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Cross-posted from Hentai Contest...


Title: A Date with Destiny
Fandom: Hetalia
Author: kira
Chars/Pairs: Prussia, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Italy, mention of Hungary
Genres: romance
Warnings: none
Word Count: 7242
Summary: The lengths Prussia would go to, to get a date with Hungary has him questioning his sexual orientation…
Author’s note: Special thanks to my beta, Jen, for looking this over for me…

For Lynne Monster, whose Prussia fics are amongst my faves…

Prussia stripped down to his skin, and picking up the bundle of dirty clothes, he padded naked down the hall to the bathroom. At seven o’clock, it was time to get ready for his date. At first, he was not sure if he was going to go through with this nonsense as something about it bothered him, but Hungary did swear up and down she would go on a date with him if he went on this date first. In the bathroom, he dropped his clothes in the hamper and turned on the taps in the shower. While he waited for the water to reach the right temperature, he stared at his reflection in the bathroom mirror. His chest was smooth and hairless, except for a thin line of course greyish hair that ran from thick thatch at the base of his cock to his navel and he contemplated shaving it down to a more feminine look. He figured if he was going to go through with this, he may as well do it right. Smirking as he grabbed the throw-away razor, he stepped into the shower.

Setting the razor down, he stood under the shower head and let the water course over his body. He wet his hair and reached for the shampoo, squeezing a bit onto his palm, before lathering his hair up. He rinsed a few minutes later, and grabbing the soap, he began rubbing it over his body as he washed himself. He rinsed again, and taking the soap once more, he lathered it up between his palms. He put a soapy hand in his left armpit, and praying he would not cut himself, Prussia shaved the soft tuff of hair away, repeating his actions on the right. He paused to admire his handy work the best he could, a smirk tugging the corners of his mouth upwards in a cocky grin. He did a bit of “manly grooming” on his lower abdomen, before moving onto his legs. He was glad his upper inner thighs were practically hairless, as he did not feel comfortable handling a razor so close to his balls. After soaping up his lower leg, he carefully shaved it smooth. The other leg quickly followed. He moved back under the shower head, letting the water wash any misgivings he had had about the evening away.

Turning the taps off, Prussia reached for a fluffy towel to dry off with. After getting most of the water off, he stepped out of the shower and continued to towel himself dry. He wrapped it around his hips and opened the medicine chest. Taking out his deodorant, he reapplied it. Closing it, he primped in the mirror, fluffing his hair up with his hands. The baby fine white strands were nearly dry and unlike his brother’s hair, his had a bit of wave to it that was easily coaxed into loose curls. Damn, I look good! he thought as he smirked at his reflection.

Grinning happily as he imagined the look on his date’s face when he saw him, Prussia headed back to his room. Stepping inside, he closed the door behind him and walked over to the bed, where his clothes had been laid out for him. He snorted, knowing full well, it was Germany who had done that for him. He was taken by surprise when instead of his man-kinis and pair of cheap pantyhose; he found a proper set of women’s lingerie including a garter belt and white fishnet stockings. I see the lingerie fairy was here and left me a present, hunh? Oh, Westen, you’re one sick bastard, no wonder you’re my favorite brother… He chuckled as he picked up the garter belt and fastened it around his waist. Sitting on the bed, he rolled up a stocking and slipped it over his toes. Years of taking them off various female lovers had taught him to be careful and he slowly slid it up his leg to fasten it when it reached his thigh. When he had the second stocking on, he decided to have a bit of fun, and walking over to the door, he opened it and stuck his head out into the hall. “Hey, Westen! Come’re, Brüder! I need your help with something!”

Dutiful little brother that he was, Germany left the den to see what he wanted, after Prussia called him a few times. As he approached his brother’s bedroom, Germany had the feeling he was going to regret going, and sure enough he was right when he entered. There was his brother, naked except for the garter belt and stockings.

“Brüderlein, could you be a sweetie and hook the back of these stockings to the garter belt? I can’t seem to reach it.” Prussia smirked at him.

Germany slowly counted to ten in German followed by Italian as he silently debated with himself as to whether or not he should comply.

“Please…?” Prussia’s smirk morphed into a sweet smile. “Thanks.”

Germany heaved a long suffering sigh. If his obnoxious brother was going to go as far as to use manners with his dumb request, he supposed he had better do what he wanted. He had been trying his best to civilize the dolt and it would never do to ignore him when he was being polite. He walked over to him and shaking his head, he slipped the fingers of one hand between the back of Prussia’s thigh and the stocking, quickly fastening it to the garter belt, before moving on to the other one.

