April 10th, 2020


May G-d forgive me...

For being late to wish my flist a Happy Passover! And also for not being able to properly celebrate (which was why I was late)!

Because New York had been on lock down & me being at high risk for contracting Covid-19, we weren't able to get anything except 2 boxes of knaidel mix (no soup, just knaidels). So no matzah or anything else Passover related. XD So for the second time in my life, Pesach "doesn't exist." (The first time was when I was little & we went to Jamaica during the break.) So even after wishing a bunch of friends a Happy Pesach, I still totally foirgot about my flist. XD And for that I'm sorry.


pesach 1

pesach 2

pesach 3

pesach 4

Just a Heads up!

Just want to let you know that I could lose the net as our neighbor's tree fell over and landed on the wires that give us internet & phone. It's a HUGE pine tree & it broke the fence, no biggie, but Dad needs the net for work & if it goes out, he can't do his job. I was going to go fill the bird feeders, which is good I got lazy, as I might have had a tree fall on me. XD So if I go quiet, you know why & don't worry. :D I'm fine & so is everyone here. I just hope this wind storm blows over soon. If any more of their trees fall, those wires will break. XD

EDIT: They came & fixed the wire to the house, so the internet & phone were only down for 10, 15 minutes. :D