went back to the car as the light was starting top fade & dad gave one more look-see, but nothing. As we were getting ready to leave, Dad decided to give it one more try as they seemed to like the area. One posed for him, another joined it & they kept their distance from us & each other. Next thing we knew they were fighting with each other, one having come over to the one that was resting in the grass. Anyways they fought, before falling down behind the berm they were fighting on. Fight over, they took off & we left too.

I knew foxes will often live in suburban & urban areas as well as out in the country & it was cool seeing them. :D What made me sad, was hearing people trapped & killed a couple of foxes that lived on one LI's many beaches, cuz they said they were killing the piping plovers that nest there. They also trapped some feral cats, who probably were the guilty ones, & they got to live. Sorry, cat lovers, but those feral cats were there because people dumped unwanted cats & they took over the area & probably killed more birds than anything else, like the strays that visit my birdfeeders & kill birds & then leave the corpses. The foxes, if they killed the birds, at least at them. The cats were being fed by people. Probably the same idiots that feed the deer there. XD Why are people sooo freaking stupid when it comes to nature? T.T *end rant*

We're going back tomorrow & hopefully, we'll see more foxes! :D

Under the cut is a pic of one of the foxes. Collapse )