Prussia wisely kept any remarks about how gentle his brother’s touch was along with musings about how he was able to figure out how to fasten them to the garter belt so quickly to himself. No use starting a fight in case he needed his help later.

“Is that all?”

“Hmmm… I think so. Thanks, Westen.”

“You’re welcome.”

Prussia found it hard to keep from laughing as his brother beat a hasty retreat. Picking up the silk panties, he put them on and adjusted his package. The silk felt light and cool against his skin and he hoped his date appreciated the effort he was going through. After deciding to forgo the matching bra, he slipped a white tank top over his head. Reaching for the blue leather mini, he stepped into it and pulled it up over his hips. He wondered if he should wear the white thigh high boots his sister had lent him, or her white stiletto pumps with the over fifteen centimeter heels. Decisions, decisions… “Westen!” he called out as he stood there, holding up the footwear.

“Now what?!” Germany groaned as he came back into the room. “Wear the shoes and stop pestering me; I’ve got work to do.”

“Thanks, Brüderlein.” Prussia dropped the boots and blew a kiss at his brother’s retreating form. He set the shoes down and stepped into them. He took a few wobbly steps towards his dresser. How the hell does she walk in these damned things?! He paused, refusing to let a pair of shoes get the better of him, before tottering over to his dresser, where a small case, containing some borrowed make-up, sat. Remembering to do exactly as his sister had shown him, amid some ribald jokes about his sexuality, Prussia made his face up. He smiled at his reflection, pleased with the results. He waited for his date to get here and to pass the time; he paraded around his room, trying to get the hang of walking in stiletto heels. You’d better appreciate this… he thought in reference to his date.

Down the hall, Germany sighed in frustration. The soft clacking of heels on the wooden floor was driving him crazy, so he set his work for the World 8 meeting aside, and went upstairs to read. Just when things were getting really exciting in his book, the doorbell rang, sending the dogs racing to door, where they stood there, barking their heads off. “Go lay down!” he shouted at the dogs, and the barking stopped as they trotted off. Expecting France and Spain when he opened the door, Germany was pleasantly surprised to see Austria standing there. “Austria…?”

“Hi… Is my date ready?” He smiled.

“Do come in and I’ll go see,” Germany said as he stepped aside to let him in. “Please make yourself at home.” While Austria did just that, he headed downstairs. “Brüder?”

“Yeah?” Prussia called out. Ten minutes of wandering around his room and already his feet were killing him. He stepped out into the hall.

“Your date’s here.”

“Oh good!”

Germany’s curiosity getting the better of him, asked, “Were you expecting Austria?”

Prussia nodded. “How does he look?”

“Well… compared to you, normal.”

Prussia rolled his eyes. “Normal? Like how ‘normal’?”

“Like suit and tie normal, while you look like a twenty euro hooker,” Germany said.

“Oh good! That’s just the look I was aiming for!” Prussia beamed at his younger brother, before pushing past him to head upstairs, the pain in his feet momentarily forgotten. He had marched for much longer than that with feet in worse condition, during any number of wars, so this too could, and would, be ignored for as long as it took.

“That’s what I was afraid of…” Germany said softly as he followed him.

“Hey, sailor,” Prussia cooed as he sauntered over to him. Austria’s reaction turned out to be almost identical to his brother’s, he noted with satisfaction. And is that a hint of lust I see, fogging your glasses? He grinned as he stood, towering over the now shorter man. “How do I look?” Prussia smirked.

“You look…” Austria paused, “Lovely.” He smiled as he fumbled in his pocket. Pulling out a camera, he reached past Prussia to hand it to Germany. “I need you to take a picture of us. So if you don’t mind.”

“Sure. Go stand next to him, Brüder.” Germany quickly took their picture.

“Wait!” Prussia said.

“What?” Germany had a pained expression on his face, that was matched by the one Austria wore.

“I want a couple of pictures for myself, that’s if you don’t mind, Austria?”

“No…” he said, figuring humoring him would move things along.

“Good!” Prussia draped himself on his date’s shoulder. “Got it, Brüder?”


Smiling, Prussia had him take a few more “in case that one didn’t come out,” varying the pose each time.

“This is not a fashion shoot for German Vogue!” Germany hissed as he handed the camera back to Austria.

Prussia sighed. “A pity it isn’t. I bet I look good enough to make next month’s cover!” At the sour, confused look on his brother’s face and the simple confusion expression his date wore, he added, “My sister reads that crap, Austria. You know, tall, long white hair, same gorgeous face as mine? Yes? Well, I saw it when I went there to borrow her stuff.”

“Oh… Well, uh, good night, Germany.”

“Good night and try not to do-” Germany started to reply, when Prussia cut him off.

