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Title: A Tomato’s Christmas
Characters: Spain, Romano
Challenge: Holiday Winter Challenge - 31 Fics in 31 Days (Arrival)
Rating: OT
Summary: Spain and Romano have a typical Christmas…
Author’s note: Also written for Hentai Contest’s Hentai Holidays. Please note that Spain is singing the opening stanza of Jose Feliciano’s “Feliz Navidad.”
Word Count: 666

On the ninth day of Hentai holidays, my true love gave to me a cute lil Tomato…

The arrival of Prussia’s Christmas present only caused a minor ruckus, with Romano loudly protesting “there was no way in hell he was going to wear that misshapen piece of dental floss, especially after that albino bastard touched it!” Spain sighed. At least his Pequeño Tomate thought the wine was good. So Spain put it in the fridge to chill, while Romano made dinner.

Picking up his guitar, Spain played a few Christmas carols, hoping to coax Romano into a better mood. They were going to go to midnight mass, which put his beloved in a bad mood as he was deathly afraid of going to hell for being Spain’s lover, and since Spain was rather tired of being called a “Tomato-bastard” he left him alone. He still sang anyway, since he liked music as much as Austria did. “Feliz Navidad… Feliz Navidad… Feliz Navidad… Prospero Año y Felicidad,” Spain sang softly. He smiled when he heard Romano singing along with him. The mood decidedly lighter, the rest of the evening sped by. Soon the church bells were ringing, calling the faithful to Mass. Spain and Romano dutifully followed the rest of the villagers to the little church in the center of town.

It had started to snow when they finally left; giving some weight to Romano’s insistence they hurry home. Thinking his beloved Pequeño Tomate wanted to go home to finish their celebrations, Spain hurried through the streets with him. Entering their home, they hung up their coats. While Spain lit a fire in the fireplace, Romano went into the kitchen.

It was a typical Christmas in a long string of them, as they combined both Spanish and Italian traditions. So Spain was unsurprised when Romano brought out the bottle of wine and opened it, pouring two glasses. “¡Salud!” he said softly, drinking his wine, while Spain mirrored his actions. They soon finished the bottle. Since they only had a light meal hours ago, they were each feeling a pleasant buzz.

Sitting by the fire, Romano said softly, as a delicate pink infused his cheeks with color, “Tell that albino-bastard thanks for the fucking dental floss.”

“Hunh?” Spain looked at him like he had three heads.

Romano sighed. “You know, the dental floss…? That fucking stupid underwear your friend sent me.”

Spain chuckled. “You’re not wearing them…?”

“The hell I am! And they’re killing my ass!” Romano glared at him.

Spain burst out laughing. “My sweet, silly Pequeño Tomate! Those were meant for me!”

“The fuck?!”

“Let me see!”


“Please, Romano?” Spain pleaded. “I promise to make it worth your while…”

“It’s Christmas, you asshole! You don’t do that on Christmas!”

“Says who?”

“Says the Pope!!”

Spain snorted. “The Pope doesn’t do that, period.”

“I know that, you fucking idiot!”

“Your point, mi Pequeño Tomate?”

Romano turned beet red. “Fine!” he huffed. Standing up, he fumbled with his belt buckle, and getting his pants open, he dropped his drawers. Holding up his shirttails, he said, “Happy?”

Spain nodded. “Now show me dat ass!”

Rolling his eyes, Romano turned around and bent over slightly to give his lover a better view.

“¡Espléndido!” Spain cried. Getting up out of his seat, he went over to Romano and fondled his butt. Spain wrapped his arms around him, grinding his crotch against his beloved’s bottom.

“HEY!” Romano tried to straighten up, but Spain had him in a death grip. “I told you not to…” he trailed off, letting out a soft moan, when Spain licked his ear. “Fine, if I’m going to hell, you’re coming with me!”

“With pleasure,” Spain purred. “And speaking of cumming, let’s lie by the fire and do it right.”

“Whatever,” Romano replied. As much as he did not want to admit it, he was looking forward to a night of mad, passionate love making from his Tomato-bastard and Spain was more than happy to indulge him…


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