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Three from Kuroshitsuji...

Title: Forget me not
Fandom: Kuroshitsuji
Author: kira
Words: 300
Rating: PG
Summary: Soma & Agni wonder about Ciel’s memory loss…
Author’s note: Takes place after Alois’ costume ball during season 2 and is somewhat spoilerish for it.

“Agni, it was fun dressing up like Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, wasn’t it?” Soma said a little bit too brightly as Agni helped him out of his Inverness cape.

“Yes, my prince,” Agni said softly as he tossed it onto the bed.

“And you looked good in that tweed jacket…” Soma sighed. “I can’t help thinking how… I don’t know… absent… Ciel is without his memories.”

“I know, my prince, and it was very nice of young Master Trancy to invite us to the party for him.” Not so nice having to deal with that strange woman and whatever it was she was playing and the resulting fight, but at least you and the others are okay. I think I’ll take Mister Sebastian’s advice and get everyone back to London as soon as possible…

“Yeah… a pity it didn’t work. I was sure Ciel would remember me.”

“That’s because you’re unforgettable, my prince.” Agni smiled as he continued to undress his beloved. Soma may have expressed an earlier desire for wearing English clothes, but Agni found them rather uncomfortable.

“Agni!” Soma blushed.

“It’s true, my prince. Here…” Agni knelt and held up a pair of salwar, which Soma stepped into. After pulling them up and tying them, he helped the prince into his kameez. Before Soma could get into bed, Agni hung up the Inverness cape and turned down the bed. Since they were sharing a room, he quickly changed out of his costume, before blowing out the candles, and crawling into bed with Soma.

“So you think he’ll remember me?”

“Eventually, my prince. Whatever made him forget must have been really terrible.”

“Yeah… Poor Ciel.” Soma, on the verge of tears, snuggled up next to Agni.

“Sleep, my prince, tomorrow’s another day.”

“Goodnight, Agni…”

“Sleep well, my prince…”

Title: Bloody Mess
Fandom: Kuroshitsuji
Author: kira
Words: 300
Rating: PG 13 for mention of murderous doings
Summary: Thanks to Grell’s dalliance with Madam Red, William is stuck sorting out the paperwork…
Author’s note: Takes place during the Jack the Ripper arc and is mildly spoilerish for it
Special thanks to Kat for coming up with a title.

William T. Spears sighed. The office was too quiet now that Grell Sutcliff had disappeared for parts unknown. He was supposed to reap the soul of Anne Durless, a simple enough job that even a newly graduated reaper should have been able to do it without any trouble. Rumor had it, he was taking his time, masquerading as the woman’s butler of all things, and that would never do William’s humble opinion.

He shook his head at the overtime and paperwork involved, now that the two were engaging in some sort of killing spree. Jack the Ripper, my arse! William mentally swore. Innocent lives cut short, souls reaped too soon… It’ll be eons before anyone can straighten your mess out, Sutcliff! And all for what? Some stupid woman, who finally tickled your fancy?! “Knox! Get in here!”

“Yes, sir!”

“He’s your mentor; you can help with the paperwork and don’t give any nonsense about some date you’ve got with one of the secretaries in the main office. If you had gone instead of Sutcliff, we wouldn’t be in this mess.” William pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose and glared at the young reaper. “Of all the times to take your advice about women…” he grumbled under his breath. “Get to it, Knox!”

“Yes, sir!”

Bloody hell… William felt a nasty headache blooming behind his eyes. If it’s not the Undertaker wreaking havoc in the library, it’s you, Sutcliff, doing something irresponsible! Whatever happened to the no-nonsense reaper who graduated at the top of his class? It’s like you grew your hair out and became bloody stupid… William took off his glasses and tossed them onto his desk. Rubbing tiredly at his forehead, he took a few calming breaths. Picking up his pen, he continued doing his paperwork…

Title: Mixed Masala
Fandom: Kuroshitsuji
Author: kira
Words: 300
Rating: G
Summary: Meena, Agni, and Soma go about their day as the day of the curry competition grows closer…
Author’s note: Takes place during the curry arc and is mildly spoilerish for it

Meena was so happy to be free from Soma and away from the constraints of her class in India that pretending to be an Indian princess for her husband Harold’s sake was child’s play. And while she longed to give up being meek and mild in favor of being just as haughty as the senior rani was back home in India, it would not do in polite society as her husband put it. She was, however, given free rein when it came to the servants. One servant in particular, she took a perverse delight in lording over, just because she could.

Agni, however, barely paid her any attention as he went about the business of creating the best curry dish he could in order to secure a royal warrant for Lord West and getting Meena to at least talk to Soma. He also took a perverse delight in calmly taking her abuse as it irritated her to no end. After a while, the shriller her tones became, the easier it was to tune her out. Agni’s only concern was being absent from Soma’s side for so long. He was deeply worried about how well the prince was coping with being on his own and he hoped that Mister Sebastian and young Master Ciel would look after him properly.

In another part of London, Soma was busy helping Sebastian make a curry that would rival Agni’s. While he missed his friend and worried about him, keeping busy helped keep Soma from dwelling on Agni too much. Relying on himself for simple things, made Soma grow up a lot quicker than he normally would have. Still, he missed his friend and nursemaid, and wondered how they were doing. Only the knowledge that Agni was looking after Meena, kept him from total despair…
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