“Oh, we promise to do everything you wouldn’t do, Brüderlein, seeing as you don’t do much of anything.” When his brother shot him a murderous look, he grabbed Austria by the arm and headed toward the door. “Don’t wait up for me!”

A few minutes later, Germany had shut the door behind them, and was walking towards the kitchen. If he knew his brother, it was going to be a long night, climaxing with a call from the local police station, although he hoped not for Austria’s case. He rubbed tiredly between his eyes as he entered the kitchen to make a pot of coffee. A very long night indeed…

Outside, Austria and Prussia got into his car and drove off. Prussia happily slipped his shoes off and twiddled his toes. “Aaah…” he said softly. “So where we going?”

“I thought we’d go to that little club that just opened a few weeks ago.”

“Oh good! I went there with Spain and France last week. We had a lot of fun.”

Austria smiled. “I bet you did.”

“Yeah… They’ve got a dance floor and a live band, and they also have a DJ on some nights, and the beer’s good.” Prussia stared out the window, watching the scenery go by. When they stopped at a light, he looked over to find Austria staring at his legs. “You think I look hot enough to ravish?” he teased. His coy look quickly morphing into a full-blown predatory grin when he saw how red Austria got, Prussia chuckled. “I take it that’s a ‘yes’?”

Austria nodded as the light changed and he pulled away. While he tried to keep his eyes on the road, he could not help stealing a glance at Prussia, when he heard the sound of him shifting in his seat. He sighed softly as his date had had hiked his mini up to obscene heights, the soft blue leather barely covering him.

Prussia chuckled. He wondered if he would have enough time to really get a rise out of Austria before they got there. This was turning out to be even more awesome than he had thought when Hungary first told him had to dress in drag for their date. He hoped she liked the pictures his brother took and he wondered if he could get a copy of them. He figured a framed eight by ten glossy would make the perfect gift for France’s birthday. Stealing a glance at his date, he had the feeling it would make a nice gift for him too.

Austria sighed softly as he made a left, turning into the club’s parking lot. While Hungary promised not to be there, he knew she would have a few spies scattered about the place just to make sure Prussia actually went out in public dressed like a woman. After quickly finding a parking space, he parked the car and the two of them got out. As they slowly made their way to the club’s entrance, Austria wondered how Prussia was able to walk in those painfully high shoes. Then again… thought as they went inside, maybe I really don’t want to know…

They sauntered through the packed club, looking for a table. They paused here and there to say “hi” to friends they knew, who in turn either laughed at Prussia or were impressed by how awesome he looked, not to mention how great a sport he was for agreeing to do it. A few of their friends also gave Austria their deepest sympathy for having to deal with him. They soon found a table in a darkly lit corner and it was not long before a waitress came over to take their drink orders.

“Who knew this place was so popular?” Austria mused.

“I did,” Prussia smirked.

His date chuckled. “I kind of figured you did. Thanks,” the last part was directed at the waitress who brought them their drinks. Fishing out his wallet, Austria paid for them much to Prussia’s surprise.

“Thank you,” Prussia said as he lifted the bottle to his lips and drank his beer.

“You’re welcome.”

Prussia narrowed his eyes at him and smiled. “You gonna buy me beer all night?”

Austria nodded. “Yes, why?”

“Oh, no reason…” Prussia said airily. could be good! I think I’m gonna have fun getting drunk tonight! And if I have to put out a bit for it he mentally shrugged, so be it!

“It’s what one does for one’s date, right?”

Prussia laughed. “Once upon a time that’s what they always did, today…” he shrugged, “Nowadays, it’s anything goes. But if you want to be the perfect gentleman, you’ll do the buying.” He grinned.

Austria nodded. “Well, seeing as you’re being tortured enough dressed like, not to mention being a good sport about it, I supposed I can buy a few beers.” He smiled back at him.

Prussia’s face fell. Trust that shit to take all the fun out of things… Mein Gott, how the hell does she stand it…?

Austria’s expression also fell. “Did I say something wrong?”


They drank in companionable silence as both were at a loss as to what to make small talk about. Finishing their beers, each one looked out at the dance floor, while waiting for a passing waitress to bring them another one. It writhed with a small sea of humanity under the ever changing swirl of colors from the overhead lighting. The music was loud techno-pop, a siren call luring patrons out onto the dance floor. At one point, Prussia thought he had spotted Sweden and Finland out there, but dismissed it as a trick of the light.

“Do you want another beer?”

“Yeah…” Prussia said as he tried hard to spot some of their friends on the dance floor. Giving up, he turned to Austria and said, “Thanks.”

“You’re welcome.” Austria chuckled.


