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Cross-posted from hetachallenge

Title: Germany’s Little Buddy
Author: kira
Claim: Germany, Italy
Character(s): Germany, Prussia, Italy
Table/Prompt: Romance/ #5: endearment
Word Count: 1998
Rating: PG
Summary: Prussia wants to know what cutesy names his brother and Italy have for each other, Germany insists friends don’t need them…
Author’s notes: Thanks go out to my beta, Jen, for looking this over for me.

“Hey, West…?”Prussia said as nonchalantly as he could. A fan of his blog had written in asking about his brother’s romantic misadventures, and more specifically, if he and Italy ahd any terms of endearment they had for each other. “You and Itachen ever call each other cute little names?”

Germany looked up from his paperwork and at him like he had three heads. “Hunh?”

“You know, those terms of endearment that lovers have for each other…”

“Why would I call my little buddy that?” Germany said with a patience he did not feel. “It’s not like we’re lovers, Prussia.”

“Sure could have fooled me, West.”

“Seriously, Brüder, we’re just friends, not lovers. Now if you’re through pestering me, I have work to do.”

Prussia smirked at him. “Keep telling yourself that, Brüderlein,” he said as he left his brother’s office…

Germany puttered around the house, getting ready for Italy’s visit. He had spent the day cleaning, as well as making Italy’s favorite dessert for them to enjoy later. Prussia had been his usual annoying self, pestering him with questions about his little buddy for his stupid blog. As he put the clean dishes away, he kept thinking about the other day, when Prussia asked if they had any cutesy names for each other. He didn’t care what his brother had said; they were not lovers in any way shape or form, merely best friends, so they had no need for any terms of endearment. Friends did not do that sort of thing and he could never understand why his brother always gave him a knowing look and said, “Keep telling yourself that, Brüderlein.” Shaking his head, he lightly touched the top of the Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte, he was making for little buddy. Judging it to be cool enough, he set to work, frosting it.

After putting the finishing touches on the cake, Germany walked over to the cappuccino maker. He added some espresso coffee to it, although, he gave up making “real” cappuccinos when Italy tried to show him how to properly make them. Instead, he made what America called a cappuccino, a big coffee mug sized drink with milk and a bit of milk foam on top. Whatever it was, Italy drank it without complaint, unlike Prussia, who would loudly complain that the only one who could make a good cup of coffee besides himself, were the Italian brothers and Turkey.

Germany checked his watch for the tenth time in as many minutes while he puttered around the kitchen. I wish Prussia would hurry up and get the hell out of here… he thought as he got two coffee mugs and plates out of the cabinet for himself and Italy. He put them on a tray, along with a pair of forks and spoons, on the kitchen table. Germany also made sure the sugar bowl was full as Italy liked his coffee sweet. When everything was to his satisfaction, Germany went into the living room to wait for his friend. He groaned softly when he discovered his older brother, sitting on the floor playing with the dogs. Prussia’s pet bird was also loose in the house again and Germany thought, No doubt shitting all over the furniture again… How many times do I have to tell you he should be kept in his cage unless you’re willing to run around cleaning up after him? It’s also a miracle Germania Gato hasn’t eaten him…

“What?” Prussia said as he halfheartedly tried to get Aster to stop licking his face.

“Italy is coming over.”

“Yeah?” Prussia’s face lit up. After finally succeeding in getting the dog to stop licking him, he rose to his feet and gave his pants a quickly pat to get rid of the dog hair. “That’s nice.”

Germany’s expression briefly softened. “Yeah…”

Prussia nodded. “It’s always nice when Itachen comes over.” He grinned. “Even the dogs like it,” he said and added when Germania Gato rubbed against his legs, “and the cat.”

Germany nodded, and walking over to the sofa he sat down.

“So why don’t you look happy about it?” Prussia said as he flopped down next to him. He put his feet up on the coffee table as he made himself comfortable. Gilbird flew over to sit on his shoulder.

His brother frowned. “I’m happy he’s coming over,” Germany paused, “and I’d appreciate it if you kept your feet off the furniture, Brüder.”

“Fine…” Prussia said as he put his feet on the floor. “So…” he said, steering the conversation back to the one he had had that morning with his brother, “you never told me what your pet name for Itachen is…” He was trying to be as nonchalant as possible about it, but Prussia knew sometimes you had to take a direct approach.

“There is no pet name, dummkopf! Italy and I are just friends,” Germany said. He sighed exasperatedly.

Prussia smirked at the dark look his brother gave him.”If you say so…” Turning his head, he made some soft kissing noises at Gilbird. “Maybe you both the type to not need any terms of endearment, not everyone does. Look at Hungary and myself.”

“Brüder, just because Fräulein Hungary doesn’t have any pet names for you, doesn’t mean she…” Germany trailed off, refusing to go there as the last thing he wanted was his brother hanging around, moping, while he was having coffee and cake with Italy. “Never mind,” he grumbled.

Prussia sat back and put his feet up on the coffee table again. “Don’t worry, kleine Brüder, being the awesome guy that I am, I promise to make myself scarce while you entertain your little friend.”

Germany rolled his eyes, although he appreciated the sentiment. “Danke.” Heaving a long suffering sigh, he did his best to ignore his brother’s antics. It must have worked, because when Italy finally arrived, Prussia left them alone, after greeting him, and that was how Germany found himself alone in the kitchen with his little buddy. He made them both a cappuccino and brought it over to the table, setting one down in front of Italy.

