February 9th, 2020


Gift fic for COM

While reading her recent post, I saw she had recced a thing called "3 sentence fics." Anyways I decided to try it & out came a Prodigal Son ficlet. :D

Title: Sunshine
Author: kira
Fandom: Prodigal Son
Characters/Pairings: Malcolm, Sunshine
Disclaimer: Don’t own it, wish I did!
Summary/Teaser: Malcolm was feeling lonely until a little friend came over…
Rating: G
Notes: This is unbetaed, so any mistakes therein are my own. Also this was written in response to a prompt COM left over at 3 sentence fics. It was filled over there, but her prompt inspired this.

For COM…

Malcolm sat down on the sofa and sighed. His apartment was filled with expensive furniture and all the things he loved and that made him happy, but it was still sterile and lonely. That was until Sunshine landed on his shoulder, dancing and singing a song of joy, and suddenly Malcolm did not feel so lonely anymore.