May 12th, 2020


Shamelessly stolen from Kat :D

The Quarantine Meme

1, Are you an essential worker?

2. How many drinks have you had since the quarantine started?

3. If you have kids, are they driving you nuts?
No kids; no craziness

4. What new hobby have you taken up since this started?
None. I did go back to things I used to do, like made a baby blanket for my granny to give to someone she knows & I did a blackout bingo last month with art work.

5. How many grocery runs have you done?
Since I was hospitalized after having a bad asthma attack, I*'m not allow to go near any stores.

6. What are you spending your stimulus check on?
Tires for my car.

7. Do you have any special occasions you'll miss during this quarantine?
I missed celebrating my sister's bday & I'll be missing 2 trips sown to Georgia to visit family and possibly another trip to my sister.

8. Are you keeping your housework done?
*LAUGHS* I've been good with some things, bad with others.

9. What movie have you watched during the quarantine?
Frozen 2 & Avengers Endgame. I was thinking about watching the first 6 Star Wars movies too.

10. What are you streaming with?
Netflix, Crunchyroll, YouTube & Disney+

11. Nine months from now is there any chance of you having a baby?
*LAUGHS* If that happens you all had better light a candle cuz the 2nd coming is here! *LAUGHS*

12. What is your go-to quarantine meal?
I pretty much make the same stuff I normally make: pasta, chicken, fish, stroganoff (with ground meat),chilli, & I was thinking of making Japanese curry, so I asked Dad to get some taters & frozen carrots.

13. Is this whole situation making you paranoid?

14. Has your Internet gone out during this time?
Not yet. Though we didn't actually have internet until about 9 days into this.

15. What month do you predict this will all end?
No one wants me answering that. Though Oregon will start allowing counties to gradually start opening Friday, pending approval of that county's reopening plan. Ours is on the short list for approval. Though we will most likely have to go back in in the fall...

16. First thing you're going to do when you get off quarantine?
Eat take out from a restaurant. I miss food I have not prepared or had to help with its preparation.

17. Where do you wish you were right now?
Home alone.

18. What free-from-quarantine activity are you missing the most?
Going out to the store, especially the pet store. I need a new snail for my one betta tank as the one that one in there died.

19. Have you run out of toilet paper and hand sanitizer?
Nope! We started quarentine with about 50 rolls of TP & three half full lil bottles of hand sani

20. Do you have enough food to last a month?