April 19th, 2020


Good Morning, Sunshine! :D

This morning I got up early-ish & went with Dad to the arboretum for some fresh air & sunshine. Seeing as I was dressed like a vampire venturing out during the day, I didn't get much sunshine(I wore over my black dress, my black shrug, my black hoodie with extra long sleeves with a thumb hole, my black cat-eyed sunglasses, grey floppy hat & an old black bandana from when I worked in the kitchen that I wore like a mask,). I'm not too sure about the fresh air either, thanks to my bandana, but at least I was outside & had a nice 2 mile walk. We saw the ospreys that live there, the arboretum is on the water, crows, a red winged blackbird, & a cute lil song sparrow that would sing when I asked it to. :D I felt like a Disney princess. :D I got to see the chickens, another sparrow sitting outside it's birdhouse apartment & had it been much warmer, like May/June warmer, I probably would have seen some hummingbirds. :D All in all it was a lovely morning. Now that I'm home, I'm going to watch some more "Lucifer." :D