“It’s Ladies’ Night and they’ve been giving me your beer for free.”

“You’re shitting me, right?”

“Nope,” Austria said.

“Good… Cuz I plan on taking advantage of that.” Prussia smirked.

“I thought you’d like that.” Austria paused to pay for his beer when the waitress came back with their drinks.


Knowing he was driving home, Austria decided to nurse his second beer, letting his friend drink as much as he wanted. So while Prussia watched the people on the dance floor, he watched Prussia slowly get drunk. Unfortunately, by the time he had finished his third beer and started a fourth, Prussia decided it was time for the two of them to go out on the dance floor. So beers in hand, they made their way to the fringes of the writhing sea of humanity. He had to admit it was rather amusing, watching Prussia dance.

Prussia, who did not want to chance falling flat on his face, after falling out of his shoes, moved his upper body instead. Feet firmly planted on the dance floor, he raised his arms halfway up and moved in time to the music. As stupid as he felt, he was having a good time, despite the growing pressure in his bladder. Another beer later from a passing waitress, and Prussia could no longer ignore it. Motioning for Austria to come closer, he leaned over and all but shouted in his ear, “I gotta go piss.”

“Alright… wait! Where are you going?”

Prussia stared at him like he had three heads. “I said, ‘I gotta go piss.’”

“That’s what I thought you said.” At Prussia’s pained expression he added, “Where are going to go do that?”

“In a urinal like everyone else… oh, crap! Maybe I should use a stall, so I won’t have to play around adjusting things in public… Now what?!”

“But you can’t go in the men’s room dressed like that.”

“Why not? I maybe be wearing my sister’s skirt, but I’m still all guy underneath.”

“But you’re wearing a skirt like a woman, and something could happen to you in there.”

“Awe… I didn’t know you cared, Austria!” Prussia, who had a nice buzz going, beamed at him.

Austria sighed. “Hurry up, okay?”

Prussia kissed his cheek. Straightening up, he grinned. “Don’t worry, I’ll miss you too and I promise I won’t be long, okay?”

Austria nodded in reply. He had a bad feeling about things as he watched Prussia sashay off towards the restrooms. Please use a little common sense, Prussia, okay…? Spotting an empty table near the bathrooms, Austria sat down and waited.

Prussia looked longingly at the men’s room, before getting on line to the ladies’ room. He did not know what was worse, the nagging fullness of his bladder or the ache in his poor tired feet. How the hell does she spend all day in these stupid things…? He shifted his weight from foot to foot, shuffling slowly forward with the rest of women waiting to get in.

“Prussia? Is that really you?” Belgium said as she stood behind him on the line.

He looked over his shoulder at her. “Yeah… and before you ask, I’m doing this for Hungary.”

“She making a video of you making an arse out of yourself?” She grinned.

“Not really…” He took two steps forward.

“You’re not doing this for fun…” she snorted, “are you?

“No… and no.”

“And no?” Belgium frowned.

“I thought you were going to ask me something else.”


“Yeah… So tell me something, are the lines always this long?”

Belgium shrugged. “Most of the time, yeah, but not always. Why?”

“Cuz I’ve gotta go piss, if you must know,” he said dryly. “Why else would I be standing here?”

“I don’t know…” she said as the two of them followed the line and stepped forward. “Oh, and FYI…”


“FYI… for your information, you should probably sit when you go in a stall, otherwise you could cause some problems.”

Prussia sighed. “Yeah, I kinda figured that.”

“Wow! You’re really pretty and smart too!” She smirked as they shuffled forward.

“You think I’m pretty?” He smiled at her.

“Yeah, pretty insane actually,” she answered honestly. She looked away and back at him. “You must really like her or something, hunh?”

He raised an eyebrow at her. “Or something,” he said softly, the corner of his mouth tugging upwards in a smirk. “Oooh yay! And more yay!” he cried as he reached for the door. Holding it open he was surprised to see that the line continued inside. “They’ve got to be kidding me…”

Belgium giggled. “Nope.”

“But I’ve gotta go!” he whined as he finally took his first step inside the bathroom.

“So does everyone else.”

Prussia heaved a long suffering sigh. “This sucks! Especially with all that water running…” he whined.

“Whining isn’t going to make anyone move any faster.”

“What’s taking them so long? I’m going to wet myself if they don’t hurry!”

“Well,” she began ticking things off on her fingers, “You need to make sure there’s toilet paper, then you cover the seat with it, then you…” She finished with, “Pulling up your drawers and flushing. And don’t give me that look, women flush.”

“Eww… You mean they actually touch the flush handle?”

“Well, you’re a woman,” she said softly, “so get used to it. And don’t give me that look.”

