June 19th, 2020


Could use a lil help XD

I have a "cotton candy" bingo card (basically fluffy prompts for fics with with warm & fuzzy feelings) with a free space & I have no idea what to use as a prompt. XD I'm wondering if my wonderful F-list has any ideas. All I need is a simple one word prompt or a short phrase. Since I always write original stuff, I'm asking for more general prompts instead of fandom specific like TARDIS, for example. Whoever comes up with a prompt that births a plot bunny will get a short story from me. :D And if I don't pick your prompt now, I'll just add it to my list of prompts for future use. Why didn't you just pick something from there, kira, you ask? It's cuz that's where I got all my prompts for my bingo card. XD And to avoid any duplicates here's a link to my card: https://kiramaru7.livejournal.com/651257.html

Remember it's simple things like colors, objects, verbs, part of a song lyric (for example "Lazy in the Sunshine" comes from "Sugar Magnolia"), or a saying, just anything. You never know where those plot bunnies will come from! :D

Thanks in advance! :D