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Cross-posted from hetachallenge


Title: Solace
Characters: Germany, Fem!Austria
Challenge: Challenge 14: Family
Bonus Words: loud, quiet, hug, poke
Rating: G
Summary: In the aftermath of WWII, Germany finds a small measure of comfort in Austria’s presence…

Germany, poking at his slice of cake, could not believe it. Pale and drawn, his cousin drank her tea with a calmness that astounded him. When she turned her head and stared at him with a haunted expression, he felt his guts wrench inside. “I’m sorry, Cousin,” he said softly.

She nodded. “I know you are, Liebling,” Austria said quietly. “You had no choice in the matter; your boss was insane.”

Germany nodded.

“And even though they were mostly German, I still felt their pain. They are in a sense my people too. I am after all an ‘Edelstein.’” She gave him a wry little smile.

“I also felt it, and I was so powerless to do anything about it and now… “

Austria sipped her tea. “Liebling, Prussia will be alright.” She reached across the table to pat his hand reassuringly.

“Russia hates him.”

She nodded. “Prussia is a survivor like my people. No matter what hardships are thrown their way, they come out all the stronger for it.”

“I know, but-”

She held up a thin, white hand. “I know you’re worried, but do not let his sacrifice be in vain, Liebling. You’re weak now, but do him proud, become strong again and have patience.”

“You know they won’t let me become strong again!” he cried, his voice loud with impotent anger.

“Germany!” she said, frowning. “Don’t be an idiot!” Her expression softened; he could be so much like his brother at times. “Think, Liebling! Of course they’re not going to let you become powerful tomorrow, this war was a horror everyone is frightened to repeat.”

Germany nodded. “In time they’ll forget, right? And he’ll come home?”

“Yes.” I hope so, Liebling… “Until then, be strong and wait it out.”

They stood and he hugged her.

“Will do.”

Title: The Wall
Characters: Germany, mention of Prussia
Challenge: Challenge 14: Family
Bonus Words: loud, quiet, hug, poke
Rating: G
Summary: Germany stands in front of the Berlin Wall, waiting for it to fall so he could be reunited with Prussia…

Germany stood in the crowd of people assembled in front of the Berlin Wall. In the days leading up to this momentous occasion, he had felt a quiet undercurrent running through his people, as if they knew that cursed thing was about to fall. He tentatively poked it with his finger, as if that alone could make it fall, and had so many times in his dreams, but this was reality. Now that undercurrent was thrumming loudly as families separated by chance would once again be reunited when that damned thing fell. Like he would be when he found his brother in the crowds of people that were sure to come pouring in. He watched along with his people as a section of the Wall was lifted, before being carried away in the sea of humanity when East and West became simply Germany again. But the best part of that night was finding Prussia and hugging his brother like he never wanted to let go ever again…

Title: Sehnsucht
Characters: Prussia, mention of Russia and Germany
Challenge: Challenge 14: Family
Bonus Words: loud, quiet, hug, poke
Rating: G
Summary: Prussia longs to be home with Germany, instead of being stuck in Russia’s house…

Prussia quietly stared at himself in the mirror, resisting the urge to poke the hollow-eyed stranger, who not only looked vaguely like him, but stared back at him. He was now a shadow of his former self, gaunt, weary, and he was certain that if hair had not already been white; it would be now after years of being a part of Russia’s dysfunctional family. He hugged himself as he turned away to gaze out the window, the noise of a typical morning in East Berlin unbearably loud. As he continued to stare out the window, his eyes came to rest like they always did on the Berlin Wall. Prussia liked to think if he stared hard enough, he could just make the figure of his brother, his real family, standing there, waiting for him to come home…

Title: Lesson in Life
Characters: Prussia, Crown Prince Frederick (aka Old Fritz as a young teen)
Challenge: Challenge 14: Family
Bonus Words: loud, quiet, hug, poke
Rating: PG13 for Prussia’s potty mouth
Summary: The Crown Prince hates his father and gets a bit of comfort from his beloved Country…
Author’s note: Inspired by ChibiStarr’s “Dip Your Feather Wisely” whose Prussia/Old Fritz fics got me to LOVE this pairing in all its forms.
For ChibiStarr, whose series “Dip your Feather Wisely” got me to fall in love with these two and their special relationship…

“Hey Prussia…” Prince Frederick said softly. He sat in the window seat, quietly reading a book.

“My prince?” Prussia replied. He was busy writing in his diary, while supposedly overseeing the young crown prince’s studies. When Frederick didn’t reply, he finished putting down his thoughts on paper, closing his journal. “Is something wrong?”

“No…” Frederick hedged, “Well…”

“Well what?” Prussia gently prodded. “If you don’t tell me, I’m going to come over there and poke you until you do,” he added, softening the idle threat with one of his trademark grins.

Frederick laughed, but almost immediately he clamped a hand over his mouth, looking very much like a frightened and cornered animal.

His expression tore at Prussia’s heart and he got up from his desk and went over to the boy. Sitting down next to him, he put an arm around the crown prince’s thin shoulders, holding him close in a one armed hug. “What’s wrong?” he said softly.

“Nothing…” Frederick sighed. “I wish you were my father instead of him.”

“Yeah?” Prussia was surprised to hear that, and yet, not all that surprised. The King was extremely abusive towards his son and Frederick was understandably afraid of him.

“Yeah… He’s so loud and… scary and…” The Crown Prince shyly looked up at him with tears in his eyes.

