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Cross-posted from Kurohed

Title: Tickle, Tickle Little Prince
Author: kira
Rating: T
Words: 500
Characters: Soma/Agni
Spoilers: none
Summary: Soma and Agni find sharing kama a rather ticklish situation…
Warnings: none

Soma let out a sound midway between a chuckle and a giggle. His body tensed as Agni’s hair kept grazing the skin of his inner thighs while his beloved pleasured him orally. “Stop it, Agni, it tickles,” he chortled, prompting Agni to stop his ministrations and look up at him.

“I’m sorry, my prince,” Agni carefully propped himself up on one elbow, tucking the ticklish lengths behind his ear as best he could. Settling back between his beloved’s thighs, Agni quickly engulfed Soma’s cock in his mouth. He was growing his hair out in an attempt to make it look more presentable as befitting one in service to a prince. When Soma had rescued him, he cut it off and now it was ragged and unruly and tended to stick out at odd angles, no matter what he did. Normally, it did not bother Soma in slightest, but the prince was in a bit if a snit over catching Meena alone with the “stupid Englishman.” Agni had the feeling that nothing, short of killing Harold West, was going to lift his beloved’s mood. Still, he felt compelled to try and get Soma’s mind off the girl, and onto something more pleasant. Sharing kama with him usually did the trick.

Soma, however, found the ticklish sensations extremely distracting. He was doing his best to enjoy the moment, while attempting to prolong his pleasure the way Agni taught him to, but this was not how he had envisioned doing so. It was not like he had never experienced anything similar. The silk sheets on his bed could be just as whisper light against his bare skin, but this… This was maddening. “Please, Agni, you’re tickling me,” he half whined, half chortled.

Agni stopped what he was doing and sighed. As much as he wanted to continue, he could see they were getting nowhere, except closer to a tantrum of princely proportions, especially since Soma’s ardor was rapidly diminishing. “Forgive me, my prince, I have no idea why this is suddenly bothering you so much.”

“It’s not you, Agni…” It was Soma’s turn to sigh. “Your hair is… ticklish.”

“I’m sorry…” Agni moved to sit back on his heels. Running a hand through his hair, it suddenly hit him. “I know why.”


“My hair’s longer now. I was trying to grow it out so I would look more respectable as befitting the khansama of a prince.” He chuckled softly at the play of emotion that flitted across Soma’s face.

“We should cut it off again, Agni… I like it better all short and wild.”

“Yeah?” Agni looked surprised.


“Thank you, my prince. Now that we’ve settled it, can you wait until we finish this…?”Agni teased.

“As long as you don’t tickle me…” Soma playfully chortled.

“You know, I used to know this one woman in this brothel, who’d give the ultimate in pleasure just by tickling-”

“Agni! Pleasure me now!”

“If that is what my prince desires, so shall it be…”


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