Prussia grinned. “What if I cut the line?”

“You could try, but then you’d have a yelling, screaming horde after you.”

“I’ve dealt with worse on the battlefield,” he countered.

“True, but that’s nothing compared to a bunch of women who’ve been waiting for turn and have to pee as much as you do.”

“Damn it!” He folded his arms across his chest and pouted.

“Yup! This is one time being awesome isn’t going to help.”

“Tell me something I don’t already know…” he said dryly when a few stalls suddenly became empty. “Then again… maybe something recognized my awesomeness,” he smirked as he headed towards a free stall.

Austria sat patiently at the table, waiting for his date, while he drank a coke with a little green paper umbrella in it. He knew from experience with Hungary, that there was often a long line, so that did not bother him. What did, was wondering what his fellow country was up to. It felt like he was taking too long to get back here, and he sincerely hoped Prussia was not hitting on any of the women using the facilities. Heaving a long suffering sigh, he got up to see what was taking him so long. As he walked the short distance to the restrooms, Austria wondered if he should ask some random woman who was going in, to check up on Prussia, when he decided to just stand next to the door and call inside. “Gilly-bear…” he said, giving a feminine touch to Prussia’s human name. “Are you alright? Gilly-bear?” he called out a few times, with no response.

One of the women standing on line found him creepy, and after her stares did nothing to make Austria go away, decided she did not need to go that badly and went in search of a bouncer.

Meanwhile, Prussia was having the time of his life, hanging out by the sinks, and chatting the ladies up. Belgium hung out with him, ready to drag his sorry arse out of there if he got too out of control, but Prussia surprised her by behaving himself. While he primped in the mirror, they talked about Austria, totally ignoring his pleas for Prussia to answer him, before Prussia decided he wanted another beer. It was as they were leaving the bathroom that all hell broke loose.

Austria, who busy trying to explain why he was hanging out by the ladies’ room to the bouncer, made the mistake of shrugging the man’s hand off his arm. That had the effect of getting the bouncer to grab him none too gently just as Prussia exited the bathroom. Thinking his date was in trouble, he hurried over to them, and threw the first punch without stopping to ask questions, sparking a bar fight. It was a glorious ten minutes of hand to hand combat and Prussia was definitely coming out on top, despite being rather unsteady on his feet, due to trying to fight in heels. The only thing in his humble opinion that would have made it more awesome was if he was drunk off his arse, instead of just pleasantly buzzed.

Just as quickly as the fight had started, it was ended, with several of the main perpetrators in police custody. Prussia was naturally included in that bunch, but so was Austria, much to his horror, as well as Belgium, who knew how to “run with the big dogs” and found the whole thing as amusing as Prussia did. While they waited for a chance to make a five minute phone call, Prussia somehow managed to convince them to let him call his brother to bail them out.

“Okay, so we agree to let me make the phone call to my brother. If he hangs up on me, you two call him back, okay?”

“He’s going to hang up on you?” Austria blinked. “Are you sure you don’t want me to call Hungary?”

“Very sure. If anyone is going to blog about how awesome this night is, it’s going to be me. Besides, I’ll leave out certain not so awesome details that she’ll play up.” Prussia grinned. He stepped up to the bars of the holding cell, and motioning her as close as she could get in the women’s cell, called out to Belgium, “You got that? Let me call first, and if Westen hangs up on me, you call him back, okay?”

“Got it!” she called back.

“Okay, here goes nothing…” Prussia said as he was led from the cell to a desk where he could make his phone call. Since it was not the first time he had been arrested, the police officer, sitting at the desk, had already dialed home for him. “Thanks…” he said as he counted rings before someone picked up. “Hello… Little Italy… hey, is my brother there? Can you put him on?” He waited for his brother to pick up. “What do you mean he doesn’t want to talk to me…?! Tell him we got arrested… That’s right we…. What? Oh… we got arrested for starting a bar fight…” He smiled as he heard Italy relaying what he said. He could just about hear his brother’s grumpy reply, before he picked up the phone. “Hey, Westen… yeah? No I’m not drunk… Uh-hunh… Austria’s here too and Belgium. Yes, Belgium. She threw a few punches, before they called the police… No, it’s all Austria’s fault. I had nothing to do with it… Okay, I thought this big guy was hitting on him and what? No!! You can’t leave us here to rot!! Please, Brüder…” he listened to Germany rant over the phone at him, rolling his eyes, as it was the same nonsense his said every time he got arrested for brawling. “So you’ll be here in a few? Great! I’ll see you then!” He hung up and was led back to his cell.

“Have no fear, kids,” Prussia said as he was put back in the holding cell, “our ride’s coming.”

