September 14th, 2020


Honey, I'm home & Work nonsense

I had a wonderful time hiking around Bar Harbor Maine. We took the ferry from Long Island to Connecticut & from there drove to Portland Maine. We get there to discover half the area has no power! XD Unfortunately, that included our hotel, so we drove to the old part of town & had dinner, come back still no power, so we went to a park with a lighthouse to take pix.We came back to darkness, but luckily, the power came back on 15 minutes later, which was long enough to shower & get into bed, before going out again! XD

Next day we headed out to Bar Harbor. It's really quaint & a very dog friendly place. I think I saw more dogs there than the time I went to a shelter to look for a small dog to adopt (sadly, all they had were big dogs & I prefer a small dog). So we wandered around & drove around Acadia National Park & we also walked around town. The next day we walked to the sand bar that appears during low tide & walked across to the island. I fell on the rocks as the beach/sand bar was sandy/rocky & I skinned my knees, bruised them good & I'm waiting for the bruise that's brewing on my upper calf to appear. XD Anyways 2 peeps stop to see if I'm okay & they helped me up. The really weird part was they said they were a doctor & a nurse & asked me a bunch of questions & if I thought I broke something. XD I was okay, just sore & I briefly sat on a log, got myself together & hiked up the hill to see the beautiful vista of Bar Harbor (which is also an island)& our hotel. More wandering around town & lighthouse viewing, I hurt, but Advil took away most of it. The next day, we went back to Acadia National Park & did the Jordon Pond hike. It was like 4 miles or so, since there was a detour into the woods as they weren't finished fixing the wooden path. Anyways it was awesome & scary cuz there was some rock climbing (you had to climb over some boulders to get around them as there was no other way through). Again Advil was my friend. :D We also went back to the lighthouse, but there wasn't available parking so I had to move the car about a mile away. (I did my biggest walk/hike of the trip at nearly 9 miles, by the time I was finished with all my traveling on foot.) Then back to the room. That night or the following one, I forget, we did some night sky shots as there's no real light pollution & we caught a program on the beach about the night sky, which was interesting.

The last day, we got up early, bundled up, & drove back to ANP & up Cadillac Mountain to watch/take pix of the sunrise, which was awesome, Then we came back to the hotel, loaded up the Impala (we had rented for the trip) & drove back to Conn. for the ferry & from there home. :D

Oddly enough, the only wildlife I saw was some seagulls, cormorants, a brown snake of some sort, a baby ring necked snake (some local also saw it & told me what it was), and a bunch of chippies (chipmunks). :D

I also ate lobster every night for dinner. :D It was YUMMY!! :D

Work was disorganized, but, I get to look after the babies (kindergartners) and they're cute & some are a lil sassy, but what can you do? XD Anyways we had one shy, sweet lil Asian boy wet himself. He said he ahd dry clothes, so I told him to grab his backpack & let's go to the bathroom, so you can change. Apparently, he not only had the wrong backpack, but nothing to change into & he comes out half naked. I was like get back in there & get dressed! XD I'm trying to text my supervisor & got the group text instead cuz I totally freaked. (I got a morning co-worker going "WHAT?!!" as I had texted, "He came out with no pants on!!" XD So the kid goes inside after I told him he can't play outside like that as his tushy would get cold & he comes back out with just his wet underwear on. I'm like mentally face-palming, but I told him he needed his pants on and he had to do himself. I finally get my supervee, & she calls his mom to let her know what happened. I felt bad as it looked like they walked there, so he's be walking back all wet. Mom did wrap in in a big sweater to cover him & she said she'd send him something to wear in case it happened again. XD And if that wasn't enough fun this afternoon, we had "lost" a kid. It was crazy going to get them & we had no teachers on the attendance sheet, but apparently, they didn't send someone out that we thought should have been there. The bad part was my supervee, didn't notice until after 5:00 that he was missing. XD Had we done 2nd attendance & counted like we u7sed to, they could have located this kid on the bus & brought them back. They're babies & it's happened before that someone goes on the bus by mistake cuz they thought they were supposed to go home that day. XD

Lastly, I frigged up my ankle somehow. I think I have a stress fracture in it as it's slightly swollen & very purple. Now if I had twisted it when I fell, I could understand the bruising, but I didn't & it aches a lot & feels weird. Guess who's calling the doctor tomorrow when I get home, after my morning shift. XD

I know I have comments to reply to, but until I get back to getting up with the sun & going to work & NOT crashing & burning when I have to beg off for a bit. Also it's kinda hard to sit at my compy & prop up my ankle, which is really starting to hurt now that I'm off it. T.T I swear I will reply!