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Cross-posted from hetachallenge


Fun in the Park

By kira

For bobness1

Germany sat on a blanket in the shade of the old oak tree, trying to read, but the noise Prussia and Italy were making while playing proved to be too distracting. Closing his book, he took off his glasses and put them away. Leaning back against the tree, he watched his brother and his little buddy play with some flying disk, Prussia had gotten from America, called a “Frisbee.” They were tossing it back and forth, while Blackie, Aster, and Berlitz barked wildly as they tried to catch it. While he hated it when they teased the dogs, Italy missed catching the Frisbee enough times that the dogs had a good time running around with it while his idiot brother and little buddy tried to catch them.

Their game had gone on for quite awhile and Germany could not figure out who was having more fun, Italy and Prussia, or the dogs. If the guys were not jumping up in the air to catch the flying disk, they were racing the barking dogs to wherever it landed on the ground. While the dogs were pretty good about dropping it whenever they caught the Frisbee, occasionally one would get a hold of it and take off running, the joy of being chased outweighing the fun of possibly catching it again.

Unfortunately, Prussia and Italy had finally developed a good rhythm, where they both excelled at catching and throwing, much to the dogs’ disappointment. But it was only a matter of time before Italy’s attention wandered. When it did, the dogs ran after the Frisbee like their lives depended on it and Germany softly chuckled to himself at the look on his brother’s and little buddy’s faces when the Frisbee sailed over Italy’s head to land several feet away from them.

Berlitz grabbed it this time, running back and forth, trying to keep his “prize” to himself. After being nearly caught by Prussia, the dog took off between his legs. Berlitz was running straight for his master; his pack-mates following close behind him, with Italy and Prussia bringing up the rear. Germany laughed when his beloved dog dropped the Frisbee at his side, jumping onto his lap, to cover his face in wet sloppy puppy kisses. “I love you too, Berlitz,” he chuckled as he patted his dog.

“Germany!” Italy panted. He leaned forward, his hands on his knees while he tried to catch his breath. “You should come play too! It’s fun!” Italy smiled.

“Yeah!” Prussia wheezed.

The dogs had led them on a merry chase, before coming over to Germany, where they lazed in the shade by his side. Blackie had rolled onto his back and was happily enjoying a tummy rub, while Aster was busy nosing around the picnic basket. Berlitz was trying to lick his face again, when Germany pushed him off his lap.

“I don’t know…” Germany hedged. He often found their exuberant zest for life overwhelming; still, it did look like they were having fun. “Who’s going to watch the picnic basket? Leave it, Aster!” he said, the last part being directed at his dog.

“Who cares if they eat the bratwurst, Brüder? We’re not that far from home that we can’t go back and just eat there. Besides, they were enjoying the fun too and will probably leave the basket alone,” Prussia countered.

“I don’t know…” Germany repeated.

“Come on, Germany! It’ll be fun!” Italy smiled. He reached down and took his best friend by the hand and tugged.

Prussia grinned at him and grabbed his brother’s other hand and also tugged on it. “Come on, Westen, take the stick out of your arse for once and live a little!”

“I don’t have a stick up my arse.” Germany frowned as he was pulled roughly to his feet.

“Sure you don’t,” Prussia smirked.

Italy listened to their exchange, trying very hard not to laugh. The murderous look on his best friend’s face was priceless as it was so funny and Prussia must have thought so too because he laughed, further irritating his younger brother. In an effort to keep the peace, Italy put on his best cute and adorable look, and pleaded, “Please, Germany! If your dogs eat our lunch, I promise to make us some sausage pizza, okay?” He smiled. “I know how much you like it,” he wheedled.

Germany rolled his eyes. As much as he would rather sit there and read his book, he hated disappointing Italy, so he bent and retrieved the Frisbee. “Alright, let’s go play!”

“That’s the spirit, Westen!” Prussia grinned as he patted his brother on the back. “Yes, there really is hope for you yet! Now shall we play ‘monkey in the middle’ or what, kleine Italien? And my baby brother starts out as the monkey.” He winked at Italy. He took the Frisbee away from his brother and smirked while he waited for an answer.

Germany was clearly not amused and Italy, fearing he would just go sit back down again, said, “Why don’t we just throw it to each other, Prussia?”

Prussia sighed. “Good idea, kleine Italien. Hey, Westen, come’re, I want to show you how you do it.”

“I think I know how to do it, Brüder,” Germany said. “It doesn’t look that hard.”

“Yeah, but it’s all in the wrist. If you don’t do it right, Berlitz’ll get it, won’t you, boy?” Prussia said, the last part directed towards the dog, which wagged his tail at him.

“Prussia is really good at it, Germany!”


Prussia smiled as he came up behind his brother. He had the feeling he was too close for Germany’s comfort when his brother stiffened at the close contact. “Relax, kleine Brüder,” he purred in his ear, “I promise not to attack your vital regions… unless you want me to,” he teased, wrapping a strong arm around Germany to keep him from leaving. “Your friend wants you to play, so stay put. Now, relax your wrist and, kleine Italien, go get ready to catch it. I want you to let go, Westen, when I tell you. Okay?”


“Now look at your target and…” Prussia took his brother’s hand that had the Frisbee, and moved it so that the disk was paralleled to the ground and over his heart. As he moved Germany’s hand back, he straightened his arm and when it was nearly pointing straight at Italy, he barked, “LET GO!” The disk sailed through the air, the dogs in hot pursuit, but Italy managed to catch it, despite it veering to his left. “Well done, Westen!”

