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Cross-posted from hetachallenge

Title: Germany’s Date With Destiny
Author: kira
Claim: Germany, Italy
Character(s): Germany, Italy, Prussia, Gilbird
Table/Prompt: Romance/ Prompt #10: Date
Word Count: 1443
Rating: OT for gratuitous nudity of a sexual nature
Summary: Germany and Italy get ready for and go out on, a date…
Author’s Note: Thanks to my beta, Jen, for looking this over.

Germany got out of the shower and began drying himself. While he had had a fun day training with Italy and just hanging out with him and Prussia, tonight was his date with Italy and he felt very nervous and unsure about it. They were only going out to dinner; something he had done with Italy numerous times, especially when attending World 8 meetings, but he still worried something was going to go wrong. As visions of his disastrous Valentine’s Day date danced in his head, Germany wrapped the towel around his hips and left the bathroom.

He padded down the hall to his room, combing his hair back with his fingers, as he opened the door. He paused, eyes wide open, at the sight before him. As accustomed as he was to Italy wandering around in various stages of undress, he had never seen or imagined anything like this before. There was Italy on his knees near the edge of the bed, stretching forward like a cat with his butt poised enticingly at him, while he played tug-o-war with Gilbird over his boxers. Germany felt all the blood draining from his head to pool in his cock, before the thought hit him that this was probably his brother’s idea of a joke, still, a part him decided he liked the view.

Italy, aware of his friend’s presence, looked over his shoulder at him. “Ve… Germany?’

Germany closed his eyes and swallowed. “Yeah…?” he breathed out in a hoarse whisper.

“Tell Gilbird to give me back my shorts.”

Before he could open his mouth to do so, Gilbird apparently thought his work was done as the little yellow bird abruptly let go of Italy’s boxers and flew out of his bedroom. Germany sighed softly as his little buddy sat up.


“Prego…” Germany replied without thinking. He could not help watching as his little buddy bent over to put them on. Once the red cotton was firmly in place over Italy’s deliciously slim hips, he found he could think again.

“You’d better hurry and get dressed,” Italy said as he pulled his crisp white dress shirt on. “Or we’ll be late.”

Germany nodded. Looking down as he went to take the towel off, he realized to his horror that the terry cloth folds did little to hide his bourgeoning erection. His cheeks heating up, Germany nearly died when Italy said, “Let me help you!” Before he could stop him, his little buddy took hold of the towel, yanking it from his hips.

Italy looked down at his best friend’s gloriously thick shaft and slowly up his hard muscular frame to look him in the eye. He tried very hard to ignore the thin bead of water that coursed down over Germany’s pectoral muscle he had noticed when he had looked up. He smiled, resisting the urge to wipe it away and run his hands over the hard contours of his friend’s body. “Ve… Maybe I should let you get dressed by yourself?”

Germany nodded as he took the towel back. Turning away, he dried himself off again while Italy pulled on his pants and quietly left the room. Germany left out the breath, he had not realized he was holding, and quickly got dressed. While he was glad his embarrassment had caused a certain part of his anatomy to go down, he was a bit disappointed Italy never got the chance to “help” him with his little problem. He quickly dressed and went downstairs to find his little buddy was waiting for him by passing the time with his brother. “Brüder?”

“There you are! I told Itachen you wouldn’t be long,” Prussia smirked.

Germany eyed his brother darkly.

“You’d better get going, West, before you’re late for your reservations. Who knew an Italian restaurant in the middle of Berlin would be so popular?” Prussia’s smirk broadened into his trademark grin. “Seriously, have fun, you two.” Wagging his finger at Italy, he added, “And don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!” He winked and Italy laughed.

Germany, however, was not amused. Taking his little buddy by the arm, he steered him towards the door as he brother called out, “Don’t wait up for me, West, I’ll be hanging out with France down at Otto’s!”

Twenty minutes later, Germany found himself sitting at the table in the restaurant, while Italy ordered a bottle of wine. While waiting for the waiter to bring them the wine, they perused the menu. Germany looked up from it. “This looks like German food,” he said softly.

Italy nodded. “It’s Tyrolian food from South Tyrol. Remember we went there and you were surprised there was a German restaurant?”

“Yeah, but not half as surprised as I was when I heard people speaking German.”

“That’s from when I lived with Austria at…” Italy’s expression grew sad and wistful, “Holy Roman Empire’s house.”

Germany nodded.

“And then one day he disappeared. I think he died in the war.” Italy smiled sheepishly at him. “That’s why I so afraid when I first met you. I thought I was going to die too.”

“It’s good the Tomato Fairy was there.”

Italy laughed. “Yeah! He saved my butt, didn’t he?”

Germany also laughed at the memory. “Yeah.”

The waiter returned and after they placed their order, they talked more about how their friendship had blossomed. The wine flowed as like their conversation and somehow, without even knowing why, Germany found himself telling his little buddy all about the time his grandfather came to visit him in the middle of the night.

“Nonno Roma really said that?” Italy asked.

“Yeah… he seemed very happy,” Germany paused as he sipped his wine, “about us.”

“That sounds like Nonno. He was like that, always wanting everyone around him to be happy.” Italy sighed. “Although, he kinda failed with Romano.”

“Not really, according to my brother, he and Spain are very happy. Apparently Spain spends more time with your brother than he does with mine.”

The waiter arrived with their food, briefly putting a halt to their conversation. It picked up again after the first few mouthfuls.

“Oh good. I was worried about him,” Italy said between bites.

Germany nodded.

They ate the rest of their meal in companionable silence, broken only by the odd snatches of idle conversation. By the time they were finished eating, Germany was feeling very relaxed. So far, their dinner date was no different any of the other times they had eaten together with the exception of their disastrous first date. By the time their gelato arrived, any misgivings he had had about the whole affair were forgotten.

“This was really good,” Italy declared while his friend took care of the check.
Germany nodded and ate the last few mouthfuls of his gelato. “I think this place will be a success. The food was good-”

“But the company was even better,” Italy said softly.

“Yeah…” Germany got up to leave. “Ready to go?”

Italy nodded.

The two of them left the restaurant and headed out into the parking lot. They got into Germany’s car. As he pulled out of the lot, Italy played with the radio. Finding a station he liked, he sang, while Germany drove back to the house. The twenty minute drive seemed quicker this time and it was not long before he pulled into his driveway. Germany parked and shut off the car.

“Ve… Germany?”

“What?” He looked over at his little buddy.

‘Thanks for a great dinner,” Italy said as he leaned in and kissed his friend. He lingered for the span of a few heartbeats, giving Germany time to recover from his shock.

Germany reached up to cup his little buddy’s cheek as he kissed him back, all of his pent up feelings pouring out in the kiss. He moaned softly when Italy deepened it, sliding his hand around and threading his fingers in his silky auburn locks. They continued to explore each other’s mouth; occasionally coming up for breath until a loud banging on the car window had them hastily moving apart.

Italy struggled to get the window open while Prussia leered at them. When the window was finally opened, he leaned partially inside, blowing beer laden breath in Italy’s face, and said, “You left your lights on, West.”

Germany stared blankly at him while his brain sluggishly started to function. “Oh…” he finally managed to say as his cheeks heated up.

“Yeah… I’ll see you kids inside,” Prussia said as he turned and headed somewhat unsteadily towards the house.

Germany huffed, swearing at his brother under his breath, as they got out of the car, their date over.


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