May 14th, 2020


I <3 Nature!

Yesterday, I saw Baby Bunny (last year's baby bunny) grazing in the backyard on our will need to be mowed grass & later in the day I saw the latest crop of baby bunnies playing in our yard! :D We have 2 for sure, and maybe 3, but they're just sooo sweet, I'm sure they're made of sugar! XD They were back today, eating & playing! :D

This afternoon, I went with Dad to the golf course cuz he heard the baby fox kits were out & about. well, they were! And they are also made of sugar! :D We watched them play like puppies, pouncing on each other & Mom! It was too cute for words! :D

This morning, we had a crow come visit again! I grabbed a couple of slices of bread & tried to feed him, but he flew off. Before he left, he did the most amazing thing! He fly backwards & upwards like a giant humming bird! He was perching on the power lines & when I came a bit closer he did his trick & ended up on an overhead wire, before flying off!!

I'm hoping to get hummers this summer. We ordered some plants they like (still waiting for them to come in) and 2 new feeders just arrived! :D

EDIT: Today I went on a hike with Dad & we saw some cool birds & deer! :D

Here's some fox pix: