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Cross-posted from Fanfic Bake-off

Title: Flying high with my dreams
Fandom: My Little Pony
Author: kira
Words: 100
Rating: G
Summary: Rainbow Dash has a dream…
Warnings: First time writing MLP fic so be gentle. XD

Rainbow Dash soared high above the clouds, practicing her maneuvers. She wanted to join Equestria’s aerobatic flight team so badly she could taste it. Any chance she got to practice she took, like this morning. After chasing the clouds away, the day turned bright and warm, perfect weather in her opinion for flying.

Flying high, Rainbow Dash could hear the music of the aerobatic team playing in her head. She tailored her moves in time with the music, barrel rolling and dive bombing to the beat. After practicing all morning, she couldn’t wait to show her friends her new moves…

Title: The baby bird
Fandom: My Little Pony
Author: kira
Words: 238
Rating: G
Summary: Fluttershy helps a baby bird find it’s mother…
Warnings: First time writing MLP fic so be gentle. XD

Fluttershy smiled. Now that Rainbow Dash had chased away the clouds, the day was warming up. Little birds sang in the trees and everything was calm and peaceful the way she liked it. The she heard it, a soft chirping that sounded sad and lost. Fluttershy followed the sound as fast as she could. There, under a bush was tint baby bird.

“Awe… did you fall out of your nest?” she said softly.

The baby bird chirped.

“You need me to help you?”

More chirping.

“Will do,” she said as she put her nose close to the baby bird. It hopped on and she carefully stood. “Now hold on…” Fluttershy trotted away. She went from tree to tree trying to find the baby bird’s nest.

Suddenly the baby bird chirped excitedly. It was answered by a mother bird, who was sitting in a tree trying to teach her babies how to fly.

“Is that your mama?”

The baby bird nearly fell off her nose, it was hopping and chirping so excitedly. Even the mother bird chimed in.

“Okay, now hold on…” Fluttershy flew up to the tree. When she was close enough, the baby bird hopped off her nose onto the branch. The birds were very happy to see it. The Mother bird chirped her appreciation.

“Awe…” Fluttershy blushed. “You’re welcome. Bye!” She slowly flew back down and trotted back home to her little cottage in the woods…

Title: Friendship better than expected
Fandom: My Little Pony
Author: kira
Words: 125
Rating: G
Summary: Twilight Sparkle likes her new friends…
Warnings: First time writing MLP fic so be gentle. XD

Scholarly to a fault, Twilight Sparkle was content to have only one friend; a little dragon named Spike, who she treated at times more like a lackey than friend. But when Princess Celestia gave her the new task of studying “friendship” she lightened up a bit towards him, especially once she understood the meaning of friendship. She felt herself lucky to have such good friends, smiling warmly as she thought about each one and how better her life in Ponyville was for having them. From Applejack’s tasty apple muffins to Fluttershy’s sweet little lullabies, to Pinkie Pie’s silly antics she would not trade any of them, Rarity and Rainbow Dash included, for all the knowledge in Equestria, which made her beloved teacher, Princess Celestia proud…



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