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Cross-posted from hetachallenge

Title: The Bookworm
Characters: Germany, Prussia
Challenge: Holiday Winter Challenge - 31 Fics in 31 Days (Attract)
Rating: G
Summary: Germany has a thing for romance novels…

Germany quietly took out his book, hoping not to attract too much attention. The last thing he wanted was his older brother finding out what he was reading. Not that there was anything bad about romance novels per se, it was just that they had the connotation of being something only women would read. Finding the place where he had left off, Germany began to read. He loved this particular one as it was set in renaissance Italy and the young courtesan was his favorite character. He sighed softly as he turned the page; he was close to his favorite part, where the courtesan finally meets the man of her dreams, otherwise known as Count Veneziano.

“Whatchya reading, kleine Brüder?” Prussia asked as he leaned over his shoulder.

“Nothing!” Germany felt his cheeks heating up.

“Nothing, hunh?” Prussia smirked as he tried to see what it was. “You’re reading porn, aren’t you?!”

“NEIN!!” Germany roared. “I’d…” he sputtered helplessly.

“You expect me to believe that, Brüderlein?” Prussia’s voice was like silk in his brother’s ear, even if he was using the dreaded nickname.

Germany looked up over his shoulder at him, and narrowing his eyes, he said, “If you must know, it’s a book I got out of the library. Last time I looked, they didn’t have any porn, Brüder.”

Prussia snorted. “Then tell me what you’re reading if it’s not porn?” He walked around the bench and sat next to him.

Germany sighed. “Venice Rosa…”

“Hunh?” Prussia looked at him like he had three heads.

“It’s a story about a courtesan and a count that takes place in Renaissance Italy…” Germany said softly.

“Oh… it’s a history book.”

“You could say that.”

Prussia plucked the book from his brother’s hands, careful to not lose his place as he looked it over. He glanced at his younger brother and snorted in amusement. “You’re reading a girly book!” He laughed.

“I am not! It’s a historical novel, dummkopf!” Germany was not amused as he grabbed his book back.

“Sure it is…”

Germany shoved his bookmark in place and closed the book. “Don’t you have something better to do, like go hang out with France?”

Prussia thought it over. “Sounds like an awesome plan, West!” He got up to leave. “Wait ‘til I tell him you’re reading a girly book!”

Germany glared at him. He was sorely tempted to throw the book at his brother’s retreating form, but he hated to damage the book. Instead, he got up and walked away in the opposite direction. He was planning on meeting Italy in an hour for gelato, but he knew if he got there sooner rather than later his best friend would be delighted. Besides, he could always read his book later on in bed, where no one would bother him, especially during the good parts…


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