August 8th, 2020


The power company sucks

The other day Hurricane Isaias roared up the coast. By the time it hit Long Island, it was pretty much a non-event; mostly rain & some wind. Okay, trees were knocked down, but when I younger, Hurricanes Irene & Sandy hit & did some damage, with houses destroyed & flooded, Central Park had trees down, even the subways were flooded! We lost power both times for almost 3 weeks. So Isaias comes along, & by now it's more of a tropical storm than a hurricane, & bang! The power's out again! o.0 Not only that it took DAYS for it to come back. You know it's BAD when the Governor declares a state of emergency & the County Executive for Nassau County is blasting the power company for supposedly "doing their job." You know if they actually did their job, & they even had help from elsewhere, there would be no reason for that kind of a reaction, right? This was a non event. I shudder to think how long we would be without power if we actually had a hurricane! And you can bet everyone who works for the power company probably only lost power for a couple of hours, instead of days! And what's even worse, with people out of work thanks to Covid, no one really has the money to replace all the food that spoiled thanks to having no power for DAYS! I went food shopping on Monday & by Wednesday I had to throw it all out thanks to no power on Tuesday! It finally came back on Friday night, there's only so much you can stuff into a cooler, plus then you need to hunt down ice. XD

Enough ranting for one day. ;D