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Cross-posted from hetachallenge


Puppy Love
By kira
For Jen, who loves these two as much as I do, if not more…

Finland sat there, enjoying a cup of coffee with Sweden in a quiet little café. As much as he wanted to relax and just enjoy a rare moment freedom from the responsibly of being a nation, he could not stop thinking about the other day at the World 8 meeting and what Russia had said to him when an argument had broke out between the nations. “Everyone is frightened by something, including myself.” Finland remembered asking him what he was afraid of and getting a cryptic “General Winter” in reply. Finland, himself, was afraid of several things and most of them were silly little things, like spiders and other creepy crawlies, and not so silly things like losing the love of his people. Those thoughts brought him back to his friend, Sweden, who smiled at him while he drank his coffee, as he wondered what frightened him.

“Something bothering you, Tino?”

“No…” Finland smiled.

“You sure?” Sweden could not help looking concerned.

“Yeah, I was just thinking, that’s all.” Finland smiled. “So there’s no need to worry, Berwald.”

Sweden nodded. He figured his friend would tell him what was bothering him when he was ready, or at least he hoped so. Finland had seemed rather distant lately and Sweden was afraid of losing their friendship, which was as close as he was able to get to a real relationship with him. Tall, quiet, and imposing, Sweden was deathly afraid of rejection and as result commitment when it really counted. In a contest of scariness, he knew he tied with Russia for first place, Germany coming in a far distant second and because of that, he was seen as unapproachable, but in really he was just shy.

Finland drank his coffee. He loved these little “dates,” as he called them, with Sweden and he also enjoyed the time they spent visiting each other, but he longed for something more. As he recalled the time they spent together after leaving Denmark’s house, he longed for Sweden to call him “wife” again, even if he did hate it at the time. He sighed softly.

Sweden looked up at him over his coffee cup. Finland sighing was never a good sign and he felt a moment of panic. He lived in fear of his friend growing distant and ending their relationship, one he wished he had the guts to deepen into something more. But he was so afraid of being rebuffed and losing Finland’s friendship that kept his longings to himself and now it seemed his deepest fears were coming true.

Finland finished his coffee and set the cup down. Looking over at Sweden it was hard to keep the look of surprise off his face as Sweden looked very upset about something. In fact, his friend looked more afraid than anything else, but Sweden was the one who normally struck fear into everyone’s hearts, Finland’s included. He wondered what his friend was scared of and was about to ask, when Sweden smiled. He could not help smiling back.

“Are you ready to go, Tino?”


They left the café, strolling along the quaint little streets on their way to Sweden’s house. It was a warm spring day, unlike the first time they had walked through here together. That had been winter and Finland remembered being afraid that Denmark would come after them when they left his house. He also remembered how afraid he was at first of Sweden and how once those fears were allayed, it became the start of a beautiful friendship. Sure it had it rough spots, with Russia taking him away to live in his house being the biggest one, but he understood Sweden had no other choice at the time. His boss had told him to stay out of it, but at least his people did whatever they could on their own to help him. And after he got over his initial shock, living with Russia was not as bad as he had feared. His fellow country had left him pretty much alone except for those times when he felt it necessary to exert his dominance over him. Finland smiled to himself; things did not go as smoothly as Russia had expected there thanks to that simple, yet effective, weapon, the Molotov cocktail.

Sweden noticed his friend was smiling and as much he hated to admit it, he felt a huge surge of relief, like some giant weight had been lifted from him. Finland had beautiful smile, soft and warm like the midnight sun and just as bright. Whenever he smiled, Sweden felt his fear of rejection vanishing and the resulting courage made him long to ask for something more out their relationship than just friendship, but he still held back, uncertain of his friend’s reaction to his declaration of love. Catching Finland’s eye, he smiled back at him.

It was at that moment, when Finland looked up into his friend’s clear blue eyes and returned his smile, that it hit him. Sweden, who could scare the pants off just about everyone, really was afraid of something. And as he looked into those blue depths, he realized exactly what he was afraid of. Sweden was frightened of rejection, or more specifically, being rejected by him. Finland wondered how he could have been so stupid as to not notice it before, but now that he had, he was going to do his best to allay that fear. Taking Sweden’s arm, he leaned against him in that special way that lovers did, briefly making him pause. “I think we should get a dog.”

