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Title: Mehndi
Fandom: Kuroshitsuji
Author: kira
Chars/Pairs: Agni, Soma
Genres: romance
Warnings: none
Word Count: 666
Summary: Agni finds a new way to alleviate Soma’s boredom…
Author’s note: Special thanks to my beta, Jen, for looking this over and making some awesome suggestions…

“Come, my prince, I want to decorate you with mehndi,” Agni said to Soma, who was sitting in the window, staring forlornly at the rain that fell in the palace courtyard.

“Yeah?” Soma said as he struggled to pull himself from his ennui. The monsoons had kept him confined to the palace for nearly a week and he was terribly bored. But this, decorating his body with henna, in and of itself a boring process because of the waiting involved for it to dry and the need to be still for long periods of time, promised to be mildly interesting, judging by the look Agni gave him.

“Yes. I thought I would decorate not only the parts of you that can be seen by others, but places that only I can see.” Agni smiled.

“Yeah?” Soma repeated. “Like where?”

“Well, I thought I would bathe you, dry you off, and decorate you…” Agni trailed off, chuckling softly at the eager look on Soma’s face.


“That’s a surprise.”

“Fine! Then we shall go to the baths, Agni!”

“As you desire, my prince, so shall it be…” Placing the palms of his hands together, Agni gave Soma a slight bow, before trailing off after him. He grabbed the basket full of what he needed. The steam from the bath would help set the henna stain once he had applied it.

Once there, they stripped and got into the hot water and Agni washed his beloved prince. While Soma soaked, Agni got out, quickly dressed, and began mixing the henna into a paste. When he was ready, Soma got out of the bath and Agni dried him off.

Soma then walked over to one of the longing benches and lay down on his back. He figured Agni would want to decorate his navel, which he did with a lacy pattern. What his beloved chose to adorn next, surprised the prince. Instead of making him lie on his side so that Agni could apply the henna in an intricate design on his hip, his beloved gently stroked his cock.

“I want you to get a bit hard, my prince.”

“I thought only brides have mehndi there, Agni.”

“They do, and I’ve know a few whores who’ve been decorated in that manner, but I want you to have it there as well, if that is alright with you, my prince …” Agni fondled him.

“Yeah…” Soma moaned softly; he loved Agni’s tender touch and he could feel his cock begin to harden.

“Not too much, my prince, I want to decorate your foreskin so that it looks like a flower.”

Soma laughed. “Agni…” he said, his cheeks heating up.

“If you get too hard, my prince, “Agni said; his voice low and husky, “I won’t be able to do it until you go down.”

“I’ll try not to, Agni.” Soma smiled shyly at him.

“Good, because it’ll mess up the design, my prince,” Agni gently chided.

“I promise to be good.”

“Okay, my prince,” Agni said as he began the process of applying the mehndi to Soma’s foreskin in a stylized lotus blossom design.

Soma found it hard enough staying still whenever Agni would decorate him with mehndi, without the added torture of trying to ignore all the pleasurable sensations pooling in his cock. His beloved khansama’s light touch combined with the soft feathery sensations of the brush, he was using to apply the henna with, made him get harder. Closing his eyes, Soma pinched his thigh and the tiny stab of pain was enough to get him to go down enough for Agni to complete his work. After sealing the henna with a mixture of sugar and rosewater, they longed around, waiting for it to dry so that they could slip unnoticed through the palace, with Soma dressed in a dhuti that was wrapped low on his hips, and back into his room. They may not have been able to share kama that night, but there was always tomorrow…


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