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Cross-posted from Fanfic Bake-off

Title: Real at Night
Fandom: Gravitation
Author: kira
Words: 245
Rating: PG
Summary: Yuki really does love Shuichi…
Warnings: mild boy’s love
Author’s Note: The title is also a title of an Access song. They did some of the music for the “Gravitation” anime series.

Yuki rolled over onto his side. Shuichi was fast asleep, his pink hair a strawberry looking blob on the pillow in the half-light of their bedroom. He may have been snoring softly, but at least he was sticking to his side of the bed, instead of tangling himself up in Yuki. It was just too warm a night for that and Yuki was glad to have the space, but that did not stop him from reaching out to gently stroke Shuichi’s cheek with the back of his finger.

Somewhere, somehow he had managed to worm his way into Yuki’s heart without the novelist even realizing it until he was just as head over heels in love with the little pink-aired runt. It was just like a scene from his latest novel, where the protagonist falls in love with a famous rock star, after he chooses her poem to set to music and it becomes a big hit. His fans loved the book and it also had the added benefit of increasing the sales of Bad Luck’s albums as well as giving them a platinum hit single, “Ai no Uta.”

Sighing softly, Yuki rolled over onto his back. Closing his eyes, he tried willing himself asleep, when he made a little snort of derision at the soft rustling of sheets, followed by familiar warmth.

“Awe, Yuki…” Shuichi, half asleep, murmured softly. “You really do love me…”

Holding Shuichi close, despite the heat, he softly replied, “Yeah…”


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