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Cross-posted from hetachallenge

Title: The Brothers Beilschmidt
Characters: Prussia, Germany, mention of Italy & America
Challenge: Challenge 13: Spook
Bonus Words: pumpkin, terror, bones
Rating: G
Summary: The brothers hang out discussing the Headless Horseman, America’s Halloween party and Italy…
Author’s Note: Märzenbier is an Oktoberfest beer.

“Whatchya reading, kleine Brüder?” Prussia asked as he entered the den. He headed over to the sofa in front of the fireplace. Sitting down, he drank some of his Märzenbier, while waiting for a reply.

“A book of short stories America lent me. I’m reading one about a headless horseman. I had no idea they also had that legend.”

“Yeah?” Prussia patted his leg, calling Berlitz up on the sofa. He ignored the stern look his brother gave him.

Germany sighed and nodded. “In this story, there’s a school teacher named Ichabod Crane who competes for the hand of Katrina Van Tassel against the town rowdy, Abraham ‘Brom Bones’ Van Brun. Apparently when Crane left the party, he was accosted by the Headless Horseman, and was never seen again, so the girl married Van Brun. It’s similar Karl Musäus’ story.”

“I love that one about the old man who rode around with the headless horseman, until he turned into a pile of bones and the old man fell in the river.”

“Yeah. That’s a good one.” Germany smiled.

“That movie we watched last Halloween at America’s party was pretty good too. You know, the one Italy called the ‘pumpkin head movie.’”

Germany laughed, but quickly sobered up. “We laugh now, but it gave him night terrors for weeks afterwards.”

Prussia nodded. “Poor kleine Italien, he’s such a sensitive soul.” He drank his beer.

“Yeah…” Germany went back to reading his book. Turning the page, he added, “Don’t you dare spook him this year.”

Prussia made a little sound of disappointment as he petted Berlitz.

“It’s not awesome to scare him.” Germany looked up from his book.

“Fine, I promise not to scare him.”

Germany nodded.

Prussia, finishing his beer, wondered if it was possible to scare his brother instead…

Title: Costume “Party”
Characters: Poland, Lithuania, mention of America
Challenge: Challenge 13: Spook
Bonus Words: pumpkin, terror, bones
Rating: G
Summary: Poland and Lithuania go shopping for a costume…

“So like, do you like think this is spooky enough for America’s Halloweenie party?” Poland asked as he flipped his blond hair back with a flick of his wrist. He was wearing a sexy female vampire costume that Lithuania thought was scary, but for reasons other than the obvious one.


“Like your pumpkin-headed-bone-thing isn’t very terrifying, you know.” Poland heaved a long suffering sigh.

“This is just the decorations I picked up for outside,” Lithuania said with a sheepish smile.

“Like I totally knew that! So ummm… I like umm… don’t know about this. I like hate that stupid wig that comes with it.” Poland rolled his eyes.

“Why don’t you try something else?”

“I so totally am!” Poland breezed out of the dressing room, Lithuania following in his wake. He sauntered over to the rack of costumes. After spending several minutes looking, he chose another costume. “This one is like totally perfect! It even comes with a matching costume!”

Lithuania blinked. Out of all the couples’ costumes there, Poland picked what he considered the cheesiest one there. There was no way he was dressing up like a sheep, until he caught the unholy glint in his best friend’s eye. And that was how he found himself several hours later at America’s Halloween party dressed like a sheep. Although, he had to admit, Poland made a rather fetching Bo Peep…

Title: Grandma
Characters: Spain, Romano, mention of Belgium, Netherlands, England, and America
Challenge: Challenge 13: Spook
Bonus Words: pumpkin, terror, bones
Rating: PG 13 for Romano’s potty mouth
Summary: Spain talks Romano in going as “Grandma” for America’s Halloween party…

“It’s decided then! We’ll do Little Red Riding Hood!” Spain said excitedly.

“I decided nothing, stupid Tomato-bastard!” Romano cried. Narrowing his eyes at Spain, he folded his arms across his chest. “Don’t tell me you went out for a smoke with that idiot Tulip-bastard and came up with this.”

“Not at all, my Pequeño Tomate.” Spain smiled at him, but Romano was not amused. “It was all Belgium’s idea. You know, to help promote her new horror story called ‘The Path.’”

Romano made a little sound of disgust. “That book is about as terrifying as a pumpkin pie made by that Tea-drinking-bastard!”


“Terrifying my ass!”Romano swore. “It sucks, like his cooking! The only spooky thing about is the price. Who in their right mind would pay twenty Euros for that shit?!”

“Ummm…?” Spain said as he tried to think of something that would get Romano to agree to it.

“Exactly!” Romano shook his head at him.

Spain sighed. “I guess I’ll have to break the news to Belgium and to think she looked so cute in that outfit too.”


Spain nodded. “And Netherlands also had his heart set on being the wolf.”

Romano snorted in contempt.

“I was going to be the huntsman and that left you with a very important role.”

“Yeah?” Romano’s curiosity was piqued. Damn you, Tomato-bastard! “What?”

“Belgium said you had the bones for it too.”

“Tell me, stupid Tomato-bastard!”


“What the fuck?!” Romano exploded.

“Grandma, but the grandma from her book.”


“A very tough old broad as America would say. She has a gun… a HUGE gun!” Spain grinned. “And she knows how to use it!”

Romano nodded as he thought it over. “Alright, you stupid Tomato-bastard, you talked me into it.”

“Thank you!” Spain hugged him.

“Now get off me!”

Title: Family Life
Characters: Finland, Sweden, Sealand, Hana-Tomago, mention of America
Challenge: Challenge 13: Spook
Bonus Words: pumpkin, terror, bones
Rating: G
Summary: Finland realizes that he, Sweden, and Sealand are a family…

Finland, a mug of coffee in hand, looked out the window at the backyard. He smiled at the sight of Sweden, running around, chasing Sealand with Hana-Tomago hot on their heels, barking madly. No one would believe me if I told them… he wryly acknowledged in his head. As it was, he was not even sure if he believed it himself. Sweden, who gave off a spooky vibe and could strike terror in the hearts and shake the very bones of those who did not know him well with a single glance, was sweet, kind, and gentle. He was a great father figure to the little micro-nation, firm and loving, and Finland’s heart swelled with a mix of love and pride at how Sweden took Sealand’s mess of a jack o’ lantern and with a few well placed cuts, turned the pumpkin disaster into something that took second place at the Halloween party, America threw for the “kids.”

Sipping his coffee, Finland turned and walked through what passed for a dining room, and headed into the large family room. He sat on the sofa and looked out the big picture window at them. He could not help chuckling at his beloved Sweden, flat on the ground with Sealand straddling his chest, a wooden sword held high in the micro-nation’s hand. They must be playing “Vikings” again… Finland thought with a smile. Ever since the micro-nation had gone to America’s Halloween party dressed like a Viking that had become a favorite game the two of them played in much the same way they had played “Pirates” while Sealand taught Sweden about them.

Finland felt all warm inside and it had nothing to do with the coffee, he was drinking. They had somehow become a little family and it felt really good.


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