May 18th, 2020


Shamelessly stolen from Kat :D

This is a bit of fun from Facebook, which I stole from Kat, who stole it from Dizzo:

Name ten things that you don't like, but that everyone else does...

1. Beer (I don't really like the taste of it)

2. Designer stuff (sorry, but I can't see spending that MUCH on something that I can get cheaper that does the same thing)

3. Modern Pop music (Sorry all you Pop Tarts like Taylor Swift, don't like your music)

4. Steak (I prefer hamburger)

5. Coffee (there's not enough sugar on the planet to make it taste good)

6. Sushi (I like my fish cooked, thank you)

7. Mustard (I hate the smell & taste of it)

8. Ranch dressing & Ranch flavored chips (sorry, I think it smells like vomit)

9. French bull dogs (they're ugly; not cute)

10: chocolate & fruit flavors mixed together like chocolate covered strawberries (I like my chocolate plain, thank you)

Also shamelessly stolen from Kat XD

I stole this from Kat, who stole from someone else...

Favourite movie: Star Wars (A New Hope)
Movie that makes you remember your childhood: Disney's Beauty & the Beast (the animated one)
Favourite Tom Hanks movie: Sully
Movie that makes you cry: Coco
Favourite 80's movie: Return of the Jedi
Favourite comedy: Animal House or Caddy Shack or Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
Favourite sports movie: Rush
Favourite courtroom movie: My Cousin Vinny
Favourite horror movie: The Corpse Bride (I don't like horror movies XD)
Most overrated movie: Titanic, Lala Land
Favourite gangster movie: Bonnie & Clyde
Movie you can watch over and over: Rocky Horror Picture Show & Star Wars
Movie with the best soundtrack: Guardians of the Galaxy 1 & 2
Movie you're most embarrassed that you love: The Phantom Menace
Favourite Christmas movie: Rougue 1 (I saw it on Christmas day so it counts *winks*)
Favourite sequel: The Wrath of Khan
Favourite sci-fi movie: first 6 Star Wars movies, the Star Trek movies with the original cast, Endless Waltz, The Cowboy Bebop movie, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
Bonus Categories:
Favourite Western: The Magnificent Seven
Favourite animated movie: Disney's Beauty and the Beast, Spirited Away
Favourite Foreign movie: Spirited Away and Shichinin no Samurai (The 7 Samurai)