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Great King Rat...

My new friend and Darling, Jinxy-sama, just wrote me a fun lil romp with a touch of yaoi call Great King Rat!! *loves her to pieces for it*

We gave each other a pairing of choice, I had originally suggested my boys, Ban & Jak, and somehow that changed into Naraku & Ban, still fun as I don't think I've ever seen that pairing before. (*giggles* Jak did make an appearance!! YAY!!)Plus we gave each other a title of a Queen song, we're both fans, as a prompt.

Funny enough, not only did we choose a song off the first album, but Naraku gets unbelievably lucky... *laughs*

And now without further ado... I give you Jinxy-sama's Great King Rat...

Had I more room for words, I could have developed this better. But I didn’t so F it. XD

Great King Rat

Oh how the mighty have fallen

“Come on, Jakotsu, it’s a theme party. You can’t dress in drag for every function we go to,” Bankotsu pleaded. Their costumes laid strewn on their satin-draped bed, the giant regal rat uniform, complete with buckteeth protruding from its cumbersome-looking headdress, overshadowing in ridiculousness even Jakotsu’s chosen getup.

“Leave it to you to pick some weird animal… thing. It’s a fantasy themed party, Bankotsu – why the mice anyway?”

“They’re rats and haven’t you ever seen paintings of fairy worlds and such? Or thought of how the animal kingdom might run if they had their own civilizations?”

“You’re weird.”

“You’re the one who wants to dress up like a prostitute.”

Jakotsu sighed, drumming his fingers on one crossed arm.

“It would make you happy, if I were to wear the rat costume?”

Bankotsu slid his arms around his beloved’s waist, head leaning against his as it hung over his shoulder.

“Yes, my sweet.” Naked lips met blush-swept cheek. “It would.”

“Are you prepared to make it worth my while?” Jakotsu reached back, hand slipping between the folds of Bankotsu’s dressing gown.

“Maybe,” Bankotsu laughed.

“Come here.” Jakotsu yanked him by his long black braid, dragging him around to the clear side of the bed where he pulled him down on top of him and tore his robe from his muscular body.

Jakotsu had come to resent Bankotsu for dragging him to the bore that was this party. He sat alone on the less-than-comfortable leather sofa, drink dangling from his hand, his mask reposing on his lap. So bored, until his aimlessly wandering eyes set sight on a most interesting vision. A beautiful woman had entered the party – no, make that a man. He could recognize his own kind.

This glorious creature, red cup clutched in sparkly-black varnished fingers, approached and took up residence next to him. He was stunning, mesmerizing dark tresses that waved down well past his sharp hips. His attire consisted of a long, jagged-edged dress, a corset of the same deep plum color wrapped tight around his lean waist. His eyes were darkly shadowed, lips of shining wine. In a word: Gorgeous

“You would enjoy my party more clad in my garb?” purred the vision.

“Um, what?”

“The way you’re ogling me indicates one of two things; you either want me or you want to be me.”

“Are you offering either of the two?”

“If your royal rat boy toy doesn’t mind.”

“Oh, so you know him. Well, we can switch costumes if we may, but you’ll have to ask him about the other.”

They exchanged names and costumes in the lavatory and, Naraku, Jakotsu had learned, left him to request his lover’s permission to take him there. Masked by rodent head, he slunk up behind Bankotsu, grabbing him and pulling him into the nearby closet.

“Damn, Jakotsu, I’ve been looking for you everywhere,” the rat king slurred, muffled by his own mask.

Jakotsu’s impersonator said nothing, only loosed his manhood from the costume.

“Oh, you want some of that now.” Bankotsu tipped his headgear back, taking an awkward swig from his cup. He emptied its contents down his throat and tossed the vessel aside, dipping to his knees. “I thought I already made this well worth your while.”

The other man only leaned back against the wall, one hand pressed against it, the other pumping his erection.

“Stop pouting. If you wanna play like that, then fine.” Bankotsu worked his way closer and reached for the flesh before him, kissing, mouthing and then sucking it until the false Jakotsu let out a muffled sigh. It wasn’t long before things were taken up a notch, Naraku pushing Bankotsu until he faced the opposite direction and ripping his velvet trousers down from his beautiful buttocks. He pressed the hungry meat between his cheeks, spitting on his hand and lubing it up before pushing it inside.

Bankotsu accepted his fuck, his hands pressed into the carpet with loving force. It was unbelievable. He could feel his groin tighten in the advent of orgasm when the door opened, Jakotsu’s dazed stare locking on him.

“Jakotsu!” King Rat choked. Here he was, hand around his cock, assuming his lover was pushing his own inside him in some hot spontaneous relief of boredom, staring up with wonder as he seemingly walked in on himself.

“Naraku you sly little bitch,” Jakotsu smirked. He entered the closet, and wound around their interlocked bodies. “If you wanted Bankotsu all along, why didn’t you just say so.”

Naraku whipped his mask back, sweat running his makeup down his pretty face.

“It’s a lot more fun this way, isn’t it Bankotsu?”

“Fuck me.” Bankotsu dropped his face in his hands.

“Be happy to,” Naraku grinned over him.

“And I’ll watch,” Jakotsu tittered, patting Bankotsu on his perspiration-slicked bottom


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