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Cross-posted from hetachallenge

Title: It’s Good To Be Home
Characters: America, Tony the alien
Challenge: Holiday Winter Challenge - 31 Fics in 31 Days (Home)
Rating: PG 13 for Tony’s potty mouth
Summary: America is happy to be home…

For Missy…

America’s plane landed safely at JFK International Airport, and looking out the window at the inky darkness, he could not help grinning. He was home again, and whipping out his cell phone, he called a cab to come and meet him. He got up with the other passengers, and as soon as he was in the aisle, he reached into the overhead bin for his carryon. Being the heroic kind of guy he was, he assisted those who needed it on his way off the plane. He thanked the flight crew and shook the pilot’s hand and two steps later he was off the plane and making his way to the terminal.

As he made his way to baggage claim, his thoughts drifted back to the World 8 meeting. Despite all the troubles in the world, his fellow countries worked together to make things better for their people. Germany complimented him on his speech when the meeting was over and had even invited him to join him and Italy for some gelato. Even nicer, Japan also came along, so America was able to enjoy some time with his old friend. Then there was the dinner he had with his brother, England. Since the meeting was hosted by France, he took them out to a French restaurant. The wine flowed and they tried food they never would have dreamed of eating, like frog’s legs and snails. America promised to take them to Louisiana for some Cajun cooking next time he hosted a World 8 meeting.

Still as much fun as that had all been, there was something to be said about coming home. Standing at the baggage carousel, he helped his fellow passengers retrieve their luggage, before claiming his own. Then it was out into the brisk New York air to wait for his cab. While he waited, he quietly observed the people waiting along with him for their ride. He wondered how many were coming home like he was and how many were just visiting. These were the people he hoped enjoyed their stay in his home as he always liked to make a good impression.

When the cab pulled up to the curb, America got inside and settled back for the ride to Manhattan. He looked out the window at the lights and shadowy scenery that flashed by, his tiredness from the flight, leaving him unusually quiet. He smiled at his reflection, thinking Tony would happy to see him once he got home. He could not wait, as the first thing he wanted to do was take his little alien friend out to dinner at their favorite burger joint as thanks for holding down the fort.

Before he knew it, the cab pulled up in front of his apartment building. America paid the cabbie, tipping him handsomely, before getting out of the cab. He nodded at the doorman as he walked past. Inside he headed to the bank of elevators. America rode one to the top floor and got out. He hurried down the hallway, pulling his suitcase along behind him, until he stood just outside his apartment. Fumbling with the key, he opened the door and stepped inside, locking the door behind him. “Oh, hi, Tony!” he greeted his friend with a cheerfulness that overrode his tiredness.

The little grey alien folded his arms across his chest. “Where the fuck have you been?!” he demanded.

American shook his head. “I was at a World 8 meeting, remember?”

“Fuck you!” Tony huffed as he turned and left.

Yeah, it’s good to be home…


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