September 17th, 2020


*Sighs* Someone quick! Wrap me in bubblewrap! XD

A week ago I fell and hurt myself (mostly skinned & bruised knees) and the other night I discovered my ankle was all bruised and it hurt. Fearing the worst, I got an appointment with the foot doc who took care of my stress fractured foot & went in today. I'm back in a boot, with orders to stay off my feet & ice my ankle as needed to bring down the swelling. The bruising came from my knee as blood will pool in my feet if there's an injury according to the doc. The pain is from a couple of heel spurs (I tore a ligament on the bottom of my foot as well as having some micro tears in my Achilles tendon), and the beginnings of arthritis. I have been spraining that ankle like forever (once I fell down the stairs and it swelled up & HURT & I had to go to the emergency room as Mom thought I broke it), so the arthritis makes sense to me & I do walk funny. XD The bone cysts; I didn't know was a thing. XD And it's nothing to worry about & from what I found online, probably have to do with my various ankle injuries. XD

So YAY!for not breaking anything & BOO! for hurting. XD