“Grazie!” Italy chirped, smiling brightly when Germany said “prego” in reply. “You’re picking it up fast, Germany!”

He blushed under Italy’s intense gaze. “Danke… I mean grazie.” He reached for the cake. “Would you like a slice?”

“Please! You make the best cakes, Germany!”

Germany felt his cheeks heating up again as he cut a slice for the two of them. “Grazie,” he said softly.


The two of them made small talk while they had a snack. They spoke about everything and anything, from how good the cake was, to who was hosting the next World 8 meeting. They also sat there, planning what to make for dinner since Italy was staying over.

Prussia stood in the doorway, watching his brother and Italy. He had promised Germany he would not intrude on their time together and this also seemed like a good way to find out if they actually did have pet names for each other. As he watched, Prussia felt a tiny pang of jealousy that his brother had someone while he did not, despite being extremely happy for him. Suddenly it hit him; Germany did have a pet name for Italy. He always referred to him as his “little buddy” whenever Prussia was not teasing him about it. It was subtle, but it was just as much a term of endearment as “liebchen.” Italy had a name for Germany too; “gummi bear.” Not that his brother was overly fond of the candies, Italy just had a sweet tooth, and Germany apparently reminded him of a Teddy Bear and in convoluted Italian logic, it was enough.

Chuckling softly to himself, Prussia turned to go. He could always grab a beer later, when he was finished updating his blog. A while back, someone had written in, asking about his brother’s romantic misadventures and more specifically, if they called each other cutesy names. While “gummi bear” certainly qualified on that account, he was not so sure about “little buddy.” Still, it was worth the hits generated and once he reached his room, he sat down to make another blog post.

While Germany and Italy cleaned up the remains of their Kaffee und Kuchen, Italy decided to ask him about his brother. “Ve… Germany?”


“Is Prussia still writing about us?”

Germany heaved a long suffering sigh. “Yeah… why?”

“Well, he asked if I still call you ‘gummi bear.’”


Italy nodded. “I told him I did only when Romano was being silly. He smiled and said that was cute and then you came back from the kitchen to clean up after Gilbird and then he went downstairs to his room.” He shrugged.

“Oh…” Germany frowned.

Italy smiled. “Ve… Germany, did he ask you the same thing?”

Germany nodded. He was torn between being mildly annoyed at his brother’s antics and wanting to march downstairs to his room for an impromptu “training session.” His frown deepened.

“Ve… Don’t be mad at him. Romano does silly stuff too and I don’t get mad at him.” Italy smiled. “Nonno Roma told me, when I was little, that big brothers were supposed to get a bit silly at times and not to worry about it cuz it just means they love you.”

Germany’s expression softened. “He’s right.” He sighed softly. There’s no need to worry about me, Brüder… I’m happy I have such a good friend, like my little buddy, Italy…

“Yeah…” Italy bent down to pet Berlitz. “Ve… Germany? Can we go play in the park with the dogs?”

“Sure. Just let me go downstairs and tell Prussia where we are.”

“Okay. I’ll get their leashes.”

Germany nodded, before heading downstairs to his brother’s room. He walked through the basement’s den and knocked on the only door in the room. “Bruder?”

“What do you want, West?” Prussia called out as he got up from his desk and headed over to the door, opening it.

“Italy and I are talking the dogs to the park.”

“Okay. Have fun with your ‘little buddy.’” Prussia grinned.

Germany frowned. “How many times-”

“Do you have to tell me you’re just friends?” He sighed. “Relax, West, it’s just a nickname, like how I call you ‘West,’ that’s all. You don’t need to be lovers to have terms of endearment for each other, although, in our case…” Prussia smirked. “Anyway, the important thing is you have fun with your friend.”

“Thank you, Brüder.” He turned to go.

“You’re welcome, West.” Prussia watched him head back upstairs, before shutting the door and going back to his blog. Today, the Awesome Me realized something interesting, you don’t need to be lovers to have pet names for one another, my brother and I have our fair share of them, his little buddy’s brother also has a ton of them, and I’m sure there’s no affection behind them at all, then again, according to Spain, Romano can make “bastard” sound like one, so who knows? *shrugs* All I know is they went on another one of their dog walking dates. Cute, right? *grins* He added a bit more to his entry, before posting. When he was finished, Prussia went back upstairs to watch TV with Gilbird.

Outside, Germany and Italy were strolling down the street on the way to the park. As they walked along, Italy’s hand brushed against his friend’s. They looked at each other.

“Ve… Sorry, Germany.”

“It’s okay, little buddy,” the pet name slipped out without Germany realizing it at first. When Italy smiled, he turned beet red, until he remembered what Prussia had said. It’s just a nickname and doesn’t mean anything, other than simple affection… And friends like each other or they wouldn’t be friends… He smiled back at Italy, feeling a bit better. When Italy reached for his hand again, Germany took it, thinking it was great to have a little buddy like him…



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Jan. 11th, 2013 10:39 pm (UTC)
Aaargh! You should be held responsible for this fuzzy feeling in my stomach. XD

Jan. 12th, 2013 12:03 am (UTC)
Guilty as charged! ^^;
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