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Cross-posted from hetachallenge

Title: Yule Time at Vati’s
Characters: chibi!Prussia, Vati (Germania), chibi!Germany
Challenge: Holiday Winter Challenge - 31 Fics in 31 Days (Gift)
Rating: G
Summary: Chibi!Prussia gets into the holiday spirit…

Prussia sat hard at work at the kitchen table, making a Christmas present for his Vati. Even though they had always celebrated Yule, Prussia wanted to celebrate Christmas as the monks, in the school he went to, made a big deal out of it. Prussia especially liked the idea of a Saint Nikolas who gave gifts to good children, since he tried so hard to be good all the time, rather than the Krampus who punished bad children.

After putting the finishing touches on his gift for Vati, Prussia rolled the drawing up and tied a ribbon around it, mangling it somewhat in the process. He took an old clean pair of Vati’s socks and stuffing the toe of the good sock, with the rolled up holey one, he tied a knot in it as a toy for his baby brother. He then drew on a face as best he could with his crayons. Satisfied with how it looked, he hoped his baby brother, Germany, liked it too.

When Vati was not looking, he crept into the living room and placed them under the tree. Prussia looked at the mounds of gifts under the tree. He spotted a few with his name on them and picking the biggest one up, he shook it, hoping to figure out what was inside. Hearing Vati coming, he put the box back and scampered out of the living room. As far as the little five year old was concerned, this was going to be the best Yule ever!

“Hey, Vati!” Prussia hurried over to his father. “Do you think Sankt Nikolaus is going to help Odin bring everyone gifts at Yule?”

Vati ruffled his son’s hair. “I do,” he said, wondering what those monks had been telling his son.

“Awesome!” Prussia beamed. “I’ve been good, right, Vati?” He climbed onto his father’s lap, when he sat down.

“Very good.” Vati smiled.

“And Herr Stick…?”

Vati laughed. “He’s been good too.”

“Awesome!” Prussia looked up at his father. “Do you think he’ll get lots of presents?”


“No? Why not? Herr Stick’s been good.”

“Herr Stick told Odin to give his gifts to you.”

“Awesomeness!” Prussia wiggled as he could barely contain his excitement. “When’re they getting here?”

“Tonight, when you’re asleep.” Vati hugged him.

“Okay…” Prussia smiled. “Vati, if I go to sleep now will they come?”

“No, Prussia, it has to be dark before they’ll come.”

“Oh… Hey, Vati?”


“Can I go outside and play with Herr Stick?”


“Awesomeness!” Prussia cried as he scrambled off Vati’s lap. He ran over to where his cloak hung up by the door. After putting it on, he pulled on his boots, and grabbing Herr Stick, he headed outside to play in the snow.

Vati shook his head and got up to close the door. He walked over to the window and watched his eldest playing outside, a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. Change was in the air with old ways being replaced by the new and Vati was pleased Prussia was adapting, even if it did make him feel old. He watched for several more minutes, before heading towards the kitchen to make hot chocolate for Prussia when he came inside.

Twenty minutes later, Prussia, cold and wet, returned to the warmth of the house. Vati was waiting for him with a dry tunic and leggings, and it was not long before Prussia was sitting by the fire, enjoying his hot chocolate while he thawed out. It wasn’t long, before Germany woke up and the two of them played together while Vati told them stories about Odin and the Krampus.


“Yes, Prussia?”

“Can we put my shoes in the window for Sankt Nikolaus to presents in for me and Germany? He’ll know the extra shoe is for him, right?”

Vati nodded. “Of course, he’ll know.”

“Oh good! I didn’t want him to think I was being greedy and send the Krampus after me.”

“Why would he do that?”

“Cuz I put both of my shoes there. I’m only doing it cuz Germany has none.”

“I know and he’ll know too.”

“Do you know the story of Sankt Nikolaus, Vati?” Prussia asked. “We learned it in school.”

“You did?”

Prussia nodded. “Yeah… Some guy had three daughters, but was really poor, so he put money in their shoes. We’re supposed to give money to people with daughters, I think.” The little country shrugged.

“I see,” Vati said with a smile.

“So maybe we should give some to Onkel Rom, he’s got two babies, so he must be poor.”

“That’s a nice idea, Prussia, but he’s not poor. Maybe you’d like to make him something, instead, and we can send it to him.”

“Okay. You can help too, Germany,” Prussia said. Normally he did not want his brother anywhere near his crayons, as Germany liked to eat them, but Prussia figured he had better be extra good since Sankt Nikolaus was coming.

While the boys colored a present for his friend, Rome, Vati sat back and watched. He got to thinking that perhaps the monks were a good influence on his oldest after all. The boy may still be brash and loud, but he was developing a generous heart which pleased the old country.

Later that night, Vati tucked his boys into bed. He gave Germany his bottle and a kiss on the head. “Gute Nacht, mein Kliener. Selig Yule.” He walked over to Prussia’s bed. “Gute Nacht, mein Junge.” He hugged his eldest. “Selig Yule.”

“Gute Nacht, Vati! Frohe Weinhnachten!”


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