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Cross-posted from hetachallenge

Title: Puppy Love
Characters: Hana-Tomago, Pochi, Japan, mention of the Nordics
Challenge: February 2013: Affection
Bonus Words: surprise, friendship, smile, love
Rating: G
Summary: Hana-Tomago likes Pochi…

Hana-Tomago was dozing in the sunlight that cascaded through the window where the World 8 meeting was being held. Nordics were attending this month’s meeting and Sweden had brought along the little white dog. She found the meeting boring and happily stretched out on the floor, while the countries went about their business.

Japan had brought Pochi along. He set the little dog down on the floor when he needed to get up and do a presentation. If a dog could smile he would have when he spotted Hana-Tomago. Pochi trotted over to where she lay. He missed her, and wanted to pick up their friendship where they had left off, which was the last time the Nordics had attended a World 8 meeting.

Hana-Tomago looked up in surprise at his approach. She barked a greeting at him, wagging her tail affectionately at him. She loved the afternoon she had spent playing with him and Sealand two months ago when Sweden hosted the meeting. Pochi sat down next to her and licked her ear, showering her with puppy kisses. Hana-Tomago closed her eyes, thinking he was the best dog ever. She wagged her tail at his show of affection.

Pochi tried his best to get her to get up and play, but Hana-Tomago was feeling lazy. She had had a long flight and all she wanted to do was sleep. Pochi licked her ear again. Letting out a soft little doggy sigh, he curled up next to her and dozed along with her in the sunshine.

Title: Food is Love
Characters: Greece, Japan
Challenge: February 2013: Affection
Bonus Words: surprise, friendship, smile, love
Rating: G
Summary: Japan makes a special lunch to celebrate his friendship with Greece…
Author’s Note: Kalamari is what they call calamari (fried squid) in Greece. Takoyaki are fried octopus balls (batter coated octopus cooked in a special pan).

For Jen…

Greece gave the tuxedo tom on his lap an affectionate pat. He smiled when the cat began purring, a deep rumbling like the sound of the fat, lazy bees in the garden. He stroked Neko-chan’s back, while his friend, Japan, puttered around the kitchen, making tea and who knew what else. All Greece knew was that it was some sort of surprise. Whatever it was, it sure smelled good in his humble opinion.

Japan came out of the kitchen a few minutes later, carrying a tray with a covered dish on it. “I wanted to celebrate our friendship by making a special lunch for us.” He set the tray down on a small table, bringing the whole thing over to his friend. “I hope you like it,” Japan said as he removed the cover.

Greece smiled. “I love it! I can’t believe you made kalamari.” He moved Neko-chan off his lap to sit next to him. “It’s my favorite, you know.” He took the plate Japan offered him and helped himself to some.

“I knew how much you loved the takoyaki we ate last night while touring around, so I thought, why not try making kalamari? I just looked up how to make it online and found a few recipes. It’s surprisingly easy too.” Japan smiled.

“Yeah… But where’d you get the octopus? Or better yet, when?” Greece ate some.

“When you were napping, I took a walk to the fish market.” Japan helped himself to some.

Greece grinned sheepishly. “Thank you.” He popped more kalamari in his mouth and ate them. “Next time you come visit me, I’ll try making you some tempura.”

“Thank you, Karpusi-san! I’d love that!”

“It’s the least I could do after this.”

They chatted away while they ate, making plans to tour around Kyoto…

Title: Dinner at Italy’s
Characters: Germany, Italy, Spain, Romano, Prussia
Challenge: February 2013: Affection
Bonus Words: surprise, friendship, smile, love
Rating: PG 13 for Romano’s and Prussia’s potty mouths
Summary: Dinner at Italy’s…

For Kat…

Germany was surprised to find himself, being put to work in Italy’s kitchen, under Romano’s watchful eye. He soon made short work of chopping the onions and tomatoes for the sauce Italy’s brother was making, despite being insulted every two minutes. It was surprisingly easy to ignore him. Whenever Romano got insufferable, Italy would flash one of his smiles at him and Germany felt his desire to throttle the older Italian nation evaporating like dew on a hot Italian morning.

Everyone was having a good time, despite the relative chaos in the kitchen. Spain entertained everyone with Spanish love songs and Prussia made sure to keep the wine flowing just like Italy had asked him to. While the Italian brothers cooked, Germany bustled about, cleaning up behind them, getting a look of approval from Romano.

“Hey, Tomato-bastard! Pay attention to the Potato-bastard! You might learn something!” Romano called out as he stirred the sauce.

