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Cross-posted from Fanfic Bake-off

Title: Up on the roof top
Fandom: Fruits basket
Author: kira
Words: 293
Rating: G
Summary: Kyou whiles away the afternoon on the roof…
Warnings: none

Kyou sat up on the rooftop, enjoying the warmth of the late autumn sun. Everything was right in his world, the stupid rat was back at the main house, visiting his family, Kagura was away looking at colleges, and best of all; Akito seemed to have forgotten about him. His homework had been finished in study hall, so he was free to just be and enjoy life.

He lay back on the roof, eyes closed, as he listened to the birds singing. Spring was here and as the days grew longer and warmer, it also meant he was one day closer to being locked away. Pushing those thoughts aside, Kyou thought about Tohru instead. He really liked the pretty brunette, despite her ditziness. He wished she was not so nice to Yuki, but then again, Tohru had a big heart and was nice to everyone and Kyou figured that was just part of her charm.

As he lay there, letting his imagination run wild about her, Kyou could have sworn he heard her calling his name. Sitting up, he carefully looked down and there she was, smiling the big warm smile of hers, and just melting his heart. He quickly scrambled down off the roof, with an ease that was only matched by his cousin Ritsu, the zodiac’s monkey.

Feeling flustered by his feelings for her, Kyou yelled at her for being out without her sweater. The look she gave him made him want to hug her and he felt bad about scolding her. He mumbled a soft apology that was swallowed up in hers and they stood there at an impasse, until Shigure spotted them and made a snide comment that had the cat rushing inside, while dragging her along behind him…


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