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Cross-posted from hetachallenge

Title: Shop ‘til You Drop
Characters: Japan
Challenge: Holiday Winter Challenge - 31 Fics in 31 Days (Shop)
Rating: PG13 for some of the items Japan gets on his shopping trip
Summary: Japan goes shopping…

For Kat…

Japan walked along the crowded streets, window shopping. He was looking for the perfect “token gift” for his friend, Greece. They had taken to sending each other small, inexpensive gag gifts, after his friend’s visit a few months ago when Japan had bought him a small windup robot toy from a vending machine. Two weeks later, Greece had sent him a small wooden boat for his koi pond.

He entered what America called “the comic book shop.” Japan browsed up and down the aisles, looking for some small figurines, since Greece had enjoyed watching anime the night before they had left on their trip to see the snow monkeys. He was about to give up and try the Sanrio store down the block, when he spotted some key chains. Japan picked up a Kyo Sohma cat one, before grabbing a Momomiya Ichigo, one. She was from the anime “Tokyo Mew Mew,” and he remembered Greece had liked that particular series. He chuckled softly to himself as he picked it up, the little cat-girl was perfect and at four hundred and twenty yen, she was a bargain.

Japan took her to the register to pay for it and while he was there, he spotted a box of Hello Kitty pocky. Adding that to his purchase, Japan paid the sales girl and left the shop. He continued on his way, window shopping, taking note of how things had changed over the years, but still remained basically the same. Getting tired of the crowds, he turned down a side street, figuring he could window shop, as well as grab a quick bite to eat form one of the small store front restaurants that could be found there.

He was about to enter one of his favorite sushi haunts, when he noticed a new shop had opened a few doors down. Normally he would not have taken notice of it, but this shop had a bunch of teenage boys hanging out in front of it. Since he was not all that hungry, Japan decided to go see what the big attraction was. If it was one of any number of shops selling video games, he figured he could go inside and see what Prussia would like and make a list of them for the next World 8 meeting.

Standing out in front of the store, Japan noted wryly that it was a sex shop and not what he had hoped it was. Ignoring the comments from the boys about being a dirty old man, Japan entered the shop. It was filled with the usual items, from magazines to DVDs, to toys and “cosplay” of a more adult variety, to novelty items such as “vagina in a can” and condoms featuring popular anime characters on the wrappers. He picked up a few novelty items for France, who he knew would get a kick out of them.

Leaving the shop, he went for lunch. When he was finished, Japan decided to go to the bookstore. Browsing the foreign language section, he got a book for Germany as well as the latest shojo manga for Italy. He also picked up a cookbook from the sale rack for England and as he paid for his purchases, Japan laughed to himself. Somehow, a simple trip to get a small gift for his friend, Greece, has morphed into a full blown shopping trip for his fellow countries. Not that he minded, as he enjoyed making his friends smile.


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