“Yes, Boss!” Spain called out, much to Prussia’s amusement.

“You let him talk to you like that?” Prussia asked.

“Yeah… That’s just his way of showing affection.” Spain strummed his guitar.

“Interesting… I always thought he called me ‘Albino-bastard’ cuz he hated me and our friendship.”

“Nope…” Spain started singing Romano’s favorite Italian love song.

Italy, without giving it a second thought, joined in, but the biggest shocker, was Germany, who sang along thanks to several glasses of sangria.

Prussia laughed. “Hey, kleine Brüder, since when do you know Italian?”

“Since…” Germany frowned.

“Since the first time we made pasta together,”Italy replied. “And speaking of which, it’s ready! Ve… Germany?”

“I’m coming,” Germany said as he hurried over to the stove.

Prussia and Spain snorted with laughter over some juvenile private joke.

A few minutes later, everyone was seated at the table, enjoying their meal…

Title: Dinner Time
Characters: Spain. Romano
Challenge: February 2013: Affection
Bonus Words: surprise, friendship, smile, love
Rating: PG 13 for Romano’s potty mouth
Summary: Romano makes dinner for Spain…

Somehow, somewhere, without Romano even being aware that it was happening, his servitude to Spain had not only grown into a long lasting friendship, but they fallen in love as well. Insults were now sweet nothings, little words of affection that had long ago lost their sting. Not that Romano minded. He liked the feeling of being wrapped in Spain’s arms as the older nation held him close after they had spent a lazy afternoon making love, when they should have been napping.

He smiled to himself while he made dinner for them, hoping to surprise Spain with salmorejo, a hearty tomato soup. While the soup simmered in the pot, Romano chopped up some hard boiled eggs. He also diced some Jamón Serrano to serve with it. When dinner was ready, he dished the soup into bowls and set them on the table along with the ham and eggs. “Hey, Tomato-bastard!” he called out, “Dinner’s ready!” Sitting down at the kitchen table, he waited for Spain to get there.

Spain chuckled as he set his guitar aside and getting up, he headed towards the kitchen. He slowly sauntered in and sat at the table. Taking a deep breath, Spain let it out as a soft hum. “Hmmm… That smells good, my Pequeño Tomate.”

“Shut up and say your prayers!” Romano said as he made the sign of the cross. Closing his eyes, he brought his hands together; thanking God for the meal and also for his beloved, as a delicate blush spilled across his cheeks.

Spain not to be outdone, did the same, only he thanked God for giving him his beloved little Tomato. “Amen!” he cried, and picking up his spoon, he began to eat his soup. “This is really good, Romano!”

“Whatever…” Romano’s blush deepened as Spain smiled…

Title: Friends and Lovers
Characters: Prussia, Old Fritz
Challenge: February 2013: Affection
Bonus Words: surprise, friendship, smile, love
Rating: PG 13 for mild yaoi
Summary: Frederick and Prussia ahev a moment together before drifting off to sleep…
Author’s Note: the following is based on kuroneko’s “I Found a Martyr in My Bed Tonight.” http://kuroneko3132.deviantart.com/art/i-found-a-martyr-in-my-bed-tonight-339683008

Frederick, threading his fingers in his beloved’s hair, smiled affectionately at the man, he knew as Gilbert Beilschmidt, while he slept. His beloved was battered and bruised from an earlier fight they were in. He fingered the Iron Cross Gilbert wore around his neck. It was a reward for bravery shown on the battlefield, but he wore it as a token of their friendship, which had recently become so much more. The young king supposed he should have been surprised by the way things had turned out, but somehow this seemed right, like they were meant for each other. Frederick often felt that his former tutor, and now friend and confidant, was his soul mate. Gilbert certainly left him in no doubt as to his feelings.

Prussia’s lips twitched upward in a smile that mirrored the one on his beloved’s face. He hurt all over from the bar fight, yet he would gladly jump in to defend his king’s honor as he loved the man, like he had loved no other. None of his previous bosses had made him feel this way, but then he had the feeling that Frederick was special and that he would be the one great love of Prussia’s life. His only regret was that they would not grow old together, but he refused to dwell on that. Prussia was content to live in the now with Frederick and to make the most of their time together.

“We should go to sleep, Fritzchen, it’s late,” Prussia said.

Frederick sighed softly. “You’re right. Sleep well, Gilbert,” he said, giving his lover’s name a French lilt.

Prussia chuckled at that. “You too, Fritz. Sweet dreams…”

Closing his eyes, Frederick whispered, “Night…”

It was not long before the two of them drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms…


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