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Cross-posted from Hetachallenge

Title: Prussia’s Musings
Characters: Prussia, mention of America & Old Fritz
Challenge: Challenge 18: Flag
Bonus Words: Game, Colors, War, End
Rating: G
Summary: Prussia’s musings about “Prussia”…

Prussia, who had been cleaning his room, paused and looked up at the flag for the Kingdom of Prussia that hung on the wall. Bold and graphic in design, it primarily made use of the contrast between black and white, namely a black eagle on a white field, which was bordered by black on the top and bottom. There were also touches of other colors, gold being the most predominant one.

He sighed softly, thinking about all the times he had gone to war under that banner, and yet, in the end, “Prussia” was no more than a collective of people, who took pride in their roots. Its days as a super-power were long gone and its ideals may have been subverted in a vain attempt at world domination during the last World War, but its memory lived on. Prussia grinned. American had taken him, after the World 8 conference had ended, to a place called, “King of Prussia.” Prussia had to admit he had gotten a kick out of it, as according to America, it took its name from a small inn that apparently was named after his beloved Fritz.

Prussia remembered they had made a day of it, soaking in the history of the place as well as visiting the large shopping mall. He recalled how he could not wait to get home to tell Fritz about it, especially the part about their trip to one of the three GameStops, where he had found an old used Nintendo and an odd assortment of games for it along with four controllers. Lost in his memories, it took a loud tweet from Gildbird to realize he needed to finish cleaning. His friends were due to come over to play said Nintendo and they would be here before he knew it.

Title: Never Forget
Characters: Germany, Prussia, mention of italy
Challenge: Challenge 18: Flag
Bonus Words: Game, Colors, War, End
Rating: PG 13 for Prussia’s potty mouth
Summary: Prussia’s not happy with what he found in the attic…

They were up in the attic, looking for the box Prussia’s Wii came in, as he needed to return it since it broke, after playing with it a few times. Germany remembered telling him at the time, that game consoles and beer did not mix, but apparently his brother knew better. So rather than sparking a war of words over it, Germany simply pinched the bridge of his nose and agreed to go help him find it.

Germany stood up and was about to walk over to another group of boxes when a large, red, triangular shaped missile hit him in the back of the head. He whirled around, intent on yelling at his brother, but the look of disgust on Prussia’s face stopped him.

“You should burn that rag and get rid of the rest of this shit.” Prussia narrowed his carnelian colored eyes at him. “Didn’t you learn anything from that mess? Or did my time in Russia’s house mean nothing to you?”

Germany bent and retrieved the flag, putting it back in the box of WWII memorabilia. “I keep it as a reminder of what not to do, Brüder.”

Prussia raised an eyebrow, and it was clear from his expression that he wanted to say something, but in the end he kept his comments to himself. He went back to his search, but Germany had the feeling this was far from over.

“Italy says we should remember the past, so we don’t repeat the same mistakes,” Germany said as he located the box.

“Itachen said that?”

Germany nodded. “I found it.” He gave the box to his brother.

“Thanks…” Prussia took it from him. “Smart words that, but I doubt that’s what he meant, Brüderlien.”


“Just get rid of it. It’s not worth the temptation.”


Title: Flag Football
Characters: America, Prussia, Spain, France, Romano
Challenge: Challenge 18: Flag
Bonus Words: Game, Colors, War, End
Rating: PG 13 for Romano’s potty mouth and implied naughtiness
Summary: America tries to get everyone at the World 8 conference to join him in a game of flag football…

“Alrighty! Let’s go play flag football!” America enthused. “I think we have enough people to make two teams…” he rambled on, rattling off the rules, while the other nations stared blankly at him. Undaunted, America held up some colorful bandanas in each hand. “Let’s see, we’ll be red and blue! Everybody, count off, one, two, one, two…”

“This game sounds like a war,” Prussia said to his friends, France and Spain. “We should try to be on the same team and pool our knowledge of battle tactics.”

“Yeah…” Spain agreed, “Hey, Romano! Come’re!”

“What do you want, you stupid tomato-bastard?” Romano huffed as he walked over to them.

“We want you on our team,” France purred. “Too bad we can’t play ‘shirts and skins’ again, that was kinda fun.”

Prussia laughed. “Yeah, but I don’t think ‘naked basketball’ was what America had in mind with this.”

“A pity…” France sighed.

“Wait! What was that about a tight end?” Prussia asked. He turned around and looked down at his butt. “What do think? Tight enough for them?”

“Mon ami, as much as I love your derrière, I think Spain’s got you beat there,” France said.

Prussia thought it over. “Yeah, I’ll give you that one. So what other position should I take?”

“If any of you bastards say anything disgusting, I’ll kill you all!” Romano cried.

“Awe, mi Pequeño Tomate, you’re so cute when you blush!” Spain gushed as he pulled him into a hug.

“CHIGI!! Get the hell off me!!”

“Aaah… Young love…”

“Yeah!” Prussia snorted. “Get a room, you two!”

“If you insist!” Spain said as he dragged his little tomato off.

The rest of nations also began to disperse, leaving America behind. “Hey, guys! Football? Remember?” Sighing softly, he hurried after them, hoping they still wanted to play.


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