“Thank goodness,” Austria said.

“This is nothing,” Prussia reminded him. “I’ve been in worse places and so have you.”

“I know…”

Prussia walked over and sat down on the bench. “I hope they give me back those shoes, or my sister’s going to kick my ass.”

Austria chuckled softly. “I know.”

“Yeah… maybe I should punch the cop who won’t give them back so I can spend the night safely in here.” Prussia smirked.

“You could, but just think of all the fun your brother’s going to have kicking your arse when you finally do get out.”

Prussia’s expression fell. “Shit! He punches harder than she does.”

Austria nodded.

“I know! You can stay here with me; we’ll be prison gay together. You know I’d watch your back and we’ll have so much fun ruling the place too.”

“As tempting as that sounds, I’m going to have to pass on it, Prussia.” Austria could not believe what he just heard. As if he would have relations with Prussia just because they were in a holding cell at the local precinct, then again, he did think Prussia looked rather hot dressed like that.

Prussia made a little sound of contempt. “Pussy!”

“If you say so.” Austria sat down next to him.

“I do!” Prussia pouted.

“Well, I was going to wait until the end of our date to tell you this,” Austria began.

“Tell me what?”

“This was actually fun, up to a point.”

“Yeah…” Prussia found himself oddly agreeing with him.

“But don’t tell Hungary I said that.”

“Don’t worry, your secret’s safe with me. Besides, even if I did tell her, she’d never believe me.”

“That’s true.”

Prussia nodded. “I wonder when my brother’s going to get here…” he said to no one in particular.

“When he gets here,” Austria replied, raising a delicate eyebrow at him as the corners of his mouth twitched briefly upwards in a smile.

Prussia snorted. What was once an awesome evening out, was rapidly going down the toilet fast in his humble opinion. He could not wait for his brother to get there so he could go home and just forget the whole evening happened. Sure the bar fight was fun, it was a challenge with those stupid heels after all, and getting arrested was nothing new. He had done that so many times down through the centuries it had lost its charm. Maybe that was why he was so eager to go along with this stupidity; it was the novelty of dressing like a woman and dating his rival that got his blood pumping again. Hungary sure knew what she was doing when she dangled that carrot in front of me… he thought bitterly. Or maybe it’s something else…?I should be balking at the idea of being dressed like this, but aside from the sore feet, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be… That led to thoughts about Old Fritz and how he loved bedding his sister, but treated Prussia more like a friend, although he did occasionally indulge himself with him, dredging up old resentments and feelings of jealousy.

“You know, when your brother bails us out of here, you’re welcome to come over for a cup of coffee,” Austria said, pulling him from his morose thoughts.

“Yeah?” Prussia felt his spirits rising over that, but quickly dismissed the invitation as his friend being overwhelmed by the situation and his awesomeness.



“It’s the least I can do to salvage this mess.”

That had Prussia snorting in amusement. “Yeah. Come to think of it, you owe me for all those free beers.”

Austria smiled. “I believe you’re right.” He was about to say something more, when a policeman came to release them. “Looks like your brother’s here.”

“Awesomeness!” He got up and walked over to the cell’s door. “Kleine Brüder! You’re here!”

Germany rolled his eyes. “You called; I came to bail you out. Do you think just once, you can behave yourself?” he said tiredly.

“I could, but where’s the fun in that?”

Germany didn’t have a response for that so he simply ignored his brother. “You and the others have to appear in court in the morning.”


“You say it like you were invited to a picnic, Brüder. It’s not funny.”

“It is too, Brüderlein. I’m dressed like a twenty euro whore, you said it yourself, and what did I get arrested for? Assault.” Prussia laughed at the look on Austria’s face which was almost as funny as Italy asking where the twenty euro whore was as that was the only thing that had caught his attention. “Oh, by the way, I’m going home with Austria.”

“You’re what?” Germany asked while they processed the paperwork to get his brother and two friends released.

“He invited me back to his place for a cup of coffee, so don’t wait up for me.”

“I don’t think so.”

“Please, Herr Germany, I did ask him. I promise to bring him home soon afterwards with his virtue intact,” Austria said.

Germany chuckled. “Against my better judgment…” He resisted the urge to run his palm down his face at the hopeful look his brother shot him, “you can go, but you need to be up early, Brüder, for your court date.”

“I know, I know…” Prussia dismissed him with a waved of his hand, just as they got the okay to leave. Getting his shoes from the officer with the nice smile, Prussia decided his feet would like him much better in the morning if he did not wear them anymore

Ten minutes later, they were all out on the street and heading towards Germany’s car. Once there, they piled inside for a quiet ride back to the club to get their cars. Germany was glad it was quiet as he longed to be home, where he and Italy were spending a peaceful evening, watching TV. He would occasionally take a brief glance in the rearview mirror at his backseat passengers, noting with satisfaction that Prussia was leaning against the window and watching the scenery go by. He would rather deal with a dirty window at this point than more of his brother’s nonsense.