“And an Arschloch to boot,” Prussia smirked. “I know it’s not much comfort, but while you can’t choose your family, you can choose your friends,” his smirk broadened into a devilish grin, “and when you’re older, your lovers.”

Frederick giggled. “Prussia!”

“Hey! I got you to laugh!”

The Crown Prince’s smile never wavered. “So you did! Thank you, Prussia!”

Prussia smiled back at him. “Now what the hell are we supposed to be studying again?’




“So we were…”

Title: Silly Fratello!
Characters: Italy, Romano
Challenge: Challenge 14: Family
Bonus Words: loud, quiet, hug, poke
Rating: PG13 for Romano’s potty mouth
Summary: Romano wants to know why Germany is always hugging his brother and Italy tells him…

“Hey, Fratello! What the hell’s up with you and that potato-bastard?!” Romano loudly demanded.

Italy looked up at him and blinked. “Hunh? There’s nothing up with Germany,” he replied, putting a subtle emphasis on his best’s friend’s name.

“Then why the hell is he always hugging you?!”

“He doesn’t hug me, Fratello, I hug him.” Italy beamed at his brother. “I like hugging him, he’s so strong and I feel safe with him.”

Romano sighed softly as he buried his face in his hand, in a gesture that similar to one Germany used whenever Italy unwittingly tried his patience. He quietly counted up to ten in Spanish as well as Italian, before opening his mouth to speak again. “But, but!” he sputtered, unable to come up with new argument to get his brother to change his mind about the tall, imposing country.

“Silly Fratello!” Italy gently poked his brother in the arm. “I still love you! We’re family and nothing will ever change that.” He smiled.

Romano sighed again. “Yeah… Just…”

“Just what?”

Romano rolled his eyes. “Just… I don’t know anymore!” he shouted.

Italy hugged him. “This is why I love you! You’re so silly, Fratello!”

“Hmph!” He glared briefly at his brother, before his expression softened. “I love you too.”

Title: One Big Happy Family
Characters: Finland, Sweden, mention of Sealand and Hana-Tomago
Challenge: Challenge 14: Family
Bonus Words: loud, quiet, hug, poke
Rating: PG13 for implied gay marriage
Summary: Finland decides it’s official; they’re one big, happy family…
For Jen…

“Sve…” Finland said as he snuggled up to him. They were lying in bed, in the dark, waiting for sleep to claim them. The little Finn, however, was unable to sleep. “I was thinking…”

“Yeah?” Sweden replied, his voice making a deep rumbling in his chest as he put his arms around him and hugged him close.

“Yeah… I think it’s official.”

“What is?”

“We’re a family. You, me, Sealand, Hana-Tomago, all of us, just one big, happy family.”

Sweden snorted and Finland was sure he saw the ghost of a smile tugging his beloved’s lips upwards.

“What’s so funny, Sve?”


“Sve, if you don’t tell me I’m going to…” Finland poked his beloved in to the stomach.

“I guess this means Den’s our loud, obnoxious cousin,” Sweden teased.

Finland laughed. “Den’s always been our loud obnoxious cousin!”

“Then I guess this means you really are my wife.”

Finland grew quiet and thoughtful, and as the minutes ticked by, Sweden felt a pang of fear that he had said something wrong. When he finally spoke, Sweden felt a rush of relief.

“I really am your wife, aren’t I?”

Sweden nodded, afraid to say anything.

“And I kinda like that…” Finland said softly. “What I don’t like is when you say it in public.”


“Everyone always looks at us funny.”


“So…” Finland shifted to look up at him. “It’s… it’s just not as special as when you say it when we’re alone, Sve.”

“Fair enough.” Sweden kissed the top of his head. “Goodnight, my wife.”

Finland chuckled. “Goodnight, Sve…”

Title: Family Ties
Characters: The Nordic 5
Challenge: Challenge 14: Family
Bonus Words: loud, quiet, hug, poke
Rating: PG13 for an implied gay marriage
Summary: Based on the strip/episode where Norway & Iceland find out they really are brothers. Please note I played “fast & lose” with this scene…
For Jen…

Norway turned his hard stare at the loud and boisterous Dane. “Shut up, Den,” he said softly.

“What? Can’t the kid buy a round to celebrate?” Denmark asked.

“No. And he doesn’t have to go around calling us ‘big brother’ either.”

“Awe…” Denmark whined.

“Leave him be, it’s a lot to take in. Now he’s suddenly got a real family to worry about.” Norway quietly gazed up at him with a look that brooked no arguments.

“Fine! I’ll give it a rest now, but- Hey!” Denmark yelped when Finland poked him in the ribs.

“Drop it, Den, please,” Finland pleaded. “Norge is right; he’s got a lot to think about now. We all went from being cousins to now he’s got a brother, it’s a lot to take in.”

“Nothing’s really changed, Finn,” Demark countered.

“Sure it did. They’re now closer in a sense than they were before.”

“Like you and Sve?” Denmark leered.


“Yes,” Sweden said, despite Finland’s denial.

“I thought you were his wife. See, even Sve agrees with me,” Denmark said sparking an argument with Finland.

Norway steadfastly ignored them; he, too, was finding it hard to deal with the fact that he suddenly had a little brother. A part him wanted to carry on with the way things were before he found out, but another part wanted to scoop his fellow Nordic up in a bear hug and welcome him into his family. But Iceland was not a child, he was an adult country, and if he wanted things to remain the same as they always had, then he was fine with it.

“I’m leaving!” Iceland had only rounded the corner, before he felt the urge to turn back. Peeping around said corner, he said softly, “Bye, big brother…” before leaving.


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