“A dog?” Sweden asked, wondering where that came from.

“Yeah, something cute and fluffy.”

“Cute and fluffy?” Sweden repeated as if his friend had suddenly gone mad.

Finland nodded. “Unless you want something big scary like one of Germany’s dogs. So what do you think? We should get a dog, right?” he said, hoping his friend would take the hint about deepening their relationship. He was afraid if he came out and actually said it; Sweden would back away from it, because his fears of ultimately being rejected would get the better of him.

“Ummm… I never gave owning a dog much thought, Tino. But if you want a dog that badly, you should get one.”

“I suppose so…” Well, he didn’t exactly say no, which is good I guess…

Sweden pushed open the gate to let his friend through and they entered the front garden. The wild flowers were just starting to bloom and Finland loved how quaint it was. He had been to his fellow Nordics’ houses numerous times, but this one always felt like “home” to him. He followed Sweden inside; hanging his jacket up alongside Sweden’s, and made himself at home.

“I just want to see if my laundry’s dry, I’ll be right back, Finland,” Sweden said, calling his friend by his true name, rather than the names they used when out in public and passing as human. He had been in the middle of doing his chores when Finland suggested he take a break and they go out for coffee.

“I’ll come with you, Sve, I don’t mind. Your back garden is just as pretty as the front and maybe there’s some flowers I can cut and bring inside.” Finland smiled.

Sweden expression softened and he nodded. So while he checked to see how dry the clothes were, Finland roamed his back garden. It reminded him somewhat of home and he never tired of wandering around back there. Even in the dead of winter with everything blanketed in snow, it was still beautiful.

Strolling through the garden, Finland thought he spotted a patch of snow on the ground, which he found really odd since the last of the snow had melted about a month ago. He hurried over to it and much to his surprise; it looked up at him with bright black eyes and barked. Finland laughed as he reached down to pick up the puppy. “Aren’t you a little cutie?” But where in the world did you come from?

The puppy tried to lick his face.

“I bet you’re lost, hunh? And hungry too.” Finland chuckled when the puppy barked again. Carefully juggling the puppy with one hand, while trying to reach for his cell phone, Finland eventually got it out and made a few inquiries as to whether or not anyone reported a lost puppy at the local shelter. Satisfied that he was more or less a gift from the gods, Finland brought him over to his friend. “Hey, Sve! Look what I found!”

“What is it?” Sweden stood by the sheets he had hung up that morning to dry.

“You’re never going to believe this, but I found a dog in the garden.”

Sweden looked over at him, taking note of the fluffy white bundle he was carrying. “Really?”

Finland continued to babble on excitedly about him. “I tried finding his parents and his owners and all, but no one seems to have lost a dog. Can we keep him?!”

“Yeah…” Sweden went back to work, checking the laundry to see if it was dry. “He needs a name.”

“Great! I think I’ll name you…” he paused, looking over to see if Sweden was listening, “Bomber.”

Apparently he was. “Bomber?”

Sweden looked positively horrified by that and it was all Finland could do to keep from laughing at his expression.“I’m just kidding. He’s too cute to be a Bomber. What about… Bloody Hana-Tomago?!”


“He kinda looks like Japan’s little dog and I thought I’d give him a Japanese name too… and well, that’s the only Japanese words I could remember…” Finland blinked as he friend was starting to look scary and he felt a tiny stab of fear, but he persisted, rattling off several names.

Sweden glared at him, and taking the puppy in his arms, he calmly announced, “I will name him later.”

Despite his fears, Finland kept at it and in the end Sweden decided to name the puppy “Hana-Tomago” that being the best of the names they could come up with. Since he got to name their puppy, he agreed to be bound by his friend’s terms. Actually, when he thought about it, being Sweden’s wife again was not that bad a compromise. After all, they were now a family of sorts and his friend did agree to split the time between his house and Finland’s, so it was a win/win situation for them both. What Finland found the most amazing about the whole thing, was all it took was a cute little bundle of white fluff for Sweden to get over his fear of rejection and commitment, and deepen their relationship in something more…


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Aug. 12th, 2012 04:59 am (UTC)
I liked this Kira.
Aug. 12th, 2012 05:00 am (UTC)
*blushes* Thanks, Vexed! *huggles*
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