Germany found the club, and after making a right, he pulled into the parking lot. He dropped Belgium off first, waiting until she got her car started, before driving to the other side of the lot where Austria had parked. He pulled up next to the car and waited for Prussia and Austria to get out. Rolling down his window, Germany said as his brother headed towards the car, “Brüder?”

“Yeah?” Prussia paused and looked over at him.

“Just be quiet when you come in.”

“Okay.” He briefly wondered if his brother was going to chew him out in the morning like he always did, before opening the car door and getting inside. Prussia closed the door and put on his seat belt.

Austria started the car and once Germany had driven away, he backed out of the spot. He noted that Prussia seemed more pensive than he had ever seen him before, even going as far as tugging his skirt down. In a lame attempt at lightening the mood, he said, “Being a twenty euro whore wasn’t as much fun as you thought it would be, hunh?” He smiled as he pulled out of the lot and onto the main road.

Prussia shrugged.

“I can take you home if you want.”

“No, I....ummm,” Prussia started to say.


“I was just thinking about myself.”

“And how awesome you are?”

Prussia laughed. “That goes without saying.” He looked over at his friend. “Seriously…. I was just wondering if…” he trailed off as he tried to put his feelings into words.

“Wondering what?”

“Promise you won’t laugh.”

Austria nodded. It was so unlike Prussia to open up and be honest about the situation, that he could not help feeling a bit worried. It was no secret that this farce of an evening was just so Prussia could get a date with his ex-wife, a woman he loved as much as Austria did, which made for one helluva complicated relationship in Austria’s humble opinion. He wondered if his friend was finally coming to terms with the fact that Hungary did not love him and never would the way he wanted her to. “I promise,” he said as he slowed down and came to stop, while waiting for the light to change.

“I don’t know…” Prussia said. Just when Austria figured the moment had passed and Prussia was back to his old self again, he continued, “You ever wonder about your sexuality?”

“My what?” Austria pulled away when the light changed.

“Your sexuality.” Prussia looked at him. “Like my brother swears up and down, and around the block and back that he’s just friends with Italy and that he likes girls and Italy will flirt with any pretty girl he sees, yet they’ve for all intents and purposes set up house together. And we all know Sweden’s gay and happily living with his “wife,” Finland, and then there’s France who’ll fuck anything, and I mean anything,” Prussia snorted with amusement, “that moves. And then there’s Belarus with her creepy attachment to her brother…” He shuddered. “And don’t get me started about Poland. I don’t think even Liet knows what’s what with him.” Prussia grinned.”Which leaves you, well, there are others, but I’m just concerned with you.”

“What about me?” Austria turned down the street he lived on.

“You’re straight, and I appreciate you going out of your way to help me…”

“Bi-curios,” Austria corrected.


“Bi-curious. I occasionally indulge in activities, Prussia, and mostly with you, by the way.” Austria pulled into his driveway.

“Like I said before, I appreciate that, but ummm… I don’t know… What am I?”

Austria turned off the engine in his car and pocketed the keys. “What do you mean?”

“Am I gay, cause I do stuff with you, and also with France and Spain, but we’re mostly drunk, so who knows if that even counts. Or what?”

His friend nodded.

“But then I wonder if maybe I’m not, maybe I’m just lonely, I’m a country and not a country and I share my people’s love with my brother,” Prussia rambled on as if thinking out loud. “Maybe I’m just looking for something, or someone, to fill that void and the void in my heart where she’d be if she loved me…”

Austria sighed. As much as he still loved his ex-wife, there were times when he wished she and Prussia would get together. While theirs was a volatile relationship, mainly because Prussia had been raised in a monastic society and was rather rough around the edges, Austria always felt their passions complimented each other. The trouble was Prussia had a reputation as a jerk when it came to dealing with others, so it was hard to look past that and Hungary in particular had difficulty seeing the good inside. “I know.”

“That’s right; she left you too.”

Austria nodded.

“But how come you’re not questioning things?”

“Because I have my music for one thing, for another we remained friend even after the divorce. We basically raised Italy together during that time too, so we were never really apart.”

Prussia snorted. “And that stick, my friend, is wedged so far up your ass that you’d never-”

“Prussia!” Austria blushed. “This is part of your problem with Hungary.”

He made a small sound of contempt.

