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Cross-posted from hetachallenge


Title: Tomatoes
Characters: Spain, Romano
Challenge: August 2012: Cooperate
Bonus Words: willing, stubborn, friend, peace
Rating: PG13 for hints of yaoi & Romano’s potty mouth
Summary: Romano and Spain spend a day in the fields, picking tomatoes…

“Hey, Tomato-bastard! Get over here, you lazy ass! Break time’s over!”Romano called out as he bent to pick tomatoes. It was back breaking work, but he was willing to do it as he loved tomatoes as much as Spain did if not more. He stood up and stretched, giving a quick look across the field, in the hope of spotting his fellow country.

Spain chose that moment to look up as well, hoping to catch a glimpse of his beloved, yet very stubborn and bossy, Pequeño Tomate. Over the centuries they had gone from master and servant to friends and lovers, and Spain hoped they would grow old together, tending their tomatoes. The world seemed to be enjoying a period of relative peace and prosperity, despite some pockets of unrest and all out war, and bankruptcy. Spain also knew that if everyone cooperated, these things would pass as they always did. Catching his beloved’s eye, he smiled.

Romano spotted Spain and groaned. The idiot was standing there, daydreaming with a big fat smile on his face, instead of picking tomatoes. “Hey, asshole! Get back to work!” He scowled when Spain’s smile broadened, lighting up his face in a way the hot Spanish sun could not. Inwardly, Romano was smiling too as he knew that smile was for him and him alone. “Are you listening to me, Tomato-bastard?”

“Yes, boss!” Spain said as he bent and picked tomatoes.

Romano snorted in reply, his scowl softening ever so slightly into a smile. He had the feeling once they stopped for their siesta, Spain would show him exactly who was boss, not that he minded. It was how their relationship worked. Romano was the boss in most places, except their bedroom, but until then, they had tomatoes to pick…

Title: The Meeting
Characters: Japan, mention of Germany, Italy, Russia, England, Sealand, Greece
Challenge: August 2012: Cooperate
Bonus Words: willing, peace, stubborn, friend
Rating: PG 13, because of hints of yaoi
Summary: Japan sits through another World 8 meeting…

Japan shuffled the papers in front of him at the World 8 meeting. Germany was giving a speech about the European economy, and while everyone tried not to look bored as he rehashed the things they went over at the last meeting, Italy sat there, listening with rapt attention. It got him thinking about their pact of mutual cooperation during WWII and how they were once allies, but now were friends, like everyone else in the room.

This time it was Russia’s turn to remain stubborn about point A, and next meeting it would be England’s turn to be just as stubborn about Point B and so on. But as Japan sat there, thinking, he realized once the world had achieved peace after the “War to end all Wars” and they settled their differences in the board room and not on the battlefield, one thing remained constant. His former allies’ friendship had deepened into something more, despite both parties being clueless about it. Even little Sealand, when he had insisted on sitting in at their last meeting, saw it.

Pushing those thoughts from his head, Japan concentrated on the issues at hand, pleased that everyone was willing to cooperate for once. It made the meetings so much shorter when that happened and he was looking forward to the after meeting get together as he looked forward to spending time with Greece and talking about cats and the latest gossip concerning Germany and Italy. He had heard a rumor going around that Prussia was taking bets on how long it would take before his brother and Italy declared their love for each other and he wanted to know if it was true or not. Spotting his friend, he hoped the meeting would end soon so they could talk…

Title: Foosball
Characters: France, Prussia, Spain, Romano, Italy, Germany
Challenge:August 2012: Cooperate
Bonus Words: friend, peace, stubborn, willing
Rating: PG13 for Romano’s potty mouth
Summary:Romano hates to lose…

They were enjoying a round of beers at the local Biergarten, when France suggested they go play a friendly round of foosball. They others looked at him in surprise and as they headed over there, Prussia suggested they play brothers against brothers with Spain and France playing the winners. Since they all agreed, they took their places at the table.

Prussia picked up the ball and dropped it into the slot, where it rolled to a stop on the field.

The peace and quiet was shattered a few minutes later when Spain said, “GO!”

Prussia and Romano each twisted their handles, trying to grab the ball with their player’s “feet.” Knocking the ball backwards, Prussia set it up and with a flick of his wrist; he sent it flying past Romano’s players towards the goal Italy was tending. Grinning, he willed it to go in, while Romano yelled at his brother in Italian. An accidental flick of the wrist on Italy’s part knocked it into the goal. “YES!!” Prussia hugged his brother.

“Beer-swilling potato-bastards!” Romano swore as the ball was dropped in and the play started all over again. This time, he managed to send the ball flying towards the goal Germany was tending, but the younger German managed to block it, sending it back to Prussia, who set it up for another goal.

“Damn it!!” Romano swore again.

“Ve, Fratello, it’s okay, it’s only a game,” Italy soothed as another goal was scored against them.

But Romano stubbornly refused to lose. He wanted to win and win badly so he could wipe that grin off Prussia’s face. He stared at the ball, silently willing it to cooperate so he could score. By the time they had finished their beers, he had pulled off a victory much to everyone’s surprise.


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