May 8th, 2020


Shamelessly stolen from Kat :D

Driven 100 mph – Nope
Ridden in a helicopter - No
Gone zip lining – hell no!
Been to an NFL game – Yes. It was a Jets game when I was lil. I forgot who they played against. It might have been the Giants.*
Been to Canada - Yes*
Visited Florida - yes
Visited Mexico - yes
Visited Vegas - yes
Eaten alone at a restaurant- no
Ability to read music – I had learned when I took chorus in high school, but I've totally forgotten how. XD
Ridden a motorcycle - does sitting behind someone who was driving it count?
Ridden a horse – yes
Stayed in a hospital – yes
Donated blood - No
Been snow skiing - yes
Been to Disney World/Disney Land - yes
Slept outside – does sleeping in a tent count?
Driven a stick shift – I tried to learn how, but couldn't get the hang of it XD
Ridden in an 18 wheeler - no
Ridden in a police car? - no
Driven a boat - No, but I've been on a few
Eaten escargot - yes & it was NASTY
Been on a cruise - yes (where I ate escargot)
Run out of gas - yes XD
Been on TV – no
Eaten sushi – yes, but I don't like it
Seen a UFO – yes
Been bungie jumping – hell no!!!

*Thanks to Kat asking about a response, I realized I had missed editing out her answers for mine. XD I've since fixed it.