“You treat her like a guy-”

“She acts like a guy! Hell, when I first met her, I thought she was a guy! She may wear pretty frilly things, but underneath she’s a battle hardened soldier! Like all of us!”

“There’s no need to shout, Prussia, I’m right here.”

“I know.” Prussia looked away. “I love the battle hardened soldier and I love the sweet lil house frau. It doesn’t matter what gender she is, I just love her for who she is… That make any sense?”

“Yeah. She’s a good woman.”

“I know you still love her.”

Austria’s eyes went wide.

“Maybe that’s why I’m such an ass…”

“No, you’re awesome and I’m a prissy old fool,” Austria smiled wryly.

Prussia snorted. “So are we gay, straight or what?”

“Good question. We’re the personifications of countries; does that even give us a gender, despite our outward appearances?”

Prussia shrugged. Unbuckling his seatbelt, he scooted around to face his friend. “So maybe I’m worried about nothing?”

“I think so. As for ‘Gilbert Beilschmidt,’ he’s a proud, patriotic man, who lives with his younger brother and what he does in the bedroom and with whom is no one’s business, but his own. Same with ‘Roderich Edelstein.’ No one cares that he was once married to ‘Elizabeta Héderváry’ and ‘Antonio Fernandez Carriedo.’ He lives quietly and frugally, and spends time with his friends and his ex-wife, whom he’s still friends with. ”

“That’s right! I forgot you and Spain were married!”

“You’re missing the point, Prussia.”

“Am I?”

Austria nodded. “It doesn’t matter what you are, Prussia, you have friends and lovers who care about you.”

“Oh…” Prussia’s brows knitted briefly together in a frown, before his expression brightened. “Thanks…. Umm… I hate to be a pain in the ass, but…”

“But you do it so awesomely,” Austria teased.

Prussia grinned. “Do you mind taking me home? I think I’m going to skip the coffee tonight.” He buckled his seatbelt.

“Are you okay?”

“I’m fine, while it was fun prancing around like my sister; I think I want to be me again.”

“That’s something else you do awesomely.”

“I know, right?” He grinned.

Austria shook his head as he fished in his pocket for his keys. Finding them, he buckled his seatbelt. Starting the car, he backed out of his driveway and onto the street. He was pleased his friend was feeling better even if he was quiet on the drive home. Ten minutes later, he pulled up in front of Germany’s house and parked.

Prussia unbuckled his seatbelt, and leaning over, he gave his friend a kiss on the cheek, surprising him. “Thanks.”

“You’re welcome,” Austria replied as he watched him get out of the car and head inside.

Prussia stood in the doorway and waved. “See you tomorrow!” When Austria drove off, he closed the door behind him and headed downstairs to his room. He padded down the hallway in his stocking feet towards the dim light emanating from his room. Entering it, Prussia closed the door behind him; he dropped his sister’s shoes on the floor, heedless of the noise. As he passed the mirror in his room, he paused to stare at his reflection. It was strangely androgynous in the eerie half light and Prussia felt a pang of sadness that he quickly squelched. He smiled at his reflection, as he slowly began to undress until he was naked, ending his evening as it began with a quick shower, before crawling into bed alone.


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Oct. 27th, 2012 04:33 pm (UTC)
You finished the ladies room story! Love the mental picture of Prussia in drag in a bar fight. And poor Austria needs to realize that loitering outside the women’s bathroom is a real creeper move :)
Oct. 27th, 2012 06:04 pm (UTC)
Yup! ;p

*blushes* Thanks!

*laughs* Oh yeah! ;p

I'm glad you enjoyed it! :D
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Oh man, now I want to draw a picture of Prussia primping for his date... and that's saying something because I HATE to draw! :D Gives me something to do tonight, so thanks!
...ah, yes, sorry - I LOVED this story; I loved the idea of a dude in a dress starting a bar fight and it just went from there. Also I loved the sweet insightful serenity and surprising kindness you lent Austria; he never gets a good side, seemingly. Wonderful story, wonderful characterizations and wonderful full-circle ending. Really great tale-spinning, dear. Thank you for sharing! :D
Feb. 25th, 2013 10:09 pm (UTC)
Please do!!I Love the Suikotsu that you did for me! :D So a Primping Prussia would be AWESOMENESS!! :D

It's okay, *huggles* I'm glad you liked it! I had so much fun writing it! While I think Prussia knows how to behave himself, he just can't resist the pull of a bar fight. ;p I know, right? But as prissy as he can be, I don't think Austria is as bad as they make him out to be. I think as much as they annoy each other & have fought against each other through the centuries, they do have some sense of friendship.

You're welcome! And thanks for reading & reviewing! *glomps*
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