September 20th, 2020


Stolen from Kat & Dizzo

Last time I traveled abroad: About 5, 6 years ago, I think. XD We had gone on a Caribbean cruise.

Last time I slept in a hotel: About 2 weeks ago, when I was in Maine. :D

Last time I flew in an airplane: About 2 years ago when I went to visit my Aunty in Florida before she moved. :D

Last time I took a train: About 2 weeks ago when I had a ferry ride to & from Connecticut. XD (Thanks to Dizzo for reminding that ferries are public transportation!)

Last time I took public transit: Last year when I visited my sister, I took a commuter train to Amtrak.

Last time I had a houseguest: Last week when my sister's girlfriend came for a visit. :D

Last time I got my hair cut: yesterday if trimming my bangs myself counts. XD

Last time I went to the movies: Over 5 years ago. XD

Last time I went to the theatre: I was in elementary school. XD

Last time I went to a concert: Like 2 years ago, although over the summer, Dad & I watched a free Dead & Company concert every Saturday. We even got to see one we had gone to! :D

Last time I went to an art museum: A was in my twenties & my sister & I went on an adventure in the City. :D

Last time I sat down in a restaurant: About 2 weeks ago when I was in Maine, we ate out for dinner every night.

Last time I went to a party: High school. XD

Last time I played a board game with more than two people: Last year at work, I played Candyland with a couple of kids before Covid closed the schools.

Last time I went to the office: I went to Dad's office when we had a blackout to store some food from our freezer in their work fridge. (He had permission for HR.) I work in a school & my "office" is a walled part of the cafeteria & the playground. XD