May 16th, 2020


Today, we got a visit from a jewel!

Today was another fun nature day. I went for a hike with Dad & saw some pretty yellow birds I've never seen before which were 2 kinds of warblers, some pretty cool slime mold on a rotting log, some other birds I've seen at home & a mother deer & her nearly grown fawn! :D (It was almost as big as her, plus all its spots were long gone.)

Anyways, this afternoon I went outside to fill up the bird feeders & I also grabbed the hummingbird feeders. I was surprised to see the one was empty, while a bit upset to see some mold growing in the other one. I washed them both out with vinegar, rinsed well, & made more hummingbird juice to fill them up with. I then went about my afternoon, until I happened to walk into the kitchen & Dad told me he needed some help with a water droplet photography project. So in between shots, I walked over to window, looked out & nearly died! I know exactly why the one feeder was empty!






So much for the water droplets, eh? Seriously, I was sooo HAPPY to see this sweet lil jewel, I nearly cried! XD We have 2 feeders & Dad had ordered 2 more & 2 shepherd's crook to hang them from, that we hadn't gotten around to putting up. We also got some flowers to attract some Hummingbirds, which haven't come in yet. (we got them from the wildlife rescue center's fund raiser & hopefully they're be here soon) Anyways, that lil jewel, is a female ruby throated hummingbird! I hope she comes back tomorrow!! :D