“That’s it?”

“Yeah. Throw it back, kleine Italien! Get ready to catch it, Westen,” Prussia said as he stepped away from his brother. When Germany caught it effortlessly, seemingly plucking it out of the air, he said, “Good! Now you know how to play. Just toss it to Italy and he’ll toss it to me, and me to you and that’s it.” Prussia trotted to a point roughly mid-way between them, forming a triangle.

They tossed the Frisbee back and forth between each other, sometimes mixing it up by tossing it back to whoever threw it last. They also had fun chasing the dogs, which would sometimes catch it whenever someone was not paying attention. After a while, they stopped and headed back to the tree and its welcome shade.

“That was fun! Did you like it, Germany?” Italy said as he flopped down onto the grass.

“I did, Italy.” A shy smile tugged at the corners of his mouth.

“Yay! How about you, Prussia?”

“I had a good time and I’m glad you both did too.” He reached over and pulled the picnic basket towards him. Opening it, Prussia said as he took out the contents of it, “Who wants some sausages and potato salad?”

Italy’s hand shot up in the air. “I do!! I do!!”

Prussia laughed. “Help yourself, kleine Italien,” he said and Italy did just that. “What’s this?” He pulled out another container of food.

“That’s the gnocchi and red gravy with sausage I made for Germany.” Italy beamed. “I made a lot, so you can have some if you want, Prussia.”

“Thanks! Don’t mind if do!”

Germany quietly ate the pasta that Italy had made him for lunch while he watched the other two eat with gusto. He was amazed at how much they could eat and still have room for dessert. He gave his dogs some cut up Vienna sausages as a treat and had a nice cold beer as a treat of his own. While some wine would have been better with the Italian food, Germany drank his beer.

“This is really good, kleine Italien,” Prussia said. He shoveled another forkful of gnocchi in his mouth. Swallowing, he added, “You cook like this for my brother a lot, hunh?”

Italy nodded. “He likes Italian food a lot.”

“He does, hunh?”

“Yup! Don’t you, Germany?”

Germany nodded. “He makes a good pizza, then there’s the sausage and peppers he makes, and the braciole fritte.” He sighed as the memory of last night’s dinner danced in his head.

“Aaah… that explains it…” Prussia gave him a knowing look.

Germany frowned. “Explains what?’

“Why you train so hard.” At his quizzical look, Prussia clarified, “So you don’t get fat from all that good food.” He laughed while his brother sputtered wordlessly.

“But why does he make me train hard too?” Italy wondered.

“Because that way you’re together.” Prussia laughed and made kissing noises.

Italy giggled.

“That’s not it at all, you need to train so you can be stronger,” Germany said, his cheeks stained a delicate pink.

“I’m sorry, Germany! I’ll try harder next time we train together.” Italy smiled. “I want to be strong just like you!”

Germany nodded. He picked up his bottle of beer and drank from it. “If you do a good job and train really hard, I’ll take you out afterwards for gelato.”

“YAY! There’s a new gelato place they just up by the park where we train, Germany! I want to try it, so let’s go there!”


Prussia hummed softly to himself as he watched his brother and his best friend. It was all he could do not to laugh at his brother’s idea of a date, “training and gelato.” He also thought it was cute how Italy had no clue that’s what they were doing. Training my ass!

“What are you singing, Prussia?” Italy asked.

“Nothing…” he smirked.

“You sure?”

Germany narrowed his eyes at his brother. He knew exactly what he was signing and he wished his idiot brother would shut up. He and Italy were just friends, nothing else.

“You really want to know?” Prussia asked as he briefly looked his brother in the eye, before focusing his attention on Italy.

“Yes!” Italy cried as Germany tried to out speak him with a loud, “NO!”

Ignoring the murderous look his brother gave him, Prussia cleared his throat and sang in German a childish little ditty about two lovers sitting in a tree, kissing.

“What does that mean?”

“You don’t want to know,” Germany said before Prussia could say anything. “It’s just my idiot Brüder being an arse.”

“But doing awesomely, right?” Prussia grinned. You’re so lucky you have a friend like him, kleine Brüder… And if you weren’t such a dummkopf, you’d let it deepen into something more…


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Aug. 6th, 2012 07:32 pm (UTC)
It's very cute, Kira. ^_^
Aug. 6th, 2012 08:17 pm (UTC)
*blushes* Thanks, kat!
Aug. 6th, 2012 11:42 pm (UTC)
You're welcome, Kira!
Aug. 6th, 2012 11:43 pm (UTC)
Sep. 5th, 2012 08:59 pm (UTC)
Late comment is late.

This was adorable -- especially the interaction between Prussia and Italy, and Germany letting himself get dragged into the whole thing :)
Sep. 6th, 2012 12:44 am (UTC)
It's okay, cuz you've been/still are away. XD

*blushes* Thanks! I'm sooo glad you liked it! Isn't it wonderful when your family likes your boyfriend/girlfriend/lil buddy? ;p
Sep. 6th, 2012 01:09 am (UTC)
It doesn't help that I go into a massive black hole when I'm in my writing groove, and do almost no reading :)

Haha, family approval always makes things easier. Especially considering Prussia strikes me as the type who can make life miserable if he doesn't approve!
Sep. 6th, 2012 01:15 am (UTC)
Please, I do the same thing!! XD

Oh yeah! :p Which is a good thing finds Ita-chan cute, or else Germany would be MISERABLE in ten foot high capital letters. ;p
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