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Cross-posted from hetachallenge

Title: Of Hot Springs and Snow Monkeys
Characters: Japan, Greece
Challenge: Holiday Winter Challenge - 31 Fics in 31 Days (Snow)
Rating: PG 13
Summary: Greece visits Japan to see the snow monkeys…
Author’s notes: Thanks to Kat & Jen for their encouragement with getting this to turn into a fic.

For Jen…

Greece followed closely behind Japan as they trekked through the snow, looking for snow monkeys. Ever since Japan had written to tell his friend about them, Greece had a strong desire to see them for himself. Dressed, along with Japan, in traditional clothing, he felt cold, but it was manageable, since the mountainous parts of Greece had a similar climate. He marveled at how beautiful and pristine the Japanese countryside was.

“These monkeys have become famous throughout the world for their habit of sitting in onsen, or as you would call them, ‘hot springs’ If we’re lucky, Karpusi-san, we’ll get to see a troop of them doing that,” Japan said as he led the way along the narrow path.

“I hope so, Mr. Honda,” Greece replied. No sooner had the words left his mouth, than they came upon some steam curling up from behind a rocky outcropping. “They do that all the time?”

“We’ve found an onsen.” Japan smiled. “And to answer your question, ‘yes.’ They have a complex society, and even rudimentary culture. It’s quite extraordinary.”

“It sounds like it.” Greece stared at the rocks. “We have?”

Japan nodded. “It’s just behind those rocks.”

“Oh…” Greece said. “I wonder if there’re any monkeys.”

“Quite possibly, and they’re very used to people, since many scientists from all over the world have come here to study them.”

Greece nodded as the two approached the rocks. Much to his delight as he peeked over them, there, in the onsen, were two snow monkeys. He chuckled as they reminded him of two little old ladies, standing in the Aegean Sea. After a few minutes, the monkeys completely ignored them and went about their business. One monkey titled her head to the side and other moved closer and began to groom her. He snorted in amusement, getting a sharp look from both monkeys, before they went back to ignoring him in favor of grooming each other.

“What’s so funny, Karpusi-san?”

“The one that’s just started to groom his friend. Who does he remind you of?” Greece smirked.

Japan looked at the monkeys and smiled. “He looks like Prussia-san, that time he slicked back his hair like his brother and-”

“Italy came over and mussed it up on him,” Greece finished as they both laughed at the memory.

They watched the monkeys for awhile, until it got too cold to just stand there. Rubbing his hands together to warm them, Greece said, “This was really great! Thank you, Mr. Honda.”

“You’re welcome, Karpusi-san,” Japan replied. “I’ve also arranged for a visit to a local onsen, but sadly there aren’t any monkey’s there.”

“That’s alright; just seeing these two was enough. When you come to visit me in the summer, I’ll take you to that sleepy little fishing village I was telling you about.”

“That would be wonderful, thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” Greece smiled as they turned and headed back to the main path. “So how far away is this, how do you say it… one-sand?”

“It’s pronounced ‘onsen,’ and it’s about a half hour away on foot. If you’re tired, we could stop and rest.”

“No, I’m fine. I’m eager to enjoy it,” Greece said.

“Very well, then, let’s go.”

Greece nodded in reply as the two of them continued their trek through the snow to the onsen. They chatted about many things, from the upcoming Winter Olympic Games and which country, out of those vying to host it, would make the best host, to Hello Kitty. It made the walk go faster and before they knew it, they had arrived.

After a light sushi lunch, both countries were eager to brave the cold and soak in the warmth of the onsen. Removing their yukata, they slowly entered the onsen.

“Now I know why those monkeys like this.” Greece moved closer to his friend, and putting his hands on Japan’s shoulders, he gently kneaded the tension he felt away.

“Yeah?” Japan closed his eyes and sighed softly.

Greece leaned forward, brushing his mouth against the shell of Japan’s ear. “It feels good,” he purred.

“Indeed…” Japan breathed. He could think of several other things that his friend could do that would feel just as good if not better. “I think we should get out, it’s your first time in an onsen and you don’t want to overdo it.” Japan slowly turned around to face his friend.

“I believe you’re right.” Greece smiled. “But since it’s not my first time doing other things…”

“We should do them,” Japan said. Giving Greece a little kiss on the cheek, he moved to get out of the onsen.

Greece quickly followed him. Cold, he hurried inside with his friend. Judging by the way Japan was shivering; Greece had the feeling the two were going to spend the rest of the evening, “trying to warm up.”


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